vegan suggestions?

  • Hi everyone! 

    I'm brand-new, starting April 29th if all goes well. I'm a dietary vegan, and I'm looking for some helpful swap suggestions. After reading over the plans, I think I should be fairly okay with swapping out lean animal protein for seitan/tempeh/tofu, and I don't eat a lot of the processed fake cheese or veggie sausages anyway, so as long as I count my plant proteins as carbs too (lentils, beans, etc), I should be good. What has me really stumped, though, is breakfast. Are yogurt and egg whites the only bfast protein options? I would really prefer to not eat either. When I'm good, I usually like to have oatmeal with some almond butter or walnuts and a banana for breakfast, but is that too much fat? Keep in mind my bfast is usually on-the-go or at my desk, so it can't really be an omlette or anything too involved.

    Any help would be appreciated!! 


  • Hey Cat -

    I did my fourth challenge following a vegan diet.  Don't get caught up in the foods being at certain hard and fast times, i.e. breakfast, and especially if following vegan.  Get yourself some vegan protein powder for your snacks and breakfast (just add fruit or what not to them, I added almond milk, it's then a meal) and I actually used lentils and beans as my primary protein source.  Every now and again I would use veggie burgers and veggie crumbles when I was craving a "traditional meal" however for the most part it was easy to follow for me.  And yes, oatmeal with butter or nuts is alot of fat, I steered away from the nut based stuff unless it was free day or I was really craving something sweet.  

    You''ll do great, just make modifications of the eating plan to suit your dietary ground rules, I loved it, have never been able to look at animal protein the same again.  Again, don't get caught up in the eating plan as "rules," it is a guide and I've modified it four different times with success, I'm actually doing a fifth challenge as we speak and I've modified it again :-)


  • HEMP!! I am not vegan, at all, but I do consume alot of hemp protein in powder form and in hulled seed form...also combine legumes and grains for complete protein meals full of essential aminos...I eat a ton of black beans and brown rice with just some salsa and a bit of jack cheese, like 2 times a day for my meals.

  • thanks! these are super helpful suggestions. still worried a little bit about breakfast (i'm very much a sweet-breakfast person, was never big into savory breakfasts), but I'm excited to try it out! for the first week or two I think I'll keep my oatmeal as a backup, other than the extra fat it's actually a pretty balanced meal. I stocked up on bars and soy protein powder too, &I'm ready to take the challenge head-on!

  • One other breakfast thing I have discovered...I add Chocolate Lean 15 to Whole Wheat Pancake Batter 50-50 and make super protein cakes...even my daughter likes them...sorta taste like Cocoa Pebbles. Solid breakfast option.