Starting 04/15/2013

  • Alli I'm with you on the hunger part.  It hit me like a ton of bricks around 1pm.  The  crazy thing is I ate more today between 6am and 10 am than normal and I was even hungrier.

    Woo Hoo Maritza!!!!  Congrats on getting to the gym even though you didn't feel like it.  That's one of the hardest things to do.

    Busymom I normally do the shakes when I'm on the today.  Although I guess that won't work in the airport.  I don't normally eat the bars because I haven't found one I could stomach.  Although GNC makes a protein pudding.  It comes in little can's and it's not too bad.  

    I had a nice calm day at work today and got more meals and water in.  Tomorrow I need to start trying to remember to take my vitamins.

    I just made chicken fried rice for lunch tomorrow and if I stay down here any longer I'll start to eat it now.  It smells SO GOOD!!!!!

    Well I'm off to bed now.  Its cardio tomorrow.

    Take care,


  • Helloooo

    I'm pretty sure I have the flu and because of that I can't say that today was a great day nutritionally I didn't really feel like eating solid food all day until dinner, so I had greek yogurt, oatmeal, protein pudding. The greek yogurt definitely had a lot of sugar in it, which I didn't even think about until I finished it. Dinner was ok, could've been better. Probably should be drinking more water, too.  And my leg workout definitely didn't happen. Bad timing :/

    Enough with the negativity!  :) I'll get better soon and meanwhile I'll try to eat like a normal human.

    I still can't post photos :( I'm bumming. I tried it on my profile, too. Every time I select a file and try to insert it, it says "please select file" - which is crazy! :D

    Busymom: weights will definitely help you in this program.  The more muscle you have, the more energy (calories) your body burns every day (and night, while you sleep).  My advice is just start out with light weights so you don't get too sore and discouraged.  

    You never know, maybe once you get used to lifting, you'll find a sense of accomplishment in getting stronger.  

    What I'm about to recommend may seem strange, because I know you don't want to look all muscle-y, but there are really great tutorial videos on ...  Scroll down to "exercises by body part." You'd have to lift really heavy weights to look like some of these women - so don't be concerned that suddenly you'll look really different :)  Good luck with it - let me know if you decide to try it out :)

  • Here they are in all their glory..... at my very lightest I was 160 lbs.... My goal would be to be 175 lbs.  I am 6ft tall.  I am currently 206 lbs.... now how long can I blame my baby????

  • Thank you Alli for inspiring me to be brave enough to do this.... I now HAVE to succeed.

  • That's the spirit, Amy !(P.S. how did you upload those - the "upload from computer" thing isn't working for me)

    Felt a bit better today and could handle some solid foods so eating went well today, although I probably waited too long to have my first meal. Wonder if there's a problem with that...

    I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll feel good enough to get back in the gym for a lower body / cardio workout :)


  • Woo Hoo!  I did a weigh in today and I was at 193.7lbs.  Not bad for the 1st week.  Although I know it's just water weight I'll still take it.  This is actually the lowest I weighed since before I got pregnant in 2004.  I'm VERY excited.  I took pictures yesterday, I just need a chance to put them up.

    Yesterday wasn't good food wise at all.  I ate a shake at 1pm after a 10 mile bike ride and a 3.5 mile run.  Then a bit later I ate 2 deviled eggs.  I ended the night off with a piece of YUMMY banana creme pie and pretzels.  But I had at least 18 cups of water.

    Here's hoping to a better day.

    Take care,


  • I weighed in yesterday- lost 3.5 lbs!   For the past three months I've been averaging a weight loss of  .5 to 1lb a week.  Proof  that this eating plan makes a difference.  Today is my free day and I'm taking advantage :-)

  • Hi there Jess, I used Allis suggestion and just chose use rich formatting... it is a bit weird, you have to wait for a couple of minutes it to happen.... but outside of that I wouldn't know.  Good luck

  • Had a great week of nutrition and fitting in some good workouts.  I did take advantage of a free meal and a few wines last night, but outside of that I have been spot on.  Im also suffering that lovely time of month which makes you feel yuk and bloated.... but have completed my first week with vigour..... upper body tomorrow!

    Always challenging with my little one.... he loves sitting on me when I do sit-ups lol

  • Hey everyone! How did everyone's weekend go? Today was free day and I had some fried chicken strips mmm mm good!

    Ready to get back at it in the gym tomorrow!!


  • Just curious.  How often are you weighing yourself?  My free day caused me to gain a lb back that I lost- so I must have over indulged.  But also thinking if I stuck to weighing once a week- I may have seen that lb on the scale.

  • So here we go - starting photos.

    Thanks for the uploading tip, Amy - I was just assuming the upload would be instant.  Patience is a virtue, I guess. (Also, I loved the fact that your little one sits on you during your workouts - that'll make you strong in no time! :p )

    Umm. the weekend was interesting. I started feeling really sick again on Saturday.  On Sunday I was considering just having a cheat meal, but it sort of ended up as a 2/3 cheat day :D  breakfast and one snack were in the plan and then later on I got ahold of cookie dough/cookies. Oops! (They were delicious - it was worth it) Anyway, I'm not 100% back to normal health yet, but I am 100% back on the eating plan and rather enjoying it.  I feel good knowing I can get through full days without reaching for processed sweets. Because I've tried other nutrition plans (usually lower car) and I could barely make it 2 full days without a full freak-out.  And my energy levels have evened out, which is great. There's still a post-lunch time when all I want is a nap, but it's not so intense now. Feeling more balanced :)

    MelJo - nice work! congrats on the 193.7!

    Busymom - in response to your question, i'm trying not to weigh myself more than once a week, because I know my weight fluctuates daily and it actually upsets to see that - because for me there seems to be no rhyme or reason. 

    At the end of week one I was down a pound, but I'm not sure if that was just my lucky day or the illness or water weight or just nothing :D  Feeling positive overall, although I'd like to recover from whatever is causing my nose to run constantly!!!!

    Two concerns: 1) i'm going to be living in a hotel for a week (next week). not sure how to prepare for this when i don't have a kitchen and fridge & stuff.  2) I don't work out in the morning before eating, as recommended. Any thoughts, ladies?


    P.S. I've recently discovered that I strongly dislike raw parsnips! 

    P.P.S. Sorry my posts always turn out to be half-novels.

  • wooooah those are some massive photos - my apologies :D

  • Hey guys

    I'm checking in from the sauna after my HIIT.  Ugh....yesterday I was so HUNGRY.  Unfortunately I gave into it last with some Banana creme pie!  I didn't eat breakfast yesterday.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  Well I have to get home, so I'll check in later.

    Take care,