Starting on May 6th. Anyone interested???

  • Sharon Welcome, I joined late as well. I started on May 8.

    Hey Rick, I found my eyes wide open at 6 too. I, however, did not workout. Sounds like your week was great! I am looking forward to the next week, as there are no events (mothers day, graduation, weddings) that I have to attend and be around all that nummy, tempting, food. I have been mixing my protein powder with coconut milk and boy does that ever improve the taste of the drink. I actually like the protein drink then. The coconut milk is 70 cals, 8 carbs and a healthy fat. I mix it with EAS lean 15 powder.

    Does anyone do kettlebells here? I am interested in incorporating them into my strength routine. I have noticed after a weight lifting session with free weights I am a little stiff/sore in my lower back. I am always aware of keeping good form while I lift too.  I have no history of a lower back injury but have noticed as I have gotten older I need to do yoga and more dynamic exercises to stay limber. (I really hate saying that!) I wonder if kettlebell weight training would be a good fit for me.


  • Rick - Great weight loss in a short period of time! Love the planning ahead on meals. I bought groceries for the week and have lunches planned but not packed (doing that the night before) and have dinner for tonight ready to go ... leftover grilled chicken which I will have with some brown rice and steamed spinach PLUS leftover turkey burgers (Eat Clean Low-Fat turkey burgers - super easy recipe and absolutely delicious) for dinner on Tuesday night.

    I weigh myself daily and am down 3.4 lbs (on Day 3 today). 20.5 lbs to go but one step at a time. Workout done; next breakfast and then get ready for work.

  • Hi everyone, I'd like to join your group since I also started on May 6.  I have tried BFL several times over the last 3 years with the best being my first attempt.  I did well up to 7 weeks, then went on vacation, fell off the wagon, etc.  I'm determined this time because it's just time to do it!  I'm pretty active normally and run in 5ks10ks through the year and at least one half-marathon per year.  My running isn't getting any better/faster and I know that it's because my weight and body fat are too high.  

    In looking at my troubles in the past, I have hard time with the food.  In my busy life I tend to go through my day without eating enough - and then pigging out at dinner and evening.  In this challenge I plan to be vigilante about planning my daily meals and watching the clock to be sure I eat when I'm supposed to.  The other problem that I've had is skipping workouts when the day is too busy (I work full time and have 3 kids with lots of activities).  The answer here is to workout in the morning.  The alarm is set for 5:00 am and I have done it at that time for 8 days now.  I know that this is crucial for me!

    My goals are to lose 15 pounds and 6% body fat.  I'm happy to be here and will be checking in every day....I really feel that the accountability will help me.  Good luck to all!

  • I should have known better than to start a challenge immediately after Pascha. After the seven-week Lenten fast, keeping a restrained diet that first week is just too hard. And I certainly failed at it. Also only managed to get in one good workout. Bright Week has its own focus, and a fitness program just doesn't mesh in very well.

    Today is going well so far, I can tell my motivation and focus on the program are back on track with Bright Week behind me. So, no "starting over", just going to pick myself up from here and keep going. Tentatively planning core workouts tonight, Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon, and HIIT cardio tomorrow morning, Thursday afternoon, and Saturday morning or afternoon.

    And finally - a big welcome to all our newcomers!

  • Wow, we have quite a number of newcomers.  I join mstickles in welcoming you.  

    Been traveling for work the past week so I haven't been too active on the forum.  Had a great week of working out and eating right...until the weekend.  I generally don't take a free day, but I blew my nutrition program big time yesterday so I'm calling it my free day.  Totally back on track today though.  Strength training and ate clean.  

    npcgibson, I agree with the morning workouts.  I use to do them and it was so nice to have them out of the way.  I noticed that you start to wake up much easier after a while.  Now I go during lunch which works better for me.  I like to brake up the day that way.  

    OK all we are on day 9 tomorrow.  Only 76 days left!!!  If you haven't chatted in the forum recently, let us know how you are doing.  Especially if you are struggling to keep at it.  That's what this is for.

  • Hello! I'm checking in to wish everyone a great week #2. I think one of the best things about the BFL program is that it helps put things in perspective....

