Starting on May 6th. Anyone interested???

  • here is a few soup recipes (great for lunches and light dinners) - something that's actually fun to make as a family or on your own - I have friends that make a big batch and freeze in individual containers what they don't eat - that way all you have to do is take it out, and reheat it in the microwave or oven for individual meals - main goal is make it available and make it easy =]

  • My food schedule:

    3am water and sugar free red bull (I know, I know not good for me ....); Pilates floor exercises and either pushups (MWF) or sit-ups (THSa)

    3:30 cardio or weights

    4:30 breakfast - usually oatmeal and egg whites but today I had cottage cheese and Udi's Flax & Fiber bread toasted -YUM

    7:30 meal 2 - Myoplex light shake (RTD) or bar

    10:30 meal 3 - chicken breast sandwich with lettuce and tomato today

    1:30 meal 4 - shake or bar (whichever I did not have at meal 2)

    4:30 meal 5 - switching this up starting today since I don't get home from work until after 6.. Apple and 1T natural peanut butter or protein pudding- was doing the pudding for meal 6 but that meant eating again about an hour after dinner so I could go to bed

    7:30 meal 6/dinner - lean protein, carb of some sort and a vegetable ... Today turkey Italian hot sausage, green beans and a mini ear of corn on the cob

    Lots of water all day and I am slowly weaning myself off diet sodas ( 1 per day)

    Bedtime around 9 so I can get up at 2:45 and do it all again!

  • Lousy start to the week - missed workouts Monday and Tuesday and pretty much nosedived on dietary discipline yesterday. I did 4AM workouts my first challenge which would be ideal for these shift-and-a-half days, but I just can't get moving that early this time (my body refuses to function properly if I try - can't see straight, no balance, etc. - SharonF, I don't know how you manage 3AM, but I'm envious).

    Today's a normal workday so I'm shooting for HIIT right after  get home from work. Nutrition may be more critical for fat loss but the workouts for me are critical in keeping proper focus and dedication. I can't eat myself into working out, but I can exercise myself into eating better.

    Little Elephant - just saw your Tuesday post. The "miracle" you hear about is week 8 or 9, not day 8 or 9; some people will see obvious results this early but it's not common. While I normally weigh myself daily, I also check body fat so I can put the weight in context. My first challenge I lost fat steadily and quickly, but gained lean mass nearly as fast, so the weight changed slowly. Don't give up!

  • SharonF....that is an EARLY day!  I am very impressed with you and the fact that you not only wake up and work out that early but that you can function on less than 6 hours of sleep!  My 5:00 am mornings don't seem so early now  :)

    Everyone have a great day 10


  • Halfway into week 2!!! I enjoy marking off the days on my 90 day calendar on the fridge!! Have been doing awesome with the workouts, nutrition is still a struggle for me.  STill a work in progress. I can't be mad that I am doing better each day.   I have been reminding myself that if i want something that's not on the list that I need to wait till my free day.  That's been helping alot.

    Cheers to all who have joined and all that are still going!! Keep up the progress!


  • ncpgibson - I have been getting up this early for over 20 years so it is not a huge deal to me anymore...doesn't mean I always want to get up but I do (would have swapped a month's pay for 30 minutes more sleep this morning LOL). However, I leave for work around 5:30 and know the ONLY time that is mine is before that so it is worth it. Have a great day!

  • Hey Sharon, I do the same, I get up a couple hours before everyone else just so I have my time alone. Although my morning wake up is at 5:30!

    I did yoga yesterday am then in the afternoon did LBWO. I woke up this morning with a very stiff back! I am so sick of this getting older stuff. I had to do yoga stretches and it loosened and after my HIIT it feels much better. I am determined to start drinking more protein shakes. I have been thinking back to when I was successful in the past on BFL and it seems I drank shakes alot more often. So today I am turning over a new leaf and really dedicating myself to my nutrition.  I have the workout portion in the bag so to speak and need to get my food in line. I am so tempted to say I am starting over, but, I know some past champions had rocky weeks eating wise and still had great results. So I can too!!

    Well I hear the kids waking so its to work for me!


  • Good morning all.  Val...don't start over!  We're at the early stages and you can get back on track - power through.  I agree with you and Sharon that morning is the best time, especially before the kids get up and the day takes off.  Something great has happened at my house; I think I've inspired my husband!  He used to be a big runner but stopped about 3 years ago when he got a new job and started working 60-70 hours/week.  He's always tired and has gained weight so we're both in need of a big change.  However, he can be stubborn and I wasn't going to tell him what he had to do.  But once my week 2 started, he's been getting up before me (at 4:45 am) and running before work.  This thrills me; it will be so much easier to stay on track and getting up early with him doing it too!  

