Starting 04/15/2013

  • I am starting too. I am active duty military, step mother and mother to 3 children. I go to school as well. Busy busy. I gained 50lbs with my daughter, who is now 2, and haven't lost much of it. I have hypothyroidism as well so I am going to see how my body reacts to this work out. MelJo you have to eat breakfast, drink a shake they are portable and very easy!! Good luck everyone...

  • I was thinking about the before pics as well.... oooh should we be game and do it- where and how do we do that?

  • Thanks for the tips on the weights.  I do have the book to reference.  I only got about 15 mins of weights in tonight- 6 mos old baby wasn't cooperating. But I figure its more than I've gotten in the past. .  I did get plenty of cardio- got my 10,000 steps in.  i have a fitbit and walking club at work that im committed to.  Im thinking I'm gonna do my own thing when it comes to exercise and try to incorporate as much strength training as I can.   My goal is to lose weight.  I don't care much about having a muscular body!   I hope by following the diet and exercising- the lbs will fall off!!  

    It will be interesting to see what the scale says!

    Was successful in eating today- got a bit of a headache tonight.   One tip- don't buy the EAS Lean 15 bars -Yuck!  Unless you were a kid that enjoyed eating chalk :-)

  • We can do it here! Just click "Use Rich Formatting"

    And there is a picture of a tree with a green plus sign click that. And you can load it from your computer!

    Here are my before pics!

  • Hey guys!  Sorry I've been so absent today.  I just got home from work.  That's right today I was there from 7:30am to 10:00pm.  Luckily its not normally this bad.  Needless to say my trouble was getting my water (only 5 cups today) and eating my meals (I didn't eat lunch until 6pm).  BUT I did get my workout in this morning and I had got in 4 meals.  Thank God I had a protein shake there to hold me over at 3pm.  

    With days like today it's hard to say no to a glass of wine.  Luckily it's 10:30, I have to get up at 4:30am for my cardio and I'm exhausted!

    Well I'm off to bed now.  Take care

    PS:  I'll try to take some pics and post them in a couple of days.


  • OK it's me again.  Cardio is complete!  

    2 min walking @ 3.5 mph. Level 5

    1 min @ 4.5 mph Level 6

    1 min @ 5.0 mph Level 7

    1 min @ 5.5 mph Level 8

    1 min @ 6.0 mph Level 9

    Repeat 3x's

    1 min @ 6.5 mph level 10

    1 min @ 3.5 mph level 5

    Also got in 4 cups of water.

    Now I'm sitting in the sauna to write this, then it's home for breakfast and a shower so I can ready for work.  I'll try to check in soon.  

    Have a good day,


  • Hello everyone!

    Just checking in on day 2 :)  

    Yesterday I had a major energy crash right about now (2:30 pm) because of the lack of added sugar. Today I'm actually NOT half-asleep, so I view that as a good sign. Drinking enough water is a bit harder today though!

    Diet has been in check so far and I'll end up doing the cardio sometime this afternoon.

    So far:

    Egg whites + spinach + toast + peanut butter

    Shake made with almond milk

    Turkey, veggies and whole wheat pasta

    And tonight maybe i'll try the protein pudding. Sounds weird and interesting.  Also cottage cheese and chili to round out the rest of the day!

    I just tried to upload photos and my computer isn't having it so I'll try again later.  I did take them though.

    LOL @Busymom. I didn't enjoy chalk as a child and I'm not willing to try now either - thanks for the warning!

    How's everyone else doing out there?


  • Jess your breakfast looks yummy!

    I'm happy to say that its 6:48 and I'm home enjoying my pasta with turkey meat sauce ,  cabbage (And a glass of champagne...I've had a rough week already).  It was crazy today, so my meals and water will be off, but it's a work in progress.  This morning after the gym I had my ham and cheese egg casserole (6:15am), then I didn't have anything else until 1:30pm...Buffalo  chicken sandwich w/only 1 carrot stick.  I'm probably not going to get my water in either.  So far I've only had 6 cups.  I'm not going force to much more in because I don't feel like getting up a million times during the night.  

