Starting Today

  • Welcome to the group Lnyman.  How'd your first day go?  My big problem wasn't caffeine, it was sugar.  My first 3 days were tough.  My body craved it like I wouldn't have believed.  But it got so much easier after that.  Now, it's just after lunch that it still bothers me a bit, but I just grab my bottle of water, sit at my desk, and start working to take my mind off of it.  Within a couple of hours, the craving's usually gone.  

    Hope your friends and family all end up all right Imbuilding...  (I'll "see ya" in the other forum.)

  • After my free day I felt totally crappy as well!! After i would eat it felt like a load of bricks sinking in my stomach. GROSS! It definitely propelled me into committing my second week!

    Imbuildingmybodyforlife I hope all your friends are safe after yesterday's tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their loved ones.

  • Greetings,  I also hope all of our BFL family here and friends are safe from the tragedy and pray for the victims and their families in BOston as well.  I am not a distance runner (treadmill only) but am still deeply saddened by what occured there.  Keep Moving Forward all and I hope they catch the culprit(s) in this disaster.