• I'm STARTING just had my glass of cold water ugh! I need some support from you lot!!

    Am really excited about doing this such an amazing program

  • Well you started off great!  Before you know you'll be craving that cold water, and we lost without it.  

    The program really is amazing, and it works!  Keep reading around, the forum was a great source of motivation for me!

  • Anna-marie, I am also starting today! yeah us...I did BFL 11 years ago before my 20 year H.S. reunion and had great success. A lot has taken place over these last several years and the time has come to regain control.  Hope your day is going well.

  • Hey Jancho02! There is a thread started with several people with today's start date, if you are interested.  I know anna-marie is already there.   Jrmcnaircpt be nice to see you there,  being all seasoned and stuff :)


    Oh yeah, said link...