Starting 04/15/2013

  • Good Morning ladies.  I have to make this short because it's 6:30am and I need to get ready for work.  I'm happy to say that my workout is complete and I've already had my 1st meal.  Hopefully the rest of the day goes just as smoothly.

    Busymom I think there are exercise examples listed on BFL someplace.  Also you can search for EAS Personal Fitness Guide.  It's a PDF that has most exercises listed with pictures.  FYI it's about 70 pages long.

    Robyn I hear you on not wanting to cook after work.  So yesterday I made an egg/ham & hashbrown thing for breakfasts this week,  whole wheat pasta with a ground turkey tomatoe sauce for dinner and buffalo chicken sandwhiches for lunch.  This way I have no excuse.  All I have to do is heat up a healthy meal.

    Good luck today everyone!


  • HI ladies...

    How great it is to hear all of these very busy women/ mothers taking on the challenge.

    I too am a full time working mother with an 11,8 and 15 months old.... so you guessed it -  all the flab from third child is still hanging around.  I am also living in Christchurch New Zealand which has suffered catastrophic earthquakes over the last 2 years which was the most challenging thing I have been through in my life.  over 12000 aftershocks later.... the drinking a few glasses of vino most nights shows on my body.

    I did BFLin 2002 after my first child and lost 27 pounds in the challenge and had amazing results.... also kept it off until well after I had my second child.  I know it can be done- it just takes will power, focus and absolute relentless motivation to hit your targets.

    Can I also suggest... the first time I did it in 1999..... I like a few others saw no change on the scales..... I was really packing on the muscle but not leaning down.  The difference between the first and second challenge is how I exercised ....   My 6 day workout consisted of 4 days of vigorous walking, lots uphill, yoga and one ... yes only one all over body lifting.  I had a base of muscle from previous sport so I did not need to lift as much.... For those who already have muscle mass.... think of implementing 2 sessions of yoga or hill walking for leaning down.... I am sure it will work.  

    Good luck everyone-  I too need help.... I just took my before photos.... and that is enough for me to never want to drink a glass of wine again!  holy s*^t!

    I struggle with my eating because I don't want to buy heaps of supplements.... I want to be able to do it with real food.

    I will report in soon!  take care everyone!  Amy from NZ

  • I'm nervous too! Ate well and my challenge will be going to the gym - I've been putting it off for weeks, because "I'm too fat to go to the gym..." How ridiculous is that?! I will do this today, though!

  • hello all

    so today is the day! I wasn't able to go to the store to get my food this weekend, I will go tonight. I will have to just go through cabinets and see what I can find to go along with this way of eating.

    I would really be interested in knowing what everyone is eating and maybe share some recipes. sometimes I feel like I get in a rut of eating the same things all the time.

    I like to see what others eat just so maybe I will get some ideas.

    so if you feel like it post your menus and any recipes you have found that you love.

    I do have to BFL cookbook, there are a few recipes I like in there, I just have made them so much.

    everyone take care today and remember we can do anything for 12 weeks!!!


  • Good Morning everyone! How is everyone feeling? I had my first breakfast this morning: whole grain toast and egg beaters with green onions and a sprinkle of reduced fat cheese.

    Heading to first work out after my baby wakes up from her nap.

    Busymom5- Do you own any of the BFL books? I'm not sure about any of them besides Champions: Body for Life, but it has pictures of how to do the weight lifting. I take it with me to the gym. Super super super easy to follow.

    Good luck everyone!


  • I am starting my journey today to become healthy and fit. I don't really like counting points/calories so this is the best

    way for me to go. I used to be a runner but as I gained weight I developed Plantar Fasciitis. So I am walking for now but will work my way up to running. I am also 5'4" with about 70 lbs to lose. I want to do this right so I don't have to keep doing this over and over again.  I know we can all keep each other motivated!

    Melissa- I like my glass of wine (or two) but I know its hindering me in losing weight. Lets try only having it 2 days a week! Its a start!!!

  • this is my new moto

    "if your sick of starting over, stop quitting."

    maybe that will help all of us that are doing this for a second or third time.

  • Tonya,

    THAT is a great motto! Can I borrow it or the next 12 weeks? Came back from the gym and although I was very self conscious - I did it!

