Favorite EAS products?

  • Hey everyone, so I'm just starting my diet and I was wondering what your favorite EAS products are. I've been looking online and there are so many different things and I'm kinda confused as to what product will be best for me and my goals (which is mostly weight loss) so I thought I'd ask all the brilliant people here :)

  • Shannanigans, great question! If the goal is weight loss, we suggest Myoplex Lite or Carb Control shakes and bars for up to two meal replacements a day. We’d also suggest trying EAS Lean 15 powder for after workout shakes. Another great idea is to check out our Body-for-LIFE website http://bodyforlife.com/ for inspiration and meal and workout plans.

    ~Molly @BFL

  • Greetings ,  Just thought I'd let you know that some of my favorites are EAS  Muscle Armor (orange), EAS Betagen, EAS Rtd Advantage 17 protein drinks,  EAS Advantage 15 protein bars and The EAS LEan 15 Protein as well.  They taste great, mix well and provide great support to my Challenge (C4 for me right now).