Any Road Cyclists out there?

  • I am seriously thinking about starting the challenge but also like to do a lot of road cycling during the summer here as well and am wondering about doing both.  Any one experienced in doing this?

  • Do the program as should be, and do all the road cycling you want. I don't know how strenuous your rides are but you will find that the food may feel too little for you, so listen to your body. And stay well away from sugar. :o)

  • I just started cycling last summer while doing my first challenge.  I just worked hills for my intensity, lots of hills around here.  It worked great.  I agree with ALifeWorthLiving - you may be taking in too few calories for some serious road work.  You could try to estimate your calories using (free!) plugging in your mileage and speed, then figure out what your food intake would need to be on the days you ride hard and still keep it within a good range.