Starting 29th APRIL 2013-join/give advice?

  • Ok, so I think its about time I stop thinking about it and just get down to Monday will be the day!

    I'm still scared-of starting, of not knowing what to do, of failing-but I need to try!

    Anyone else planning to start on this date?

    Does anyone have any advice they would like to pass on to newbies?

    Good luck!!!

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • Greetings , Thought you'd like a little advice from a Three time Challenger (not a Champion yet though).  Be sure to read the book,   take your Before and After photos.  (put a copy of your Before photo up on the fridge, planner, calender or kitchen or pantry cabinet for inspiration and determination). Be sure to plan your meals and Free day in advance if you can. Drink lots of water, follow the plan in the book as closely as you can with resolve. Be patient for the results, some folks don't see the bigger results in losses and gains until weeks 6 or 7. Stick to the routine even in the face of problems or as we call them  little challenges that come along. Keep some kind of journal with notes about your exercise and HIT results and eating patterns each week. Be sure to set attainable goals first time around and set intermediate goals as well to help guide you and if you transgress from the path, count it as a learning experience and get back on that horse and ride that trail until the end of the journey.  Most of all Keep On Moving FOrward as best you can and ask for advice and support from us here on the forum and at BFL. BEst wishes always!!  WPBILL

  • Thank you for your reply!

    I have taken my pictures and taken some body measurements. My goals...well, I guess to lose weight, tone up,get fit and strong mentally and physically.

    I have just done my weekly food plan and would like to share was so difficult to think of combinations that would fit in with what I like/taste ok, and fit in with my day

    Input welcome!


    1 porridge fruit seeds

    2 protein shake

    3 tuna pasta salad

    4 protein shake

    5 tuna pasta salad

    6 nuts yogurt


    1 egg white omlette and wm bread

    2 protein shake

    3 chick salad and fruit

    4 egg white,fruit

    5 turkey burger,potato,salad

    6 yogurt seeds


    1 cottage cheese,fruit nuts

    2 protein shake

    3 chicken pitta salad

    4 protein shake

    5 salmon cake rice veg

    6 cot cheese cinemon apple


    1 cot cheese fruit seeds

    2 protein shake

    3 chicken pitta salad

    4 protein shake

    5 fish pasta stir fry veg

    6 cot cheese peanut butter fruit


    1 porridge fruit

    2 avocado salsa

    3 turkey sarnie salad

    4 avocado salsa

    5 salmon rice veg

    6 french toast


    1 french toast

    2 protein shake

    3 turkey pitta salad

    4 sweetcorn ham

    5 steak potato salad

    6 egg whites baked beans

    (protein shakes for days when im at work-want to limit their use as very expensive!)

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • I would suggest making more concrete goals if possible.  Examples.  I will lose 10 pounds of body weight in the 12 week challenge.  Something that is very easy to measure, so you can see success.  I will be able to run a 5k at the end of the challenge.  I will be able to do 20 pushups at the end of the challenge.  Just a few examples there.  There's nothing wrong with the goals you listed...just a little vague.  Make them measurable, so you know exactly what you're aiming for.  Be realistic about it.  

    As WPBill said, a lot of people don't see results until a little later in the challenge, so don't get discouraged if you step on the scale after 2 weeks and have only lost 2 pounds.  It doesn't mean your hard work isn't paying off.  A lot of women don't see significant results until week 10 or so.  It's not that women do it wrong, their bodies are just wired differently then men''s bodies.  

    Put your goals in a variety of places.  I have my goals on my computer desk at home, my visor of my car (as I travel a lot for work), and at work.  This way, it's constantly on my mind.

    PLAN!!!  It can't be said enough.  It's really the key to the BFL program.  If you go to work with no food for the day, don't expect to be successful in eating clean.  Think of every meal for the day.  Have extra food in case there's an emergency.  Almonds and apples are easy to pack, and easy to have on hand until you get to your next meal.  Looking over your meal plan, I would add a carb to your meals where your having a protein shake, especially early meals.  If you're going to skip a carb, I would recommend doing it meals 5 or 6.  I usually skip the carb on meal 6, and a lot of times on meal 5, but I always have a carb on my first 4 meals.  Also, make sure the rice is brown rice.  It's a complex carb, which will last much longer than white rice, and you won't get hungry so fast.  I'm lucky.  A lot of people say they don't like brown rice, but I love it.

    Stay on this forum for support!!!  We're here for one another.  Don't fall of the wagon...come here and ask for support!  

    Good luck and congrats on making the choice to change your life!!!


  • Hi!

    I'll hang in with you for the duration  of the challenge.

    I will begin my second shot at the challenge on 4/27, Saturday.  

    I was progressing nicely during the second month last time (February) when I had an ice fall which virtually incapacitated by right arms movement ( some tendon tears in my bicep and rotator cuff muscles, bone degeneration(at 60 years) and bone misalignment issues).. Yesterday was was final day of PT and I'm still working on getting my arm to extend overhead.

