Starting BFL Monday, April 15th! Who's in?

  • I did this programs years ago and had great results.  I know it works.  Now that I'm in my 40s I'm having a really hard time losing weight and getting in shape.  it's not that I'm not trying.... but for some reason I'm not successful.. :( 

    My sister reminded me how great BFL is and I'm willing to give it a go (again!).... If anyone would like to start with me I think it would be great to have a support team.  


  • I am wanting to start April 15th as well! I am 24, nursing mom to a 6 month old! I've done BFL before, 2 years ago and had a lot of success. But, I gained all my weight back and was at my heaviest ever when I got pregnant. I am now at my heaviest ever again and unhappy!! We can do this!