Starting on May 6th. Anyone interested???

  • Free day!! I have to admit to taking full avantage of free day!! I love free day!

    Hey Sharon, You can do it. You already are ahead of the game with all your planning. Just power through the week and when you feel tempted think of how happy you will be at the end of the week when you know you stayed strong!!

    I did run yesterday. I did intervals outside which I totally prefer over the treadmill. I did yoga later in the day with my 12 year old. I need the yoga for flexibility. I have issues with my piriformis muscle on the left side and low back issues. With yoga a couple times a week I totally don't even notice pain in my left leg. I just add the yoga as an extra workout.

    Vincent I have been thinking about you and hoping everything is going well during this time of stress for you!


  • Thanks for thinking of me Val.  I appreciate the thoughts.  It has been a struggle this week to stay positive.  I've switch to total "find a new job mode" so I missed my workouts Tues - Thur..  Did cardio on Friday and today.  Going to get back on track tomorrow.  Weighed myself this morning.  Gained 2 pounds since starting two weeks ago.  Damn.  

  • Vincent, Just put your head down and do your daily tasks, workout hard, eat clean, get your water and good sleep. I believe that you will pull through. I always think during times like this that you are going through is "this to shall pass".  Eventually we always seem to get through the difficult times in life. And when we do it always seems that maybe what we went through made us a little better, stronger, or wiser. So hang in there and keep coming back!

    I had fun on my free day. I indulged in chocolate, made homemade pizza and felt so full at the end of the day. I was so ready for clean eating! I have a weight workout today planned. I got up a little late but must of needed extra sleep so slept in some. Will attack those weights later. Got a journal coming today from Amazon. I am going to attempt to journal this challange. Something I have never done.

    Hope you all are still hard at it. Happy Monday!


  • Ok, so I had a free week....  plus a couple of days....  Good News is I traveled to surprise my Mom on Mother's Day - and it worked!  She was totally surprised. Had not seen her on Mother's Day in at least 30 years....  Oher times, during the year, but never Mother's Day.... bad news is I surprised her at Carrabba's - thus the start of my free week....  I am not back on track yet.  But all this talk of adversity - I've had more than my share but I am STILL HERE!  You will be too, Vincent. (Believe it or not, I was RIF'd in late March, but then UNRIF'd 3 weeks later.... really, really strange).  


    I am not back on track yet and I have not weighed. I vowed not to quit this one and I intend to turn it around.  Trouble tomorrow is the same as SharonF - except it's only one day (work related travel with abundant food, etc).  So - I guess my goal is to start back Wednesday???  


    This is important - and I better pay attention to it:  My cholesterol is fine when I am BFL'ing.  But I had hernia surgery in January so I had basically been off program for at least 5 months.  Showed up on my blood work. Dr. wanted to adjust my meds but I told him I'd like to try diet an exercise.... Ok - well I'm here and I need support. Don't want any more meds...  Need help.  THANKS!

  • We are here for you chippers32! Better to take the bull by the horns and get back on program. I am doing  great - much better than my usual business travel. Sunday was my free day so I had several treats and thoroughly enjoyed it but at the same time craved cleaner food. This morning I found a PJs coffee shop with hard boiled eggs and small cans of tomato juice. That and some instant oatmeal mixed with hot water from my hotel coffee pot was breakfast, bars and shakes for 3 meals, a salad with grilled chicken and no dressing for lunch and the most delicious steamed crab and shrimp for dinner with 2 small red potatoes. Upper body workout done AND I walked over 25,000 steps today (took 2 walks to see some of the city.

  • Chippers32, Keep checking in and keep doing the right things everyday. Eat clean, workout, drink your water, and get your sleep. EVERYDAY do those things and the results will follow. Thats my mantra "just for today". I try not think about tomorrow or how long I have to go but focus on my tasks for today. It seems to be working. Good luck!

    Sharon, You are absolutely an inspiration. In New Orleans and eating so clean!!! Go girl!!

    I ate really well yesterday, got in an excellent UBWO and walked a little after. I plan to run after the kids get home from school. (they get out early, last day of school) I headed out to run this morning at 5:30 but the rain chased me back home. I got my journal yesterday and started journaling. I have to say it doesn't come easy to me to put my thoughts down on paper. I always feel uneasy and slightly silly. Don't know why but there it is.

    Has anyone officially entered the challange? I decided to enter. I entered my official start date on the 16th. I am hoping they still do the official finishers certificate. I want one after BFLing off and on since 2001!!


  • Feel like I've been AWOL, it's been so long since I've posted. I posted almost daily during C1 and C2 but my schedule has been insane so far.

    Last week was pretty much a disaster, lost dietary discipline for most of the week, missed most workouts due to joint issues or just plain inertia. Wasn't doing my body composition checks consistently either, but interpolating from the checks I did make, I'd say I regained 2 or 3 pounds of fat (yeah, I was that bad).

