May 13th 2013 Challenge!!!!

  • How is Day 4 going for everyone?  I rushed my workout this morning, and it was definetly not as effective!! About to take the baby for a jog to get her out of the house! Chicken and Squash tonight for dinner!

  • everything is going great for me! im keeping everything simple food wise and it helps a lot! already on our 5th day!!!!

    so are we still posting pictures at the end of week 4.....that could be a great motivation :)

  • Hey, All!  I am on Day 6 today.  Doing okay.  I went off plan last night, but am back on today.  I struggle with that part.  I am GREAT on Sundays and Mondays, but by Tuesday I start to crave, and Wednesday-Friday is really difficult.  My husband was out of town and it was just me and the kids, so my head told me it was okay to go off plan "just a little"!  I still did my workout, but I ate extra foods...and they were not good choices.

    The book talks about letting stuff like that go and moving on, so that's what I'm doing.  I wanted to be "clean" with y'all though!  

    Any suggestions on how to survive the "shitty committee" in my head?  My only defenses are to leave my house and do something to distract myself or go to sleep!

  • I meant to reply to this earlier this week, but I also started on the 13th. this is my first round (of many hopefully)

  • Definetly pics at week 4 results!  Does anyone have any favorite upper or lower body exercises, especially those who are not first timers?  This is my second challenge, and I'm ready to mix in a few "new moves!" Simple, whole foods are my goal also, need to invest in some more Myoplex.  My go to bar is the PowerBar Protein Plus Chocolate Brownie- they changed the receip and all of the other flavors have a different taste/texture.  Gotta get that protein, but not interested in chalky foods!

  • Saturday morning 5am cardio in the bag. Good luck everyone

  • Good Job Aaron!  I'm trying to keep my cardio and weight in the morning to help maximize burning fat, but today I planned to and took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in!  Husband and I tested out newly purchased Accu-measure Calipers last night- another motivating factor!  I bought mine at Vitamin Shoppe(I can walk there in about 15 minutes vs. driving)  Re-read half of BFL over the past 1.5 hrs while baby has been napping.  Excited to plan Monday's lower body weight exercises- any favorite exercises from you all?  I think I'm going to swap my usual straight-leg deadlifts for dumbbell lunges.  Major focus is to give myself enough time to really reach a high-point AND rest!  Decline sit-ups are sounding fun too!  I think my gym has a bench for that(at our apartment complex).  Is everyone reviewing their goals and reasons to change each day?  I honestly have not yet, but am starting today!  How fun would it be to have a 2013 CHAMPION from our forum thread!  Let's do this!

  • Also, my Target in the greater Houston, TX area has Myoplex on sale- FYI worth checking out locally for everyone!  Plus 5% off with a target debit card! I'll toast to that!

  • I'm enjoying following this group; I've just finished my last week 7 workout and haven't missed a session yet. Feeling good, keep up the good work people.

  • Well here we go boys and girls! WE have acomplish our first week! I would like to wish everyone a good free day.....enjoy you deserve it....whether your week was perfect or not...WE deserve it. Take the time to focus on having a wonderful WEEK 2!!!

    Is everybody still with us ?  Only 3 weeks left to post progress pictures for the ones who want :)

    Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!

  • Week 4 progress pictures sounds good, it seems like it would drive you to do everything you could to make a noticeable change, no matter how big or small the difference, a visual difference would make me want to push even harder.

  • Quick question.... I drink a protein shake in the morning for breakfast, I drink a advicare meal replacement shake at 10am, I eat a salad with chicken at 12, I drink another advocare shake at 3, and try to get a good meal in about 7, then a cup of yogurt of something later on in the evening, the question I have is about the advocare shakes, should the meals in between breakfast/lunch/dinner be smaller? Or do you all think its fine? Its got 220 cals- 30 from fat, 24g carbs, 24g protein, and 12g sugar. What do y'all think? I got them for free, so I would like to use them, but I would hate for it to be too much

  • Fun to have a free day, but even more excited for the week!  Aaron- are you having any hunger signs at your next meal after the Advocare(ps I'm not familiar with this product) and/or have you compared the nutrition to a Myoplex product? I agree using the free product is a perk, and personally I wouldnt have any hesitations.  My Protein Plus Power bars are 11g fat, 30 g protein and 34 grams carbs. I use these regularly even when I wasnt using BFL training.  I bought some Myoplex 30 bars and they are 9g fat, 36g carbs(26g sugars) and 30g protein.  So, I'd say you should be fine with the product you are using, maybe not ideal, but should do the trick, without being too much! Just my personal opinion! Talk to everyone soon!

  • Thanks, I was hoping it would work till I run out, I've got probably another 2 weeks worth at 2 per day. Then I will be going to the myoplex. Same with my protein powder, I had a tub left over from a while back that I'm trying to polish off, then it's just straight myoplex from there. I think she protein powder I've got now is meant for 3 scoops and manages to get 60g of protein, I drink it after workout, but I only use 2 scoops, and the cravings aren't there between meals.

    So I guess I will just keep on with it till I run out of the free stuff lol. Headed to bed now, gotta be ready for 5am week 2! Good luck everyone!!

  • Today is Day 9 for me.  I'm headed home to do some cardio.  My kids like to get involved, so it's fun for all of us.  

    I am hopefully headed to CanCun on 5/29 for a few days.  My husband and I are doing BFL together, so we can support each other through what could prove to be a difficult time staying on plan.  Should I change my "off day" to 05/30 or 05/31?  What do y'all think?  Maybe the BEST idea would be to stay on plan while I'm there and keep my off day as Saturday, so I don't have to worry while trying to travel home on 6/1.  

    I finally let my husband take my "before" pics last night.  Fortunately, he loves me regardless...!

    30HEREICOME:  I live in the Houston area too!!  Maybe we will meet at some point!