May 13th 2013 Challenge!!!!

  • Hello, my name is Max and i am from Canada !!! i did one challenge in the past (2 years ago) and was amazed with the results. I am starting a challenge tomorrow May 13th, 2013. I am planing on going all the way and giving it my 100%. If any positive and dedicated persons would like to join you are welcome!!

    hope to talk to you soon!!


  • I'm right there with you Max!  I'm about to hit the bed so that I can get up bright and early and get in my first workout.  Food is all planned out for the day.  I hope you've got your planning done!


  • I'm starting tomorrow too!

  • Wow this is awesome guys......for a while i tought i would be doing the challenge alone lol !!! just so you know a little bit on me, im 28 year old male. Im a french canadian(bare with me if my english isnt perfect) from the province of new-brunswick in Canada! this is my second challenge....did one about 2 years ago and it was great :) Menowd, i did not plan a 100% but....i am off today and i plan on getting everything in order. in fact just finished jogging :) i also quit smoking today ouchhhhh!!!!

    anyways glad to have you onboard Christopher and Menowd

  • Hi I'm Todd.  I am starting today May 13th as well...  I am going to need some extra motivation as I go along so I plan on staying active with the forums.  Good luck to all......


  • Hi!

    Started this morning!! Day 1 of 84!

    Awesome workout.  This is my 3rd challenge within the last 2 years.  I am planning to finish with a bang! Good luck to all!

    I know we can do this!

  • Day 1 of 84 is off to a great start!  I got up early this morning and completed my upper body workout.  The only other thing I have to make sure I do is stick to my eating plan for the day.  So far, so good.  I have to admit, I feel like I'm starving!  I know that I'm not though...just not mindlessly eating junky foods!  My body is rebelling, but I will do what is best for it!

    I'm glad to see a good group of us starting today.  I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

  • Hey everyone… I’m just starting today, May 13th, 2013. I just had my last little guys a little less than 4 month ago. I’m 37, married with 3 boys all under 6 years old. This is the 2nd time I’ve done the body for life program and was really happy with the results the 1st time. Of course the 1st time I did the program I was a lot smaller and had no kids, so the biggest challenge for me will be making time for my workouts.  I would love to have a friend with similar goals to take this journey with me.

    So far I’ve been on track with my eating plan today, but I’m still not 100% sure what my workout will be???

    My weigh-in this morning was @ 196.5, my goal weight is 165 ;)


  • I also started today and planning to take this challenge through August 23, 2013!

  • Alright boys and number 2 of our fantastic Challenge!!! its only our 2nd day but already feel awesome about planing everything, have a great diet and a bit of exercice! So nice to see that we are a group doing this thing together.

    going to the gym in a few minutes to do upper body!

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Im counting 7 people in our group :) not bad at all !!!!!

  • Day 2 is off to a great start.  Despite a lack of sleep last night, I got up early and did my cardio.  It felt really good and I'm proud of myself for not using being sleepy as an excuse to skip out!  

    Sticking to my eating plan has been easier than I expected, but having a plan is the key for me.  I need to get on the task of taking pics, measurements and my weight.

    I hope everyone else is having a great day!

  • Good job Menowd :)

    keep up the good work and take those pictures!! i have taken mine and i might put the online on week 4 :) today have been awesome for me :)

    have a great day everyone....lets talk tomorrow!!!

  • Hi Everyone!  Looks like good company from the sound of the messages so far!  I also started Monday(second annual day-after-Mother's day challenge!) and am really excited about the next 12 weeks!  My challenge last year was cut short due to  medical restrictions (and breastfeeding a 1 year old while working full-time for a non-profit children's wishgranting organization), but I still acheived postive and encouraging results despite some limitations!  Max, I really like your consideration of posting 4 week photos, can we hold you to the offer?! I'm down with that plan(eek!)- good mental encourgement for accountability over the next 3.5 weeks! Jenny! Your post sounds like me last year!  My start weight was 184.8, and after only 3 weeks of BFL exercise but continued BFL nutrition(for the most part!- a year is a long time) my start weight Monday was 162.4!  You can do this, and it will be so rewarding knowing and being reminded daily by your kiddos of the benefits of being a happy and healthy mom!  Anyone else an early AM gym warrior?

  • I am a 46 year old mom of 4 boys.  I started 05/12/13.  I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but I need the structure and lifestyle changes in order to live the life I want to live.

    I have an eating disorder (compulsive OVEReating) which has been successfully controlled by a plan for 23 years. I decided to discontinue that plan in March of this year because it quit working for me.  My metabolism was so slow that I couldn't even take off my "baby weight" from my last pregnancy.  I also wanted to see what I could do on my own after so many years.

    I was NOT successful.  I am still a compulsive overeater and left to my own devices, I will be 300 lbs before I know it!  I am not willing to do I became willing to do this.  So, my goals may look different from some of yours, but I am committed today to living a life free of bingeing and getting healthier.  I don't want to go back to my food plan because it allows me to be a sloth AND it doesn't work like it used to for me.  I will go back to it if I have to in order to control my "issues" but I would really rather do this and just be a healthier person.

    This is Day 3 for me...and I'm very sore, but feel good.  I had trouble staying on plan last night; I gave into the siren song of some extra carbs.  I am on today and looking forward to my cardio tonight.  My husband and I are doing this together, and he's very supportive of me, but I need more than just him to support me on this journey.