Week One

  • Hi Guys, This is after one week. Which is thinner to you?

    I am not going to tell you which is the before and after. Just let me know what you think!

  • Hmm...is the one with the plain white background your after week one? Its hard to say because you already look to have a reasonably low body fat %. One cool thing about starting out with little body fat is that you can put a lot of focus on gaining muscle and have potential for a very stunning 12 week photo. There is less worry about the body fat hiding all your progress. But one disadvantage is that it takes a bit longer to gain muscle than to lose fat, so really obvious change from week to week can take a little longer to see. Like for me it was easier to see right away because I started out with SO much fat, but after 7 weeks the change has been slowing down some.

    But good for you for sharing your beginning pictures with us! It takes courage. And people with similar body types can give priceless pointers to help your challenge from the start. There is a guy on here, jr-something I can't remember....but he posts on the cottage cheese club and has phenomenal results for muscle gains. Plus he gives a lot of great info on how he does it.

    Hope to see you posting more, you will be done with week 2 before you know it!

    <3 LiL Caity