    Last week was really rocky for me -- I encountered substantial work stress that snowballed until I was completely plowed under by the end of the week. What got me through? Trying to eat correctly was a reminder that I need to nourish and nurture myself, rather than beat myself up. I didn't feel much like working out, but I did it -- I literally went through the motions. Again, it was something I was doing to help myself, no matter what kind of day I had at the office. I got the workouts in, a little out of order, but that seemed OK. I rested over the weekend and collected my thoughts. On Sunday night, to start off week #2, I decided I would email myself the reminder below. It seems silly, but when I opened my own email this morning, it really helped. So I'm sharing with my online May 6 Team.... hang in there, everyone!

    This week, week #2, I want to watch out for negative thoughts & try to step aside and let them pass me by. Things I can do that may help:

    - Start every day with a positive intention. (Today I will watch out for negative thoughts and step aside...)

    - Go to lunch every day – sit in the cafeteria and read a few pages of my book.

    - Leave work at a reasonable hour every day. Walk the dogs while it’s still light out.

    - Aim for 6 meals each day and do the workouts in order this week.

    - Go online every day and check in with the May 6 Team.

    - Write a journal entry every day.

    - Get to yoga a couple times, at least, to detoxify and de-stress.

    - Keep any personal appointments -- don't cancel. Leave work early to get there on time.

  • Hi everyone,

    It's on day 9. I am quite puzzled when the miracle will be happened to me. I gained 2.5lbs since day 1. My appetite seems getting better and better due to the exercise. My sleeping is getting deeper. Is there anyone like me sharing the similar experiences?

  • I have had really bad luck with kettlebells and I am a stickler for good form - have my lower back always hurts badly during the couple of times using them with my trainer (who loves them). i stick to regular weights and medicine balls now.

  • Welcome ncpgibson! I set the alarm on my phone to go off every 2.5 hours to warn me it is time to eat soon. Because I cannot always eat immediately it helps to have an "early warning ' system. Morning workouts are key for me. I just finished my cardio - went for a run.

  • SharonF, the alarm is a great idea....I may try that!  I did my upper body this morning and I really am enjoying getting it done early.  This also seems to help me stay on track for the rest of the day.

    Little Elephant, although I admit to not having "finished" a full challenge, I have read on this site for along a time and read the books multiple times.  Everyone says NOT to weigh yourself.  I'm planning on only weighing at the beginning, 4 week mark, 8 week and end.  As I understand it, patience is key here and that has been my problem in my past attempts.  I'm telling myself not to expect to see anything until 8 weeks.  Working up to those 8 weeks and staying with it is my personal challenge.   The way I look at it is, even if I don't lose any weight at all (which I KNOW won't happen), I will be much stronger and healthier!

  • Little Elephant,  yes I've had that experience.  ncpgibson is absolutely correct about not weighing yourself.  If you are working out with weights you are going to be building muscle which will weigh more.  Use your clothes fitting better as a guide to making progress.  One time I weighed myself and didn't see the results I expected and went into a negative mindset.  I didn't workout for a week and ate like a pig.  Put the scale away for a few weeks.

  • Love the idea of a timer SharonF.  I'm going to start using it immediately because I have the same problem.  Time gets away from me and before you know it my eating plan is all screwed up.

  • Excellent suggestions.  I've never done yoga...what does it do for you?

  • Vincent91 - I try to go to yoga  few times a week - here's what it does for me:

    Stretching & Flexibility - helps when lifting weights so my muscles are warmed up

    Core strength - imagine holding a push up in the upper position and then the lower position - there are many types of yoga that work on core strength - and even those that do not - the movements in yoga called asanas really test out your core strength - again - helping re-enforce muscles for activities in your life or at the gym

    lastly - yoga allows one hr a few times a week to take my mind off things - it's a mental exercise where you're concentrating on your breath and letting any thoughts/worries try not to enter your mind. it's also an exercise in not caring what anyone else around you is doing or thinking.

  • Can everyone share food schedules? Little El' I find that it all comes down to eating and your food schedule - can you share last week's schedule with us too?