Starting 04/15/2013

  • Where is everyone? Must be a busy week!

    I currently have a super painful cracked heel. Any suggestions for creams/lotions/etc that can help for a quick recovery? I think it will be hard to do cardio unless it is feeling better.

  • Sorry Alli, I don't have any remedies for your heal.  Another upper body workout completed.  Is anyone else finding it hard to do 12 reps at a "10"?  I'm not truely sure if I'm doing this whole thing right, but its better than doing nothing at all.  

    Hopefully I'll remember to post my pictures on Fri.

    Take care,


  • Hi Melissa.  I started the challenge today.  I am a 33 year old full time working mother and wife.  I have wanted to do the body for life challenge for a very long time but was always scarred of failure and I could not find time to exercise.  I have been exercising now consistently for 5 weeks.  I have not had any difference in my weight (172 Pounds) but I do have a lot more energy.  I would like to get down to around 150 by the end of the challenge.  Good luck in the challenge.  I hope you dont mind me joining with you even though I am starting late.  

  • That is a great Motto!  I have been on a roller coaster with my diet for so long.  It is time to stop

  • Welcome Faith!!!!  The more the merrier.  I've done BFL before, but I did it half ass (at best) and never lasted over 4 weeks.  I'm determined to get there this year also.  I'm hoping to drop about 20lbs by the end of this challenge.

    Take care,


  • Hello everyone :) We're mid-way through week 2!

    Alli- Sorry to hear about your heel... I don't have any good ideas for how to heal it faster, but maybe doing your cardio on a stationary bike would keep the pressure off of it?? Feel better!

    Faith- Welcome to our group!

    Yesterday's cardio was a hilly bike trail, which was a nice change of pace. Today I have to do lower body weight training.

    Eating is going well this week. My mom and I baked cookies on Sunday and I'm super proud of myself for not having any this week... trust me, for me this is a huge deal :)

    Today's nutrition so far:

    4 egg whites + zucchini + 1/3 cup oatmeal, cinnamon, blueberries (I couldn't eat all of that oatmeal)

    Protein pudding

    Turkey sandwich on one slice of bread, cabbage salad, half orange

    And the rest of the day should beeee:

    grilled chicken + salad + the rest of my oatmeal if it's not gross by now

    then turkey + veggies.

    If I make it to a 6th meal, it'll probably just be a spoonful of peanut butter, because I'm lazy ;)

    That's all. I want to weigh myself at the gym today and see if I'm making progress. I'd love to be losing 1 lb per week, but that's ideal, after all of those cookies on Sunday ;) But maybe I'll wait until Friday.... trying not to obsess (it's so hard!)


  • Jess don't worry about that damn scale.  Last Friday I and Sat I was down 6lbs, but Sun morning it went back up!!!!  Sat wasn't even a free day!!!  Water weight loss at its best!  As of this morning I'm only 4lbs down from where I started on April 15.  Oh well I'm (WE'RE) not giving into the scale.  

    This morning I did my 20min of HIIT followed by 10 min in the sauna.  Is it bad that I really look forward to my sauna time?  I think next week I'm going to up my mph's to:

    3.5 mph level 5

    5.0 mph level 6

    5.5 mph level 7

    6.0 mph level 8

    6.5 mph level 9

    7.5 mph - level 10 (hopefully I don't go flyng off the back of the treadmill!

    My meals for today are:

    protein shake

    yogurt/cottage cheese combo (if I have time)

    burger on a whole wheat sandwich thin, raw veggies, ranch dip


    taco pasta thing for Eating for life.

    I also already drink 4 cups of water today.

    Now it's shower time.

    Have a good day everyone.


  • I might be missing my work out today. First one to miss. Our baby didn't want to go to sleep until 11:45 and then woke up crying from 2:00-2:30. Now she won't take a nap. All completely out of character for her. Anyways, I'm one tired momma.

    The gym I go to doesn't provide childcare so my mom usually watches her while I go work out. But she is pretty busy today. I could go this evening when my husband gets home. I'm rambling. I'm tired.

    have a good friday yall

  • Well I weighed in today- only lost 0.6 lbs this week.  But I guess I should expect that since I lost 3.5 sat week.   I didn't work out as much as I should have either.  Tomm is my free day- but I'm not gonna be quite as free as last week :-)

  • Hello everyone!   How's BFL going out there?

    I was going to wait to have my free day until Wednesday this week, but starting today, the next 7 days are basically non-stop vacation (outside of work hours, of course) and this evening I found myself in a town in Florida called "Venice" and couldn't resist having pizza and some ice cream. So Sundays remain free :)

    I'm a bit worried about working out here. I'm in a hotel and there are no weights anywhere. I guess I'll try to get things done with body weight exercises this week.

    Otherwise all is well. I've had a couple of bites of random foods this week - nothing sugary, but a french fry or two, which deserves a "tsk-tsk." In general I've gotten really used to this way of eating and enjoy it.

    Feeling great, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some physical results, too.  Hope you guys are all doing well, too.

    Week 3, here we come ;)


  • Hello everyone...  well I had a shocker of a week.... had a couple of good workouts, but being away for 4 days with the family was a real struggle to get any time to myself.   I also had one very big night out which made me suffer the next day.  Why you ask?  Well I just needed to let my hair down.... and boy did I.  Of course this challenges my commitment to the program-   but I can firmly say that it makes me more committed than ever.  Every once in a while you need a reminder of why choosing to be healthy 100% is not such a bad thing.  Do I need to give up drinking all together?  Well it certainly is a consideration that I am thinking about.

    So today my nutrition has been good... no workout yet but certainly planning on it.  I have a bit of a post- baby issue which is leaving me in quite a bit of pain and does prevent hard workouts which really does not help.

    I will get there!  Let's keep it going team- thanks for all the chatter..... it all helps- it's ok to fall off, as long as you get back on!

  • by the way, thanks for posting your pics.... although the voice in my head says you have nothing to worry about-  Beautiful body.... I know you just want to get that FANTASTIC BODY.... so go for it!

  • Looks like you are doing really good.  So far I have only been able to go up to 5.4 on the treadmill as level 10.  I am taking it slow because I have a bakers cyst behind my knee and when I do too much it swells up.  I did not do as well as i hoped with eating but I did I got all my workouts in.  I am getting better this week with nutrition.  I had an egg white on an english muffin this morning, beef jerky and protein shake for a snack and for lunch i have salmon, brown rice and broccoli.  Have you had the taco pasta thing yet?  It looks really good!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am new to the forum but started on April 15th so would love to join your group.  I am a 46 year old mom, accountant and business consultant.  I have tried pretty much every diet over the course of the last 20 years.  I usually have good results, stick to it then once I am done, I go back to the old habits.  I am super excited about increasing my muscles so that they can eat some fat while I sit on my butt working all day.  I have been doing really well with the exercise and food, and have lost 5 pounds and 1.75 inches so far.  I should be super excited about that, but I tend to be one of those millions of people who want instant results.  I will have to retrain my brain to think in terms of the long haul.

    I have been struggling with getting all 6 meals in, I find that I am not hungry every 2-3 hours.  I will manage to do it today, but it is a challenge.

    I took pictures on my start day so I will have to load them, that will be tough!!  I am 5.6" and currently weigh 150, but most of it seems to be flab (that is what my picture shows)  My goal is to lose 15-20 lbs but more importantly to lose at least two sizes in clothing.  I want a waist!!!



  • How is everyone doing?  I do my free day on Saturday so am really looking forward to tomorrow!!  I love chocolate so being allowed one day where I can eat it is a saving grace.  I don't think I could do this for 12 weeks without that free day!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.