Myoplex Help Please

  • Hi there,

    I'm super keen to start this challenge :-) Am determined to make a lifestyle change and want to get this a right as possible. I don't think I will manage eating 6 meals a day and am wanting to use a supplement. Do I have to use Myoplex or is there another protein drink I can use as I can't seem to find a place that stocks it here in South Africa.

    Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • You can go online and buy the protein powder to make your own shakes or any other product you want to try. I really like the ready to drink shakes and the bars. They don't have to go in the fridge unless you open it and drink half/save the rest for later. I replace 2 meals a day with a shake and a bar, usually the earlier meals because I don't feel like eating as much until later. But if its hot there, you might want to be careful how you store the bars  or the chocolate will melt.

    If you want to compete in an official challenge, you are suposed to choose 2 EAS products to use. If they are hard to find there, try purchasing them online. But it seems like South Africa would have them smewhere, maybe call around?

  • Ok, great. Thanks so much for the advise. I've bought some other ready made protein shakes by a company called Biogen. Not sure if you've heard of them where you live? I also have bought 100% whey protein and that's the main reason I was asking if I have to use Myoplex or if I can make use of what I already have.

    I was under the impression that protein shakes were supposed to be had post workouts, but it seems that they are used as meal replacements in I wrong in my assumption?

    I'm doing it more as my personal journey than actually taking part in the challenge....time to make some major life adjustments :-) So far I haven't managed to find it here, but I'll continue to have a look.

  • The shakes are best used after a workout, and I schedule that as one of my 6 meals. I read it on the box.

    I started this thing as a personal journey as well. I actually had no idea that they had challenges every year, I just had the book on my shelf for a decade and finally decided to do it. In my 1st week I felt like I wanted to connect with other people, so I googled it and found this website! It feels really good to participate in an official challenge....I mean what if you actually won?!?! The thought is very motivating. And in those moments where I don't feel like doing a workout or writing everything down, I think of the challenge and how I want to have a written record so I can use it to help people on their challenge. And I am actually able to do that, which makes me feel very good.

    When you say you haven't managed to find "it" here, what do you mean by "it"? Motivation to change and make life adjustments? I am sure you can find it if you keep looking. You wanna know something funny? When I first looked at the forum, I saw multiple posts in "my transformaton" where people said they had been doing it but haven't seen any change. A first I was mad, 'how could they be so discouraging?!' And I almost didn't want to join. Then I thought about it, if I did it absolutely 100%, I can come back with pictures to actually show people it works. So I started an official callenge to prove a point lol. But that stopped motivating me pretty quickly-I found truer things to keep me going. You will find them too as long as you "just do it". <3

  • Yes, there are tons of products available to use and it is best to use a protein shake after a workout to refuel your muscles.  If you are doing this for competition, just use the protein you have already purchased.