    That's the bad news. The good news is that there are still almost 10 weeks to go, this week is starting out swimmingly (good dietary discipline and a decent if not outstanding HIIT cardio session), and in the past I've found that a "bad" week sometimes actually helps kick-start things as soon as I get back on track.

    For now, I just remind myself of the words of St. Peter of Damascus (intended for spiritual pursuits, but perfectly applicable to this as well):

    "... should we fall, we should not despair ... For if He so chooses, He can deal mercifully with our weakness. Only we should not cut ourselves off from Him ... nor should we lose heart when we fall short of our goal ... If you fall, rise up. If you fall again, rise up again."

  • mstickles, Glad you got back up and are having a good week. I know you can do it in 10 weeks!  Just keep checking in and staying true to the BFL principles. What are your body composition checks that you do? I haven't even measured!  I did weigh when I began but am putting off weighing again till I feel changes in my body. Oh, and I did the before pic as well.

    It is still raining. It has been cloudy and overcast for days. I live in a state that gets sun almost everyday so this gloom is hard on me. I was at home yesterday and fought an internal battle all day with the munchies. I won!  I plan to get out of the house today just so I don't have such a hard day.  I am going to take the kids to the library.  Summer break begins today!  Today is a LBWO and yoga for me. I better get to it.


  • Chippers, Are you back home? How did your travel day go?

  • Thanks for asking - it was OK; I'd pretty much decided not to ....... be good for lack of a better description.  Had pizza & soda for lunch ("working lunch") - ha!  Then I got back late & took out from Cracker Barrel..  So - a decent day but not a good BFL day.  I have such a hard time.. I am "all or nothing" and for some reason I have a very dificult time starting over in the middle of the week.  I am not leaving this May 6 start group, I'll start back when I start back (probably Monday) and go from there.  I HAVE TO REMEMBER HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL ! ! Thanks for the support - I really appreciate it.

  • happymom6 - I found a table some time ago that took weight and the difference between belly and wrist measurements to get body fat percentage (for men only - women used a different table which I didn't analyze). I applied some math to the table data to interpolate the formulas for the curves that they were probably rounded from, then programmed it into a spreadsheet and did several comparisons against the results I got from skinfold calipers. They always came out within 1% of each other for me, although a friend who tried it didn't get nearly that much agreement. I'll probably have to recalibrate it once I get well below 25% (was above that level for all my calibration tests).

    Pretty much every time I weigh myself I also measure my belly with one of those body tape measures that ensures a consistent tension (I only re-check my wrist measurement every couple of months, it hasn't changed for a long time). Then I plug 'em into my spreadsheet to get the body fat percentage.

  • Good morning everyone. Mstickles - Love your positive attitude! I had a decidedly non-BFL day yesterday. Long story but the reality is I let short term stress override good judgement. Had Pinkberry (frozen yogurt) for lunch and a glass of wine and dessert with dinner plus no LB weight workout. I am going to count it as an unplanned free day and get in my LB workout on my rest day (Friday).

    How many of you have your free day and no workout day at the same time? My scheduled free day is Saturday which is a cardio day for me. I just works better with my schedule and not having sloth and gluttony together is a good idea for me personally :-)

    Meetings until 1 today and then heading HOME! I can't wait.

  • mstickles, You wouldn't happen to be an engineer? Lol, that sounds like something my son would come up with and look at me like "Why don't you get what I just told you" when he explains it so logically to me! I have not figured out my body fat percentage. I know I have calipers in the cupboard but didn't think to do the skinfold test.  Is your week still going great?

    I have been tracking my nutrition and yesterday was a little over on calories due to a little too much steak last night. I am using my fitness pal and really liking the convenience of it. I have never tracked calories on a BFL challange and have always had good results before but I was curious how much I was eating just following the BFL principles.

    The sun is out and the wind is quiet so plan to run outside this morning once it warms up a bit. I really look forward to that.

    Hope you all are still plugging away at the challange and taking it a day at a time.  


  • chippers32, I will look for your monday morning post then!

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    I've been on vacation, so I thought I'd check in.  I was a little worried how vacation would go; however, I'm mainly doing day trips and it has actually been a big help.  I've been able to hit the gym in morning at 7 or 8 v. 5AM and then hit basketball courts in afternoon.  

    I have been sticking to the BFL Journal and am down about 8 lbs to date.  The goal was to lose 20lbs. I don't usually weigh myself often, but when I'm making progress it helps me.  I'm starting to make little tweaks to the program to suit me as I'm in this for the long haul.  I picked up some protein pudding for the first time.  I actually like it.  My girlfriend, not so much!  lol


    "There is either doing or not doing"

                                   -Zen Saying