Suggestions and support for sticking to BFL while traveling?

  • I am headed to New Orleans for a conference on Sunday and do not come home until Thursday night. Looking for suggestions on finding food I can eat. The hotel has a good gym (Sheraton) but no microwave in the room. The website says I can request a fridge for a fee which I plan to do. 

    Any restaurant suggestions?

  • I've traveled a lot during Challenges, and I've had very good success sticking to the program during work travel. The key is to PLAN as much as possible. Here are some tips:

    - Hit the hotel gym every day, no matter what...get up early, stay up late, whatever it takes. DO NOT miss your BFL workouts. Just do them.

    - Keep in your work bag: nutrition bars, nuts, dried fruits, apples, bananas, water bottle, protein powder....anything it takes to keep yourself from getting too hungry during your conferences. The last thing you want is to be ravenous due to skipped meals, then face a full menu at a restaurant.

    - You can find appropriate foods at any restaurant if you know what to look for. Try to look up menus online if possible, but if you can't, browse the menu for things like broth-based soups, salads (use lite dressings!), lean cuts of meats, steamed veggies, rice, etc..... Don't be afraid to tell the staff how you want your meals prepared! And always remember your portion sizes!

    - Avoid alcohol when traveling!

    - Arrange a free day during your travels if need be.

    - Hit it hard when you get home! Whatever you did during your travels, let it go. It's over, and you're home again, and back in your routine. If you had setbacks, resolve to do better next time.

    Hope this helps you. Enjoy your conferernce!


  • Thanks Elle!