What EAS products are recommended for fat loss and muscle gain?

  • Hi. I'm not sure which EAS products to use. Does anyone know where might I find this information? There are so many different products. I don't even know which type of shake to use.  Thanks for any help. Larissa

  • Hi larisfree

    Are you looking mainly for fat loss or muscle gain as cant do both.  Myself I'm doing BFL for fat loss and I've lost 7kg and I'm going into my 11th week.  I didn't use eas products but you should look for omega 3, cla some fat burners and diet whey protein.  

    That's my supplements I've stuck with and for me they've helped.

    Good luck with your progress.  

  • Hey Larissa.  I disagree and agree with Toffeeman.  One of the main benefits of this program is that you CAN do both.  Lose fat and increase muscle tone. 

    Although I do agree with him about the CLA.  That is known to promote fat loss and increase muscle tone.  Actually thanks to this question I'm going to get some this week and start taking it.  I'm also taking Betagen which is also said to increase muscle tone, but I think the main selling point for that is that your muscles aren't as sore, so you can work harder.  I just started taking it, so I can't say whether works or not.


    Good Luck,


  • Greetings larrissalee,   I have been using a Thermal CLA and the EAS Betagen, both have seemed to help a lot with recovery and loss of body fat as well. My favorite flavor in the EAS is the orange, kinda taste like Tang from long ago. It does seem to cut down on the soreness and speed up the recovery process as well. I used CLA last challenge and got some great results as well. Hope this helps y'all out some.  Keep Moving FOrward everyone!!!

  • Melissa is spot on, you can do both.  Don't believe it?  Check out the champions photos.  No question, you can do both.  But to toffeeman's point, we can't recommend the right supplements without knowing your goals.

    I use a pre-workout energy drink (Optimum Nutrition Aminon Energy), plus a post-workout recovery drink (EAS Muscle Armor- very much like betagen).  I also use EAS Whey and a Casein Protein powder.  My goals are to build as much lean mass as I can, but I also used the Energy, Muscle Armor, and Whey when I was losing nearly 20lbs of body fat during my first challenge.  

    Remember supplements are just that:  SUPPLEMENTS.  Meaning they "supplement" your diet, not replace it.  The biggest change in my diet from C1 where my primary motivation was to get lean without sacrificing muscle to C2 where I want to gain muscle without getting fat is the change in the # of calories.  All still come from good clean sources (check BFL food list), and I have to use a few more supplements (ie the Casein Protein) to get the total calories I'm shooting for.

    Hope that helps!