    So my goals this time around will be more recuperative rather than developmental regarding my upper body.  Overall weight loss and endurance will also be emphasized.

    My advice. . .at the beginning don't  let the scale control your perceived progress!  Muscle is denser therefore heavier than fat.  As you workout, it is possible to gain muscle mass at a greater pace that your losing fat.  

    Rather, let your attitude be set by  how you feel . . . more energy. . . . controlled diet. . . . . .  a successful exercise routine . . .

    If you get offtrack once in a while... . just climb back on board.




  • I'm going to join you!  Let's do this thing!

  • I'll be here and starting as well!


  • I'm starting on Monday too. Good luck everyone.

    Rachel. xx

  • Hi! I'll be starting this coming Monday too, first time with the challenge. I'm a runner and have remained fairly fit, but the past few years have been super hectic, and somewhere along the way I let my fitness/health run free a bit. Now, the smoke is finally clearing, and none of my pants fit! So hopefully this will help me bounce back and give me a new&improved self to embrace my new living situation!

    I am, however, a dietary vegan, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on meal replacements?? I think that for the most part I should be okay with seitan/tempeh/tofu as a lean protein and soy protein shake/bar options, but what is really stumping me is breakfast! Are eggs the only way to go? Would oatmeal with walnuts be a good swap, or is that too much fat? Any vegan bfast ideas would be totally helpful!!

    Look forward to starting this journey with everyone! :)

  • I am starting TODAY!! This will be my second challange and I am really excited to do this again. It worked incredibly well the first time two years ago. Unfortunately I have found all of the weight I lost! Every pound. I go again. But, I plan on exceeding my success of two years ago. I KNOW this program works!! I was walking, living proof. I can't wait to see my results and I look forward to keeping up with the BFL community online. Here is to us!! We can do this!!

  • Hey all!!

    SophieT here from UK.  I started the BFL on 8 April but hit a wall of flu last wednesday so had to rest off for a few days.  I am back on track and intend to get back down the gym tomorrow morning early starting back on my leg weights!!  I've done the BFL a couple of times before and it is the only thing that has worked for me in losing weight and changing my bodyshape!!

    Good luck all for your new challenges, you wont regret it, just take it one step at a time!  


  • I am about to go to my home gym and start my first day!! When I was 38, I saw Bill Philips on television and was so inspired that I did my one and only challenge.  It changed my life.  I fell in love with lifting heavy weights.  Unfortunately, I have not been disciplined the past three years, and my BFL lifestyle virtually disappeared.  Horrible pressures at work, a miserable boss and my Dad's passing (RIP Daddy!!) have kept me very unmotivated.  I'm about to celebrate my 51st birthday and feel I need to practice what I preach again.  Everyone at work looks to me as the queen of fitness, but little do they know how complacent I've been.  Can't do it anymore, no longer making excuses, or feeling miserable.  I'm fired up and ready to go : )  Just stick to the plan, don't wander from it.  It does work. Be patient, be diligent and be strict.  Try and take each day at a time, and if you mess up, don't say "I'll start again tomorrow," just take a deep breath, forgive yourself, and start again on your next meal or workout.  Don't beat yourself up, just move on.  It really is a good beginners program that lays it all out for you.  You just need to follow it.  One other thing I'd say is to prepare, prepare, prepare your food!  And log everything.  My success (up until three years ago) is definitely due to my weekly planning of nutrition and workouts (I've done a lot of non-BFL type bodybuilding programs over the years too, that took far more planning, and it always pays off to have it all prepared in advance).  If you have any questions or just need inspiration from someone familiar with this program, I'm here.  And hopefully, to stay.  Don;t be scared!  Just go for it, mind, body and soul.  You totally deserve this!

  • Hi!  There is a book put out by Tosca Reno (she's a 53-year-old body building inspiration of mine), and it's called Eat Clean Diet - Vegetarian Cookbook (you can get it on Amazon) that might be helpful.  You can even check out her breakfast ideas prior to purchase as they can be viewed from the "look inside" feature and even have links to get the actual recipes (at least the ones I clicked on).  I don't have that book myself, but I have her Eating Clean Diet cookbook though, and love it.  The word diet is not to be thought of as low-cal deprivation : )  She's a body builder and eats like one!   : )

  • Hi, Monday is day one for me as well. I have been in a couple of BFL challenges, read all the books, and I can tell you it really works. Just think in only as little as 12 weeks you can be in better shape than you are now.....amazing. One tip that has really helped me was to get up early drink two glasses of water then cardio, on my cardio days of course. I hate cardio and nothing felt better than having it out of the way first thing in the morning. Good luck to you.

  • Hi im starting today yippee and so is my daughter annabella she has blogged too we will do journey together be like a little club!! Good luck