Back again! :)

  • Hi All, I tired to do this diet back in 2005!! I think I did it on & off for a month but I was very ill in and out of hospital so it just went to the sidelines.

    I still have illness's but I really want to lose weight so I decided to give it another go after trying weight watchers and only losing 1lb in 4weeks, after sticking to it like mad, very disapointing!


    I have bought my copy of the book again and bars, just waiting for them to be delivered, I am trying to get my exercise up, so I have 'started' on wednesday but not 100% as I want everything here so I cant fall off the program :)


    Hoping to start the monday after this monday properly :)

  • Welcome Back diamonkitty,  I admire your resolve and wish you all the best in your challenge. Be sure to ask for help and advice as you travel down the trail of BFL so to speak. I would also advise that you keep some kind of journal wether paper or electronic to record your starting goals, measurements, and results and food /meals as you progress. I currently use the BFL Success Journal and have found that to be sufficient to help me out. I got mine on line from one of the esites.but a regular journal book will probably work almost as well. Keep MOving Forward and hang in there !!!

  • Welcome and congrats!  It's great you are choosing Body-for-LIFE as it is not a diet but an entire lifestyle change. You don't achieve weight loss and then gain it back like traditional diets. Throughout the challenge you will learn to eat properly and working out will become a habit.  I kept a food journal, an exercise journal and I took weekly measurements and photos to track my progress. My scale was broken so I occasionally weighed myself on the Wii but mainly at the beginning and at the end of the Challenge. I did not really focus on actual pounds as much as inches and increased strength and stamina. The biggest change for me was eating frequent, small, healthy meals. A totally honest food journal is important. I ate around 1300-1400 calories of healthy food per day.  I also highly recommend the EAS products. I used Myoplex Lite shakes and EAS Lean bars.  I am coming up on the first anniversary of the first day I started my Challenge almost a year ago and I am  even stronger and leaner. I still have a regular workout routine, have very healthy eating habits and still use the fantastic EAS products. People I don't even know ask me how I stay so fit.  Best of Luck! You CAN do it! It will change your life forever!

    Carolyn Aragon

    Body-for-LIFE Champion 2012, Women 46+

  • Hiya thanks! Yes all measurements recorded :-) including what exercises I do each day and how many sets, all body & weight! Got some of my protein bars today, just still waiting on my book hopefully will be here soon! :-)