Starting 29th APRIL 2013-join/give advice?

  • Hi im starting today too be a cool journey I have done it before and it 100% works it is amazing xx

  • Well, last night I had trouble sleeping! I kept waking up to see if it was time to goto the gym!

    And I made it and did my first heart rate kept flashing up as very high-but I feel like I could of worked harder,maybe will try higher resistance next time.

    I measured out a cup full of porridge, cooked with skimmed milk and added a few prunes-but the amount looked huge!!!

    I hope im not gonna be over eating and not burning the calories off!

    Good luck everyone

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • I am starting today as well.  I did this about ten years ago and lost 30 lbs.  Then, i put it all back on and then some.   Not gonna happen this time!  

  • Hi guys. I started today.  Did HIIT this a.m. I wanted to start with cardio because I dislike it.:) Pretty sure that I acomplished my mission well because I could feel the blood pumping to my legs after I was finished.  It has been a long time since I felt that.  Good luck to everyone here!


    Drink, drink, drink water.

    Lose a pants size or two-----lose inches from waist.

    Have more energy.

    Improve my posture.

    Hit 10's!

  • I hate to say "Day one" because i've had so many day ones in my life. I'm 28 year old diabetic, and I choose to change my life now. So i'll join the journey as well. I am excited to try this program and I think it will do good for my health and life.

  • I started this morning as well.  Did the upper body workout in my home gym but will go to the Y tomorrow for cardio.  Can't even begin to explain how hopeful I've felt all day today.  Good luck to everyone else starting today!

  • Well, I ended day one with a curry!!!!As part of my job, I needed to assist someone to an Indian and eat with them. My day had been going so well before then-but I didnt stuff myself silly-i was very full-and am back on it today.

    I did my upper body after breakfast -and when I was half way through, I was wondering if this is going to work-but im sure something is happening as my arms are a bit shakey and sore-this must be good, right?!

    I am a little concerned about the amount I seem to be eating-the portions seem to be quite measuring out things like porridge and pasta when dry (a cup-i have a scoop with a cup measurement on-im in UK so this isnt the usual way we measure), but then add veg/fruit etc, it seems a lot...what are your thoughts on the meals?

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • MissyMaddieMoo, the easiest thing I can tell you about eating is using your palm of your hand as your guide, as suggested in the BFL book.  This is what I found to be effective.  I don't necessarily measure out a cup.  I figure out how much I need by my palm of my hand.  That may mean you have to make more than what you intend to eat, and save some for later.  It's all part of the learning process.  Once you get a few weeks into the program, you'll have a good idea of what is right for you.  You'll be able to eyeball your meal and know if it's okay.  

    In regards to workouts, listen to your body, yet challenge your body.  If you can lift more on your last rep of your last set of a body part, you need to move up on weight.  Make note of it, and move up the next time you do that exercise.  It's all part of the learning process.  Your body will respond.  Just stay focused.  Good luck!

  • Thanks Mjelly-would that be the size of your palm for each portion-e.g. a tuna pasta salad-a palmfull of pasta,palm size portion of tuna,palm size portion of salad...?

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • Yes.  Portion of protein is the size of your palm.  Portion of carb is the size of your palm.

  • Wk1 Day 2 upper body DONE!.  I am trying to get the hang of the portions, also, Missy.  It seems like I am always eating :)  I am just using the portions MJelly stated. Except, the carb portion is the size of you fist.  Please, correct me if I am wrong, MJelly.

    anne-marie, my daughter started with me today! Pretty cool.

  • Wk1D3 cardio done.  I need to focus on water intake and curbing nighttime hunger!  Hope everyone else is doing well.

  • Wk1D4 LBWO done, still need to drink water.   How is everyone else doing?

  • Well, on my day 3 i couldnt do my leg work out,so day 4 i did my cardio as normal,first thing-then my leg work out that evening after work.-and boy am i feeling it today-my legs want to give way when I walk down stairs!!!!

    I have had a sugar craving appear in the last few days,and I had a few choccie hobnobs!!!! I also have been drinking more tea thanI wanted to,due to being on traininig the last couple of days.

    Day 5-will be doing my upper work out today-but muscles are still hurting,so im worried im not gonna do very well today.

    Sun is shining and I have the weekend off work :D

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • Day6 and due to do lower body-but my thighs are burning and heavy. Can't walk down stairs or sit down properly. Been stretching out but I'm worried about today's workout=more pain!!!!!

    Is anyone else feeling this?!

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''