    Everyone have a good day, stay on track and push hard.  Only 75 more days!


  • Nicole, You are so right! It works so much better if I know my husband is watching his intake and exercising too. I am pleased for you. My husband has come home from work the past two days and ran as well. I would rather he lift weights instead but he hates the DOMS he gets with lifting. Maybe as I progress on this challange he will start lifting as well. One can always hope.


  • Val, I have to agree with npcgibbson.  Don't start over.  Whenever you get off track all you have to do is adjust and get back on track.  As soon as you do that next workout you are on track again.  I was on track this week until Tuesday.  I was let go from my employment and it totally screwed up my mind.  I didn't work out Tuesday or yesterday.  The good news is that because I couldn't eat...or sleep...I didn't blow my diet.  I was able to have the small meals.  Today I get back on track.  Today I'm going to workout and do my cardio.  Lets get back on track together Val!!

  • Yesterday's HIIT wasn't all that "H" - maybe peaked at an "8" - but I'm counting it a triumph to finish. I actually stopped just into the third interval due to calf cramping, but decided I couldn't afford that decision psychologically and started up again (was only stopped a few seconds). Had to back off the intensity to make sure I could finish, but I made it to the end.

    Meals are still trouble right now, whatever dietary focus I had at the beginning of the week is long gone. Today is my 4-hour drive home from my work apartment, and those are a struggle even when I'm more focused! Hopefully I can pull it off, or at least limit the damage :P.

  • Hello everyone!

    Into Week 2.  Enjoying it.  I feel much better when I eat these small nutritious meals.  I only eat 5 a day, though.  I don't think I'm awake long enough to eat 6.  Enjoying #4 of the day right now - EAS Myoplex Chocolate -- at work.

    Only day missed on workout was Tuesday.  Had to take 2 train rides of 3.5 hours at beginning and end of day.  No time that day, but right back into it on Wed.

    How was everyone's first day off on Sunday?  I ended up at Cheesecake Factory, and my only complaint is that I can't eat as  much when I'm eating such small meals the rest of the week. :-)

  • Vincent, I am sorry to hear about your job. You are doing wonderfully though and still here on the forum and doing BFL! Good for you!! I always think that some of the best things in life come from circumstances such as yours. Something good is going to come from this I know.  

    I didn't start over but am chugging along in my own imperfect way. Yesterday, however, was a wonderful BFL day! I drank three shakes and ate so well for the other 3 meals.  2puttBirdie, I don't stress 6 meals if all I want or get is 5 meals in a day I feel fine and have gotten good results eating that way.

    Mstickles, crank the music and sing along.  I used to have such a drive from a travel job I did years ago and that is what I did. I also would listen to books on CD and that really would engage my mind and keep me from munching.  I know what you mean though alot of mindless munching occurs when a person is bored.

    Today I am drinking my three shakes and eating well. My new mantra is "JUST FOR TODAY". Just for today I am doing the things I know will bring me success in the end. I will eat well, workout hard, drink my water, and get to bed on time.


  • Hey Happy Saturday, I am trying to convince myself to get out there and run. I thought I would check in first to get some motivation.  I ate well yesterday. I am happy about that. I also had an excellent weight workout. So yesterday was a win. I am going to repeat that again today. That is what succeeding in this challange is about daily perserverence. Everyday doing the right things. Hope you all are doing well.


  • Happy Saturday!! I am on Day 8 and can say this has been easier than I thought - not that I "love" doing my was a struggle (lower body weights) but I did it .. but I am not hungry and it is a flexible plan.

    Val - go for your run. You will be glad you did afterward! I am going to take the dog out for a walk - good for both of us. Running tomorrow morning for me than head to the airport at 6am.

    I will be looking for support this week as I am at a conference for work that has all the normal land mines.... catered meals and dinners with clients plus more alcohol than is reasonable. Tomorrow night is a big dinner and reception so I have been saving my week 1 Free Day for that. Monday-Thursday though I have to maneuver my way through the "valley of temptation". I have protein powder and my shaker cup, raw almonds, little packets of natural peanut butter and oatmeal packed though and found a GNC store within walking distance of the hotel so first order of business is to go get some ready to drink Myoplex lite and some protein bars and then step away from the buffet! Thankfully I am staying at the conference hotel so I can run up to my room for snacks/some meals.