Water retention problems

  • I am on the 2nd week.  I actually started in March I believe but due to some adversity I wasn't doing well with my food.  Anynow, re-started on 4/29 and feel solid muscle all over except I am very bloated and cannot fit in my clothes to well.   Any suggestions?  I do not eat a lot of sodium either.

    Thank you :)


  • The best way to lose water, is to drink more water.  Without knowing more about your eating and workouts, that's where I would start.

    Keep going, you can do it!

  • Thanks Dave.  I do generally drink lots of water but the past few days I have been drinking more coffee due to stress and fatigue.  Maybe that is it :)  


  • Dave stole my thunder, the more you drink the more you expel.  I'm willing to bet that if it's really affecting you that much then there is a sodium issue somewhere, and I only say that because my body retains water like crazy for a few days after my cheat day, the culprit, either alcohol or sodium every time.  

    Keep at it!!


  • Thx. Brez,  yeah, that happens to me as well.  This time I think it was the caffeine I was drinking and not enough water.  I downed a ton of water the next day and pee'd all night (which was not very pleasant)  but I got rid of the bloat!  Thanks guys!