    I'm going to do something else a little differently - I want to celebrate every win - every workout and every clean meal. I'm usually super-self-critical, so since that hasn't worked, I'm going to flip or at least the next 12 weeks - and I look forward to celebrating y'alls big and little wins, too

  • yes don't be over critical of yourself, you might get disappointed over a slip up and guilt yourself into giving up. celebrating every workout, every clean meal is a great idea. how do you intend to celebrate?

    I am going to the store tonight, I have my list made and my menu planned. I have planned so that I will make enough to feed my whole family, it will benefit all of us to eat clean plus I wont have crap in the house to temp me.

    "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

    I am a list maker anyway so as long as I have my menu right in front of me, I will know what I can fix and I wont be thrown of. I also plan to portion some things out and put into containers so that I have something ready in a pinch. especially if I am in a hurry to get out the door, I will have something ready to microwave and eat before I go, no fast food!! saving money and my body!!!!

  • @MelJo... Let us hear how all the food tastes. We'll need recipes for the good stuff!

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • @meagain38. Nice quote!! If you don't mind, I will add that as my tag line on my posts. You all can too by going into your profile and putting it in there. THough it does take a little time to figure this forum out. Scroll up to top of screen.. you'll see your name in bold kind of to the right. click on it, and that will take you into your profile.

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • Actually, instead of what I thought were ther right instructions above... instead you should click on Community - Forums then over to the right you should see Settings. Click on that, then scroll down to signature and put whatever you want to always show up as your signature.

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • I am wanting to post my before pics! Anybody else willing to? Will keep me motivated to work hard to change it.

    Had my first work out and I am so excited. I wish it was tomorrow so I could do cardio! I wish it was 6 weeks from now so I could see some results! I do love the quote too. I am SICK of starting over. I am SICK of being unconfident. I am SICK of my clothes not fitting. I AM SICK of my "front butt". I am SICK of not caring for my body! Today is the day it turns around !! is a GREAT website full of yummy delicious healthy recipes. She even lists the nutrition information. One of my favorites is the buffalo chicken wraps. YUM.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm Jess. I'm 26 and I'm here because I've recently started loving the gym and weightlifting, but although I'm getting stronger, I'm not looking much better. Over the last 8 years, my clothes have been getting tighter and I'm currently about 2 dress sizes larger than I'd really like to be. My goals are 1) to have looser-fitting clothes and 2) to wake up every morning and go "yeah!" when I'm getting dressed (instead of my current "ugh").

    A more concrete goal to lose 10 lbs of fat during the challenge. (I'm 5'8" and 150 lbs.)

    This place seemed to be the right source for getting my nutrition on track - which is my downfall. Not just for additional fat, but it's about time to start taking care of my overall health and well-being. Pretty sure my recent habits of eating packaged foods, fast food and just generally overeating isn't helping me. I have a reasonably great metabolism (thanks to genes and the gym) and I'm grateful for that, so I really see no reason for treating my body like this.

    I started today and eating has gone exactly as planned, with one exception. I added a half banana and almonds with a half shake, instead of a whole shake this afternoon. The afternoon is usually when I started to feel my dependence on sugar - I am just lacking energy altogether, but the banana definitely helped. - I hope this wasn't some dramatic mistake - I definitely didn't even think about grabbing the nearest candy or junk. I'm motivated! Hope this keeps up :) :) :) :)

    My day so far:

    woke up at 6, ate breakfast at 7 -- egg whites + spinach + salsa and a slice of toast with a small bit of natural peanut butter

    10--shake for snack

    1--turkey sandwich and vegetable salad with oil and vinegar for lunch

    2-ish--40 minute leisurely bike ride

    4--half shake, half banana and almonds for snack II

    Hitting the gym at 6! and I plan to have chili for dinner and cottage cheese for my last snack.

    I'm feeling pretty positive about this day. For me the most important thing is getting through this, finishing what I started and really taking the opportunity to change my habits. Because that's the only way I'll be able to keep the "ForLife" part of BFL :)

    Nice to see so many others out there who have started today - I look forward to sharing this experience with all of you :)

    Thanks for reading my novel-post.

    To everyone that's posted so far- I'm loving the motivation! Let's keep this going.

    And @AlliToddwantsaHOTBOD - I'd post some before pics for accountability, too.

    Off to go see what kind of gym moves to do - super excited about an upper body workout today!


  • Im so there with you with the wine.... I just love my glass while I am cooking-  maybe keep it to that....  and again cutting down to just a few days a week.