Starting 04/15/2013

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Melissa and I'll be starting BFL again on April 15th.  I'm a 38 y/o mom and wife that works full time.  So I'm at the gym by 5am :(  I hate it but a busy gal's gotta do what a busy gals gotta do!  The last time I did this I made it about 5 week in and had good loss inches wise, but the scale hardly moved.  Unfortunately I'm a numbers gal and I lost my motivation.

    I'm going to have trouble with the eating because right now I don't eat until 2pm even though I'm up at 4:30am.  I just get so busy I forget to eat. 

    I'm also going to struggle with the reduced time exercising.  I currently run between 4 and 5 miles 3x's a week plus I'm hoping to ride my bike at least once a week for 15 miles!  How crazy is it that I hardly eat and I workout a lot and I can't get break 195lbs....I'm only 5'4"!

    I had a book and journal, but I'll be dammed if I can find them before Monday, so I'm just going to try the library and wing it until I find my book.

    I have a total of 50lbs to lose, so I'm hoping to be here for at least two cycles.  I really want to see this through. 

    I look forward to getting to know you all.


  • That is the day I plan on starting also. I'm 24, wife, and mother to a 6 month old baby girl (who is still nursing).

    I am also 5'4 and I am weighing in at about 190. I have done BFL before with much success.

  • Congrats on the baby girl.  I haven't nursed in a LONG TIME.  My baby girl is 8 now :)  We should make sure to motivate each other.  If you don't mind my asking what type of success did you have in the past?

  • I am 38, mother of 4, full time daycare provider to 10-16 kids, 70 hrs per week. I did body for life in 2004, I went from 198 to 133 in about 1 year. I ran 3 miles a day and lifted 3x a week. I had more time then, I was going through a divorce and that kept me going, I used the gym as my get away from it all place. since then I got remarried and had another baby, he is now 4, soon to be 5. and I am back up to 205, I am 5'6", I am going to start Monday with you ladies. I have been trying but not really sticking to anything, I am one of those people that is hard to get going but once I do, I am unstoppable.

    and call me shallow but my ex just got new girlfriend, and my kids said she is skinner than you! well I don't think so, I am not bitter and I don't want him back but come on, she will not be better than me!!!! does that make me horrible???

    I look forward to checking in with you all.

  • Yay! I'm so glad someone else joined. It's going to make doing this a little easier having accountability.

    My first BFL Challenge was in 2011. I started at 162.4 and got down to 150. I was taking a full load of pre-nursing classes ( I am a studying freak. All day every day.) and still managed to fit in 6 days of workouts. I CAN DO THIS WITH A BABY! I just need to keep telling myself that. I have a blog that I wrote in while doing BFL and I plan on starting it up again.

    I am now at 190 after having a baby. My heaviest ever. Was 213 when she was born. 

    Meagan, you are not shallow or horrible, just human I think! :D Get it girl!


  • All of those pictures are from 2011, by the way. I do NOT look like that at all now. Baby flab and stretch marks :(

  • Wow Alli those were GREAT results that you had.  I have no doubt that you will be able to repeat it.  Even if that's not what you look like know, you will get there again.  Thanks for sharing.

    Meagain that is WAY too funny, and what drives some of us.  For me it's my husband's ex.  Luckily none of the kids have ever made the comparison (because they know I'd KILL THEM), but it's always a little something in the back of my mind.

    I know this sounds bad, but I don't know if I can limit my alcohol to 1 day per week.  Not that I'm an alcoholic, but I work REALLY long days and sometimes momma needs a glass of wine (or champange) to relax before bed.  I say this as I enjoy my 2nd glass of peach champange (Bellini) after a 60+ hr work week.  I guess we all will have our struggles and that is the point of this forum.  WE'RE NOT ALONE and WE WILL DO THIS!!!!!!

    Take care ladies.  I'm off to bed.


  • Hi Ladies. I'm planning on starting on 4/15 as well!  This is my first time with this diet.  I have been dieting for the past three months using my fitness pal with slow results- 12lbs since Jan1. Would really like to jump start some results. My husband is diabetic and really needs to get his diet under control.  We have 5 sons and both work full time- so the weight lifting routine is a little overwhelming.   But I need to do something to get the energy I need for our life :-)

  • Hi. I'm starting tomorrow (4/15) too.

