Whey Protein

  • Hi,

    I just started the challenge last week and I have a question about whey protein. I am a college student at the moment and I can't afford to buy Myoplex products but I did have a friend give me some whey protein powder. I was wondering if whey protein was ok to have and if I need to add a carb when I drink it. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you



  • You want to have some type of whey protein, regardless of whether or not it's EAS brand or not.  I use Cytosport 100% Whey (I also use Myoplex from EAS).  Whey protein has amino acids in it that your body can't produce, that assist in the muscle building process, which is why it's so crucial to developing your best body.  You can use it as your protein for your meal (I usually do for breakfast) and add a carb with it.  I also have a protein shake before bad, without a carb, as it kills any hunger I may be having, and assists in the muscle building process while I sleep.

  • Laura, go to walmart.  You can get their brand of protein for $15 plus tax.

  • I put 1 1/2 cups of water in my blender and a handful of frozen strawberries, blend them up and then put in my protein powder and you have a delicious shake!  Fully Balanced...


  • Awesome, thank you all for the feedback