• 6 days into body for life followed it to the letter done everything and today jumped on the scales expecting at least a good showing on the scales and very disappointed.  My legs are killing me I can hardly walk from my lower body work out.  Im doing everything Im suppose to but perhaps Body For Life doesn't like me this time round eeek help xxx

  • In th book it says that anything more than 1 to 2lbs a week is not always healthy. When you are gaining muscle, it will cause the fat loss to show up on your body but not so much on the scale. My start weight was 240 and it took me 10 weeks to lose 15 pounds, but it looks like way more. Try taking a picture every week. It will help you see change.

    Trust me, the scale is not a very useful tool to measure progress frequently. I mean you could cut off your arm and that would make you weigh less on the scale. Sometimes I actually feel like I look the same as I did on day one. But when I see the photos, I am like whoa. But the 15lbs alone just wouldn't do that for me.

  • Im not weighing myself until the 12weeks endsm you might have lost 3 inches off your wasit, are you measuring yourself?

  • It is hard not to weigh.  I do not keep a scale in my house because when I do make real progress, it would trip me up by not showing the numbers I wanted, then I would say screw it and go on a binge for years :)

    In my opinion, the entertainment industry does not help with extreme weight loss shows.  They encourage scale weight as a measure of progress.  It is easy to think, "they lost 10 lbs in one week so can I."  We have to remember that they are losing water, muscle, bone density and organ tissue.  Also, they will dehydrate, not eat and sweat themselves before a weigh-in.  So, they show great "losses."  But, what happens when they go back home? There is no way anyone could sustain that for life.  I have read of instances, where they have gained as much as 30+ pounds in the first few weeks off the program.

    You are building bone density and muscle, while slowly melting fat.  The scale will not show this, it lies.  Here is a good article to read.  You will have to copy and paste because the hyperlink does not like me :)

    Keep working, we all need to support each other on this journey and I believe getting over the long instilled defeatism is, by far, the biggest obstacle.  I will help you if you help me :oD

  • Thanks, an interesting article about the scale and it's affects on folks. I hope all remember too that a pound of muscle gained weighs much more than a pound of fat that is lost during a challenge.

  • Thanks WPBill !!!


  • Actually Bill, a pound is a pound is a pound.  The pound of muscle weighs the same as the pound of fat does.  However, the pound of fat will be much larger than the pound of muscle if they were placed side by side on a table.  In other words, if someone starts out weighing 200 lbs and loses 20 lbs of fat while gaining 20 lbs of muscle, they'll still weigh 200 lbs.  The difference will be that they will have lost inches and they'll look much better.