Starting on May 6th. Anyone interested???

  • I'm officially starting on the 6th - but I've been trying out the workouts again and cooking fairly healthy- what are some various things you guys have done to prepare for Monday? What do you have in your fridge? Any favorites you've prepared? Workouts are pretty straight forward once you get the intensity training down - it's just finding the right exercises you like. It's all about preparation though, so if you have suggestions I'd love to hear them - my favorite are the turkey meatloaf muffins - I'll normally make that with a small salad or roasted veggies - just a handful though - as my main focus will be on portion control. for snacks I have the EAS AdvantEDGE drinks a few EAS bars and soups - even though it's getting hotter I'm going to have various soups in my fridge ready to go e.g. and - I might try to see if I can find some good chilled soups too - - I also have been practicing something pretty fundamental - but I always had issues with - eating slowly - I eat sometimes like I'm in prison (for the record I've never been to prison) - but I"m trying to count how many times I chew my food (trying for a count of 30).

    anyways through our any food you guys prepare - as I'd be interested what works and what everyone's routine is eating going to make some good mixes for my workout - I'm adding "The M's" right now - workouts have to have good tunes! =]

  • I'm a total newbie, but May 6th is my start day - nervous and excited!

  • hello!

    I'm from NZ and absolutely interested in starting on the 6th....which is tomorrow!!!! yay!!! I am a gym rat from the past.....but the last few years of study, work , four children (including twins) and many bad eating habits (what happens is I miss a meal when I get busy and then overeat later motablism is a mess) have seen me turn into a Bubble/jelly bean shape....eeeek!.... I have been planning for many weeks now...but I just didn't have a date to start. I thought I would wait a few weeks because I had only just started at the gym. But hey what the heck!..... So yes I am more then interested...I will start on the 6th!!!


  • Nicolelovesgod, welcome aboard.  It can be scary, but don't worry.  Take one step at a time.  You'll be amazed at how much you will learn as you keep at it.  Ask questions on this forum and we'll all be here to help.  Do you have your workouts planned out and scheduled? Do you have your meals planned out?  Tomorrows the first day.  Let us know how you do.

  • Stephan, you are absolutely right about eating slowly.  I tried putting down my fork in between bites.  Only after focusing on how fast I was eating did I realize "how fast I was eating".  I found it does help to slow your eating down.  You don't eat as much because you get full faster.  Sounds like you've done a good job preparing.  Glad you are joining us.

  • I'm sorry that you are coping with the loss of your husband.  Why do you think you've failed at BFL in the past?  Probably good to prepare for the same overcome them this time.  You can do it.  If you do have a bad BFL day, just remember you can get back on track right away.  When I mess up, and I do, I find that getting in a good workout puts me right back on track.  Glad you'll be joining us DMT1997.

  • OK Team, here we go.  Need to get your starting point.  Take your picture.  Weigh yourself.  Get your body fat measurements if you are so inclined.  At a minimum, write out your first day's workout and meal plan.  Then report back tomorrow through the forum on how ya did.  If you struggle with anything lets us all know and we'll help.  If you are new to BFL you are about to be amazed at how good you can feel.  For those of you who have been through this a few times this is your chance to give back by monitoring this forum string and offering help and hope.

    Our target date is July 28th.  On this date I plan to be at 238 lbs (12 lbs loss) with 4% loss is body fat.

  • Hi - I just signed up for my first challenge and I would really like to join all of you.  I know planning is necessary and I keep telling myself that I can't start until I plan it out first.  But, then I don't get the planning done so I don't start.  So now I'm starting and I'll work on the planning at the same time.

    I am just digging myself out of the worst 3 years of my life.  I am rebuilding my life, at the age of 50, and I'm hoping this challenge will help me start doing that.  

  • Welcome.  Glad you are starting with us.  

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm in!  I did the program about 12 years ago, and went from 202 to 182 while getting ripped.  So looking forward to similar results!

    Starting at 207.5 this time :-( which is where my body seems to naturally want to settle.  My goal is 185 of leanness. :-)

    Glad to have this group starting on the same day.

    Today I barbecued some chicken breasts and diced it up.  That will be my lunches for the next couple of days.  And fruits the size of my fist at each meal.  I usually also have Myoplex for breakfast and afternoon snack.  Been having them for breakfast for years.  I also steamed a couple of pounds of brussels sprouts to mix in for my veggies.  I like to have lots of easy meals prepared.

    Also, I travel a bunch.  Will have to be extra vigilant on those days.  I find its easy to make good food choices, but spacing meals gets difficult, and getting enough water can be challenging.  But at least most hotels have a decent workout room, and I like the variety that affords.

    Also, I have some Jungle Gym XT straps hanging in my basement gym (like TRX), so I plan to use these a lot this time.  I really like the workout they give.  Last time it was a public gym, mostly.

    Oh, and I'm 49 - male.

    Looking forward to getting started!

  • Joining in.  Finished as BFL top 100 women in 2003. Finished half marathon yesterday.  Ready to get back into BFL and build some muscle and lose some fat. Need some accountability. Will post goals later. Good to be back with BFL!!!

  • Success is all about being prepared and tracking progress - I don't' want to wake up tomorrow and have any doubt what I'm supposed to do or what I'm going to eat - so here is my plan for tomorrow (workout for the week)


    Monday - Lower Body

    Tuesday - Upper Body

    Wednesday - Cardio

    Thursday - Lower Body

    Friday - Upper Body

    Saturday - Cardio

    Sunday - Cardio


    Monday Menu

    Breakfast- Egg Whites w/ spinach and bell peppers

    Snack - EAS Advandage Shake

    Lunch- 1/2 breast of chicken, avocado, tomato with olive oil and vinegar

    Snack- EAS Advandage Shake

    Dinner - butternut squash soup from trader joes

    Snack - celery and apple slices with almond butter

    Mental Plan:

    Took photos of myself - my goal: lose 15 pounds go from 195-180

    lose fat around belly (the tire) and have a more lean chest/stomach area, when I lost 15 pounds 2 years ago

    I loved the way I look.

    Along the way if I make any mistakes or miss a day, I have to remind myself it's OK. I'll just pick up where I left off.

    Things I have to remember: Try for 30 chews per bite, drink water all day long (keep a bottom of water next to me at all times (I like to have lemon or lemon juice in it), try to keep it low on the carbs (bread is my weakness)

    portions, portions portions, the way I know I'll see a big difference is all in the eating part of this plan = small portions (fist size)

  • Food preparation has been great. In my refrigrator there are mixed food such as proteins, vegetables and fruits. I am not a big fan of meat. I will take protein powder.

  • Day 1

    M1-pro-oatmeal with steel cut oats

    M2-Greek yogurt

    M3-talipia, salad w/ olive oil and balsamic

    M4-Greek yogurt

    M5-egg white omelet w/ veggie and ff cheese

    M6-cot cheese choc mousse


    Water- 2.5 l

    Can't wait to see how we all are gonna rock BFL (again in some cases).  It so works if you get that mindset going.


  • Stephan- love your detailed plan of attack!

    Lil Ele- glad u got your foods ready. What's your plan for today?