cardio question

  • I finally received my book yesterday! So read the entire thing cover to cover!


    I have noticed that Im doing different to the book, I am doing:


    weights: (IM not actually using weights Im using those bands, Im at home no gym access)

    Monday: upper body,

    tues:  lower body & abs

    wed: upper

    thurs: lower & abs

    fri: upper

    sat: lower & abs

    sun: nothing!


    WIth cardio Im doing:

    DAILY 20mins on the bike & Ive just bought some wii dance games as I find when I dance I move a lot (im a good dancer lol)


    But on reading the book Im only meant to do cardio 3 times a week?? Then weights the other day?

    The thing is I am at home 24-7, so its not like I have things to do that would normally burn calories like a 'average' person! so I feel like I should do cardio everyday, I really go for it aswell it isn't just a gentle stroll!


    So should I follow the book or carry on doing what I am doing? Thanks! :)


  • I also do cardio every gym day; HIIT style like the book instructs. And I almost always hit my 10s.

    I can only get to the gym 5 days a week (I work 2 14 hour shifts midweek)...and I have lost 25 pounds and 7% BF in 10.5 weeks...

    However, I don't think alternating weights, upper then lower, every other day is a good idea....your muscles need more than a day to BFL there is 3 days in between specific muscle exertion...what I do to keep on track is back and biceps and shoulders one day, then chest and triceps the next, then a leg day, repeat....that way there are at least 2 days between workouts for that specific muscle group, allowing them time to break down and rebuild...except for my abs...I do them every day. I hate my gut and want a solid core.

    I also have skinny and muscular legs, and my weight is all put on above the waist, so I wanted to give my upper body more attention than my lower. It probably wont win me any contests, but....

  • Anyone else have  a opinion? Whether to keep my every other day going? I don't feel like Im doing a lot if its only twice a week :-S

  • I sent you a too wordy to post here.

    Hope you are doing well!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Glad you got the book, and sorry you can't get to a gym. I try not to take it for granted. I stay at home all day too, I relate to the feeling like I need to "catch up" with people who are out there doing stuff in addition to the exercise. I have a bike and ride that around since I don't have a car. I also take my dog out to play. I read that too much hiit cardio can hinder muscle growth, same with working the muscle groups daily.

    At ***'s sporting goods you can get a dumbbell plate set for $40. It comes with a couple iron plates that are interchangeable, up to 20lbs on each dumbbell. Then you can buy additional plates one at a time. I can't curl more than 20lbs so its a good starter set at a reasonable cost. That might help you reach the intensity you need, since you feel like 3 days alone isn't enough. For the first 9 weeks of my challenge, all my upper body workouts were done with dumbbells because the bench/shoulder press machine was too heavy on the first weight. And I definitely felt maxed out! So maybe tweak your routine a bit so it feels hard enough. It can take time to figure out. Good luck and pat yourself on the back for all the work you have done!