Starting on May 6th. Anyone interested???

  • Had a great start.  Worked out in morning, which is something I rarely do.  Earring according to plan.  I'll report back on the whole day tonight.

  • Vincent.....good to see you checking in. I'm eating on plan but still gotta get ubwo done.  I will be accountable for this today. Will check in later.


  • Upper body workout dunzo! 3 body for life meals! So far so good!

  • OK!  I counted 21 starters for May 6th.... Make me 22!  I read all the posts & learned a little from each. This is my 3rd challenge, but I've never gotten all the way through....  Started May 5th last year and went from 205 to 186 - can't remember why I stopped.  Started again on October 15th at 197 and got down to 180!  Really excited then I discovered I had a hernia (I don't think it was related to BFL).  Anyway, after surgery I'm back up to 197 and I HATE IT......  One thing I learned - or read here - is that it's not what you do all of the time, it's what you do most of the time.  I allow myself a treat every now and then and I really look forward to it (I'll share what they are later - don't want to sabotage anyone's plan)!  But I'm 55 and I do NOT want to look like I look and feel like I feel for the rest of my life.....  A lot of stuff has helped me along the way - I hope y'all don't mind if I share some of it as time goes on....  OK - one bad day, or even 2, does NOT MEAN QUIT !!!  You are all here for a reason - BFL didn't post here, you did - so let's go!  

  • Hello!  I'm wanting to join your group!  First time to post... joined online today and started today.  I've done BFL twice (using the book) in the past and never made it through the whole 12 weeks.  Other priorities tend to creep in and the diet falls to the wayside.  I did see great results when I did do it, though!  One thing I never had was group support and that's why I'm here. Hoping to make it to 12 this time!

  • DMT1997....  You sound like a fairly young widow... I was widowed when I was 39.  Come a long way since then, but I can tell you this program WILL HELP.  Work it hard - just the step by step stuff, the procedures I believe will help you immensely.  If you have not already, join a gym (one where they have a women's only workout spot), and go to some support groups (there are ones specifically for widowed people)..... There's a lot of stuff inside you that wants to come out - you gotta let it out.  Can't stuff it..  Let's keep up - sounds like a lot of support here!!  Do NOT give up!!!  One or two bad days is NOT a good enough excuse to quit.......

  • My plan for this week is to do HIIT (free-form step aerobics) Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with core workouts this evening, Wednesday and Friday. Sunday is my usual free day. I don't do the "official" upper and lower body workouts since they tend to cause me to gain lean mass, and I need to lose as much weight as possible to take the strain off my weak knees and ankles.

    By necessity, meal-wise I tend to "plan-as-I-go" rather than plan ahead. I live in PA but work near D.C., so I usually pack 4-5 days of leftovers to take down for my meals, and often don't know exactly what they'll be until Sunday afternoon or sometimes even Monday morning. I haven't tried to get my wife to work with me too much on meals since (1) she's not really convinced it wouldn't be a waste of time since she's seen me fail and/or backslide on so many fitness programs, and (2) she and the kids flourish on a diet that doesn't fit BFL guidelines - a more classical high-complex-carb diet. Of course, they're mostly built like beanpoles; I'm the only lard-tub.

    I have a spreadsheet pre-loaded with a bunch of the things I usually eat and that my wife normally sends down, and then I enter my tentative meals for a day and try adjustments with higher-protein supplemental stuff until I get my final calories and protein-carb-fat proportions into an acceptable range (we eat so many hashes, stews and casseroles that palm-fist isn't useable).

  • Hi Everyone,

    I completed my upper body workout this morning.  Eating on track and did more food prep tonight. I'm 6'1" 225 lbs 27% body fat.  My goal is to work down to 205 lbs, while increasing muscle and reducing body fat.  

    Welcome and good luck chippers and captainmomster.


  • Got my upper body workout done tonight!  Ate great today.  For me, it's all about the sheets.  Have to write it down and be accountable.

    Also my 12-year-old said she felt weird today having cubed grilled chicken and a cut up orange at snack time.  Maybe I'm too excited?

  • I'm more of a late work-out kinda guy - I worked out tonight and just got home - I did lower body and than swam for 20mins. What does everyone do the ab workout? how do you effectively do intensity training on your abs? I'd love some recommendations. Today went well eating wise - I tried to eat slowly - I eat a lot when I"m bored so I tried to have carrots in front of me and just munch on them slowly when I felt like eating - I only had 4 glasses of water - it actually feels like a lot of water - but I'll try again tomorrow to drink more water. breakfast - egg-white omelet with spinach & bell peppers, hot sauce a dash of parm. cheese, a shake for a snack for lunch I had a bowl with 1/2 chicken breast, some bbq'q bell peppers, 1/2 a fist of brown rice, and tomato and avocado salad with olive oil and vinegar - all very small portions fit inside a medium bowl half way to the top, another shake for a snack in between - I hit the gym around 10pm - lower body workout then swam 20mins and now I"m home about to have a shake - then I have to work an hr more and I'll head to bed - good day overall.

  • I am in started yesterday my second go around soon to be 47 but the good life has added 30 lbs that i need to get rid of

  • _stephan_, for abs, today I did P90X ab ripper.  It's crazy hard. But since a lot of people don't have it, I had a program when I was in my 20's (49 now), that I haven't  seen since.  The premise was that you can do leg lifts, or crunches, or whatever, but only take a 10 second break before sets.  That's a fast break!  And before you know it your abs will be screaming.  But when you switch to another ab exercise, like from leg lifts to crunches, it gives them a little break.  Do about 3 sets of 3 different exercises, and abs are done within 10 minutes.

    Also, I find that the water is the key to weight loss for me.  I drank 14 cups of it yesterday.

  • 2putBirdie: 14 glasses - how do you drink so much water? I heard that drinking at least 8 glasses of water is key to weight loss as well - maybe it's to replace the idea that you're hungry (not sure) - but I have a hard time drinking 2-4 glasses - I really have to think about it and force myself. So how do you do it? thanks for the ab exercise ideas...

  • Today's plan:

    Tuesday - Upper Body

    Tuesday Menu

    Early Morning Snack - EAS Advandage Shake

    Breakfast- Egg Whites w/ garlic and bell peppers with a 1/4 chicken chopped

    Lunch- Ramen noodles with meat (have to go to ramen place for work)

    Snack- EAS Advandage Shake

    Dinner - Chicken Grilled - brown rice with hot sauce,dice mangos and salsa

    Snack - celery with almond butter

    Oh and drink lots and lots of water!!

    Mentally - when I have the urge to snack - grab some carrots or drink some water.

    Keep my mind on my end goal!

  • I pretty much follow the exerecise plan (upper body M-W-F, and aerobics T-T-S.  I try to mix the aerobics up (run/walk, swim, cycle).  It seems to help - and it's easy to "hit the high's" in all of those activites.  I have a hard time with that as far as the resistance training goes.  I enjoy planning the meals. Makes it so much easier.  Else I'd be out getting a fast food lunch....

    One thing I do want to say to the folks who are new to this:  You can have success without being perfect.  Don't read some of our posts and get discouraged - read them and take a little something from each one.  I have to say there are a few things I do that are "off program" but they help keep me motivated - give me something to look forward too.  One of them is ONE Dove Dark Chocolate Promise - ONE - after lunch every day (to me it's worth every 2.6 grams of fat and every 42 calories!)  There are a couple more. But I have had success with the way I work the plan for ME.  You can have success with the way you work the plan for YOU.

    Sure hope to hear from some of you.  There were 22 when I signed on, and some joiners after that.  Hope you're all still around - let us know!