    I'm Larissa. I am 42 years young. Mother of 6...ages ranging from 22 years to 9 years. I live in Texas. I'm a professional counselor, working full-time and I'm married. Oh...and my husband works out of the country but he is home every 3-4 months for about 4 weeks. I'm competing in the BFL challenge because I feel so physically miserable.  I am 5'7"  at 194 lbs (that means I have over 60 lbs to lose).  I'm too young to feel this old!  I started BFL in 1999  & followed the program for 8 weeks & had amazing results so I know it works! Life was different back then because I was a personal trainer, working in a gym. I am going to do this but It's difficult to get motivated & stay focused. That's why I'm here! I'm looking for a group to complete all 12 weeks...sticking to it through the good days and the not so good days! It's only 12 weeks....We can do anything for 12 weeks!!!

  • Hello Ladies!!!!  I'm super excited because I just got home from food shopping.  I'm ready food wise for week 1.  For breakfast I'm making a ham and egg thing that I found in the BFL cook book.  Lunches and dinner will either be buffalo chicken on a whole wheat sandwhich thin or whole wheat past with tomatoe sauce that has ground turkey.  The key for me is to have healthy options available quickly.

    I know we didn't start yet, but this morning I did a 10 mile bike ride followed by a 3.2 mile run.  It was hard, but I did it.  Since my legs are killing me I'm looking forward to an upper body workout.  I'm not looking forward to doing it at 5am though.

    So let me know what you are doing to prepare.

    Take care,


  • Hi there,

    I'm planning on starting tomorrow too! I did BFL once in 2007 and got some great results, went from a size 8 to a size 2! Since then, I got married and regained all the weight and a bit more. (Instead of me inspiring him to get super healthy, I followed him to a more lethargic lifestyle) well, I'm now recently separated, moved from Georgia to Texas and most likely on the way to a divorce (amicable and no kids together, so hopefully we can remain friendly)

    Anyway, I need to re-start my life, get re-inspired and re-motivate... That usually isn't difficult for me, but I'm finding it to be harder this time. :/

    I hope to help you all through this journey and get to know you better...

    Great job Alli - Very inspiring! And Meagain, I agree with Alli, you're just human!

    Melissa, I'll join you for a drink on our free days! :D

    Im getting my food ready and writing out my workout for tomorrow

    See you all tomorrow I'm really looking forward to this and to staying accountable with this group,


  • I'M NERVOUS!!!!!!!

  • Hi,

    I'm Robyn. 44 year old mother of 11 year old girl. Happily married and live in Jacksonville FL. I need to do this badly. I went through, and finished, a BFL challenge about 3 years ago and had some success. I lost about 15 pounds, but it looked like more than that. Anyway, you're supposed to take a little break after the round is over and I never went back to it. I feel like a total idiot for doing that because I was really starting to look good. I could see definition in my stomach and arms. I'm 5'6 and between 160-165 per my last weight-watcher weigh in.

    Anyway, I've been going to the Y for a few weeks, and while I'm feeling good that I'm going, I don't feel motivated like I did back when I did BFL and had a forum to come back to and 'friends' to commiserate with. I will say that had it not been for these forums I would have quit long before I did. What I kept hearing back then and then found to be true for myself is that its not until about week 10 that you can really see a big change in numbers and appearance and it just kind of happens out of nowhere. I can attest to that. You'll work your tale off for a few weeks and not see too much in result but it will come!! Also, I found that many of the recipies in Eating for Life are soooo good. I recall that my husband and daughter enjoyed them too. I'm just so tired when I get home from work that I don't feel like cooking usually, but that's got to change. Don't forget to take pictures. (Pretty much reminding myself). You'll be glad you did when you get to the last week and visually compare week 1 to week 12.

    Anyway, I'm happy to be in a forum to meet other like-minded people. Looking forward to the journey. The last time I did this, we all got into the forum everyday and talked about food and workouts and encouraged each other. I'm really looking forward to that!!

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • OMG. My original challenge pics are still in my profile. I have all my starting fat-girl pics then the result after the challenge is the last pic. Anyway, I will soon replace those fat-pics with the 2013 version of my fat pics. :) Nothing like just putitng it all out there.

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • Today is the day!  Im confident I can follow the eating plan today but am nervous about starting the workouts.  Luckily my older sons are football players so we have a weight bench at home.  Does anyone have any tips on how to learn the exercises? I haven't ever lifted weights other than what is used in Jazzercise :-)