    Now I'm going to get my lower body workout ready for tomorrow and strive for a better eating day than today.

    Take care,


  • I'm happy with my start on the program. It does take a few workouts to get your understanding of where you need to be on each of the sets of 12, 10, 8, 6, 12, 12. I am determined to not be discouraged. The last time I did this, there were many women who lost weight within the first couple weeks and then there were others, like me, who didn't see much of anything for a LONG time. I just decided to make a commitment to the 12 weeks... good, bad or ugly. So far, it's good. I had a great HIIT workout at the Y today and I look forward to getting legs done tomorrow.

    I'll post my newer "before" pics as soon as I'm able to take some. Hopefully tomorrow night. They are going to look at least as bad as the last set of before pics which are still posted in my profile- if you click on my name you can see them. Just saying so that some of the rest of you might post yours as well... I can tell you this... being able to see the pictures over time is really nice, so everyone should take pictures and take your measurements with a tape measure even if you don't want to post them. I stumbled on some websites/blogs that might be of interest. I didn't get to spend much time on them today. (I haven't looked at this one yet) (I haven't looked at this one yet)

    I spent most of my time on Looks like she has good recipes out there. Oh, one more thing. I have a spreadsheet from my first time doing this and I dont know where I got it from but I print the sheet each day (there is a tab on teh spreadsheet for each day.... 84 days/tabs total) and use it for my workout. I'll attach that tomorrow when I'm on my work PC.

    Good Luck!! Talk tomorrow!! Leg Day!

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • Legs are DONE, 2 cups of water and my 1st meal  are in my belly.  I'm also still working on hitting my "10's", but they say it can at least 2 weeks to work out what weights you should use.  Robyn I take the workout sheets with me to the gym also.  I get it set the night before with and "idea" of what exercise I would like to do the next day that way the majority of the guess work is done.  Plus the notes I put on there will help me tweak the weights (if necessary) for the next time I workout.

    Well I'm off to the shower.  

    Hopefully everyone has a great day


  • Good Afternoon everyone!

    Did legs this morning. I have a feeling it is going to hurt to get out of bed in the morning. I'm feeling it already!

    Eating is going pretty well today. Feeling extra hungry though. :(

    Also, I am just so anxious for the change. Have to keep reminding myself that it took time to put the weight on and it is going to take time to get it off. Can we not just fast forward to WEEK 12????


  • Alli, I bow to you for being the first to post your photos - you ROCK!

    I am in major pain from the workouts, seriously my whole body hurts... I did not want to go to the gym this morning but knowing I promised y'all made me do it - Thank You All!

    I'm not being great about planning meals, I can't tell you how many cans of tuna and veggies I've eaten - definitely need to be better at planning around work. I did go to GNC and got some protein shake mix and vitamins - I like the myoplex chocolate shakes a lot more though!

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting <== this quote also kept me going!!

  • Hello All!

    So to add a little more this challenge- Im traveling for the next two days for work.  Would love to hear any recommendations any one has for meal bars and shakes.  I do like Myoplex Lite shakes but cant stand the EAS Lean Bars.  I didnt plan my trip well so I ended up searching the airport for a bar I could eat but couldnt find any with the right balance of carbs and protein- so I settled for Greek Yogurt.  Also would love to hear about protein powders that folks like.

    Have to say im doing really good with eating but sucking on the weight lifting part.  Do you think you can lose weight on this diet if you follow the meal plans and do cardio?  Or shoudl I just suck it up and figure out a way to get the weights in???

  • Hopefully these spreadsheets post.

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • Hi I'm Diana I'm a New Zealander living in Perth. I'm 5'5 165 pounds. I watched the BFL DVDs on the weekend so have been getting organized to start this week but I keep procrastinating! I'm a stay at home Mum I have a 3 yr old boy and 15 month old daughter. I'm 32 have hyperthyroidism so I can eat heaps and not gain very much weight I've been taking advantage of it so I am unhealthy! This condition makes me exhausted then hyper. It also wastes the muscle so I have zero muscle tone which I goal is to get muscle tone to look like the girl off the DVDs the one in Hawaii with her husband..