Any April starters? Would love to talk to people who started around the same time I did!

  • Any April starters left? I started April 12th and still going strong!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Hi Deidre!

    I started on April 1st so I am on my 1st day of my last week.  I am curious to know how your results are.  To be honest, I am quite disappointed because I didn't cheat at all and really pushed myself in the workouts.  That being said, I have lost weight, gotten stronger, and overall feel beter about myself.  I think my expectations were too high and maybe I had gotten more out of shape than I had thought.  My boyfriend says he sees major differences but I don't - just slightly in my before and current pictures. I didn't weigh myself before I started cause I didn't want a heart attack but my clothes fit better and I am now a tight size 8.  My goal is to be back to a size 3-4 which I was 7 years ago but I am not sure if that will ever happen.  One major positive is that even though I will not go in a bikini, I am going to the pool today in a swim suit, not a shirt and shorts like I usually do.  Another thing about doing this is that I am totally committed to getting back in shape.  It has made me realized how much mindless snacking I do during the day and how lazy I had become.  I am thankful I tried this program because it has given me a kick in the butt and jumpstarted my way to better health.  Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in your last weeks and hope you are doing well!

  • Well LL... Slow & Steady seems to be my pace. I've lost 8 lbs but have not gone down a size... yet! While my waist has gotten a lot smaller, my abs a lot smaller, my butt although lifted, is not much smaller and it's preventing me from going down a size. (So I literally need to work my a** off!)  My arms are toner, my legs - not a big difference.

    But I feel great, I'm proud of myself, I can manage this kind of lifestyle. I enjoy the food, 4 hours a week to work out - no problem, it's a lifestyle I can stick with. I'm 46, I've tried everything out there to lose weight and this is by far my favorite! The older you get, the harder it is to get back in shape so I can't play around anymore! This will get me to my goal but it may take 1 - 3 more cycles, who knows? I just know I have to do "something" and BFL is the "something" I choose to do! So I'm looking forward to cycle 2!

    Hope you stick with it too! Flaunt that bathing suit!!!!!! I hope you post your pictures!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Hey Deirdre,  Its me again--several weeks later.  I am on my 11th week and still going strong as well.  Stats are   from 209 lbs to 183.5 (this afternoon)  From a solid size 18 to a very comfortable 14.  Seeing plenty of muscles in my upper body and feel solid through my legs (still need another challenge to get definition).  Face looks like me again and my feet hurt ALOT less.  My face-feet-and pant size (goal here is a size 12 ) are my main goals.  May not make the pants size but.....still a week and 2 days left.  Oh and shirt size from xl or 1x to a large comfortably.  Hubby told me yesterday that I am looking athletic which is really great.  Also another goal was not to lie to myself anymore and.....looks like Im not going to    yea me.    I am really glad to see you and your man are making this life change too.  Keep up the good work   jill

  • Well hello Jillian64!

    What fantastic progress!!! Wow!!! Good for you!!!

    Are you going to take an AR? When do you plan to start C2?

    I made mistakes in C1 that I won't make in C2. Stubborn me ate from the Eating for Life book the 1st 7-8 weeks... I finally understand and agree it's for maintenance! So now I stick to the authorized food list except meal #6 where I used to have 1 oz low salt nuts, 1 oz beef jerky and 2 c air popped popcorn but I've cut out the nuts, too much fat & calories, but my husband & I LOVE our popcorn & jerky at night. So if it slows down our progress a little, thats ok, were doing this for life! Five clean meals and 1 so so meal I think will be fine.

    We work out at home and I had this old (from 1997) Orbitrek for my cardio workout and my husband did his cardio on our total gym, neither one was good for HIIT. But Last week , after saving money, I went during the fathers day sale and bought a treadmill and a much better elliptical machine and we switch machines every cardio day. We both get a MUCH better cardio workout now!

    So better cardio and a cleaner eating for our last 4 weeks and for cycle 2, I think we will see better results!

    I'm excited about C2 for us and for you!!! Let's keep in touch!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Hey Dee,  Thanks for the encouragement.  I do feel really good about it and also know that with my second challenge the weight will come off slower the closer I get to my goal.  I have a slight dilema though.  I plan on doing ar for two weeks then start my second challenge, however my vacation to the beach with the hubby and kids is in the first week of August.  I am one of those who belive that if you work all year for a wonderful vacation and spend alot of money you do NOT way,  no how....aint gonna happen soooo I can either start and just call that week a wash or wait until second week in august to start C2.  I am leaning toward just starting C2 after 2 weeks ar then just watching what I eat (not over do) and since we will be at the beach everyday in California there will be much activity in the water (micah and I love to boogie board) and prob alot of walking  when we go eat and lots of walks on the beach.  What do you think?  

    Also was thinking of doing C2 work outs at home not only for time management but also to tempt my man to do the challenge with me.  He does not need to lose weight but is feeling his age a little and talks about it alot, just no time.  I already have the tread mill where I do my cardio (don't go to the gym for that) and a set of adjustable DB's  that go to 25 lbs.  Husband says he has a bar and weights somewhere in the garage and all I would need for bench press is well ... a bench.  Read on one of the post Debmo suggesting to someone that they could maybe find this kind of stuff on Craigs lists.  Anyway, does that sound like everything that I will need? 

    Well keep up the good work,  I too am excited and glad Im not in this alone. 


  • Hi Jill!

    I'm with you! Vacation is NOT a time to diet! Both plans sound good! I think you could try to eat decent and not go crazy and enjoy exercising there or wait till you get back to start C2. I don't know! Go with your gut!

    I started a thread about home gyms and what people have in them, I got quite a few responses with pictures & everything, check it out! It's under gym - " Does anyone else have an at home workout room instead of going to a gym"

    I do BFL with my hubby and we love working out together in our gym in the basement! We encourage & push each other to get to our 10's, help each other, listen to music and even flirt and have fun! I think its great for a marriage!

    Craigs list is a good place to get stuff, if your lucky you can sometimes get free stuff! My friend got a $4000 hardly used home gym with three stations for free! The lady lived in a mansion and just didn't want it anymore, and wanted someone to take it away!

    Or... we have a second hand sports store where used weights are 55 cents a pound.

    Well good luck and we will keep in touch!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)