NEED ADVICE on curbing nighttime hunger, please

  • Hi, Wk 1 Day 3 for me.  I am having an issue with nighttime hunger.  During the day I stay satisfied and have to make sure I am getting my meals.  Suppertime comes and I am not really hungry, but I eat.  After supper, look out.  Last night, I woke up and shoved a spoonful of peanut butter in my face.  Any suggestions on how to curb this?  Hoping that it will also subside as I adjust to the eating plan.  My water intake has sucked, also.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • I was saying about thus in my other post, I have the same thing, not sure if its boredom or just habit Im always hungry from 7-10pm, Im fine in the day, but come that time...! Im trying to have more protein with my meals, I only drink water anyway and around 2litres + per day, so have had a bit more, don't really know how to curb them!

  • Sucky!  I don't want to wake up in the am with my face stuck in a jar of PB :), even if it is natural.  If you figure something out, let me know, Diamondkitty.  Maybe, the xtra protein will help.

  • Water is a big part of it.  Make sure you're drinking plenty of it throughout the day.  What time are your meals throughout the day?  If you are not that hungry at dinner time, maybe you can space it out a little more, to have it a little later.  You could also try to arrange it where dinner is meal 5, and you have a small snack around 8pm in the evening, to satisfy your hunger.  Also, drink a protein shake before going to bed, which will fight off hunger while you sleep, and assist in the muscle building process while you sleep.

  • celery sticks and no fat cottage cheese work for me, as do rice cakes with nut butter. raw broccoli tossed in Italian dressing.

  • Myoplex Lite Bar is good too, right before bedtime.

  • I had this problem all through BFL and forever after.  Chia gelatin water helps.  There's calories, because it's similar to flax flax, but it works - loaded with fiber, and it's really good for you.  I do a tablespoon of chia gel in an 8 oz. glass of water with lemon.

  • Thank you all for the suggestions.  Last night went well.  I took MJelly's advice and spaced my eating out a little, that helped.  Increased the water and I am sure I will try other suggestions before this challenge is over.  I found that raw oats, eating them straight are filling and quite good.

    ChefMax, are you a Chef?

    MrksLove- Chia gelatin water, does this have much taste?  And I read in a different post of yours about Tosca Reno, I like her also.  I have 2 of her books from other rounds of eating clean :)  Good stuff.. Now just to keep moving forward.

  • Yah Bro, I am a is a mixed blessing when it comes to BFL... There are a lot of really healthy foods at my disposal, but there are also Fries, Bacon, Cheese, etc, etc at my fingertips ALL DAMN DAY...

    Also, when we get busy it is hard to stay on a 2-3hr meal schedule....can't just stop in the middle of a busy dinner rush to eat a salad and some cottage cheese...thank God for Myoplex bars

  • I'm a chick :) The food temptation would do me in, I am afraid.  Cool part is, you can probably whip up some killer healthy stuff.

  • I have tried the Myoplex Lean 15 shake mix and also cottage cheese with some small chunks of pineapple or fruit as a hunger satisfier at night.

  • Just focus on how good it will taste to have an amazing body and self confidence at the end of your Challenge!!! this should help you :)