• Thanks Dave!  Didn't have my best cardio this morning.  Not sure what was going on.  Tried to push myself, but no matter how much I pushed myself, couldn't get to my peak that I've reached in the past few cardios.  It was just one of those mornings.  Don't feel like I get my best sleep last night, and I'm feeling pretty tired at the moment, so that probably has a lot to do with it.  May choose to do another HIIT later today.  We'll see how I feel.  If I don't, then so be it.  

    I've decided I'm not going to change a thing in the last few days.  Not going to dehydrate myself for pictures.  I'll try to cut down on sodium, but that's about the only change.  What I've been doing is working, and I simply don't want to mess with that formula right now.  I thought long and hard about it yesterday, while mowing my grass, and where the pictures may look better, it wouldn't be the true me.  Why not just continue what I'm doing, take my "After" pictures and say, "This is me right now!"  I know I'm not to my ultimate goal, and I know I'll be doing another challenge after a week or two break (pretty sure I'm only taking a week off, but not ruling out an additional week yet).  

    I started this challenge at 209 pounds, with a goal of getting to 185.  I weighed in on Sunday at 189, so I'm thinking I probably won't reach my weight goal, but I knew it was a lofty one to begin with, since I normally look for a 2 pound week in weight loss.  Still, to be under 190 is a great feeling.  To think, when I began working out on January 7th, I weighed in at 235 pounds, and here I am, a little under 6 months later, weighing in 46 pounds lighter!  Every part of my body feels the relief of not dragging around that 46 pounds!  I can run and play with my kids for extended periods of time.  I tend to have a ton of energy throughout the day (though I'm questioning that today...LOL...I'm hoping I wake up any minute now!).  I'm thinking one more challenge where I focus on weight loss, and then I can start thinking about adding more muscle.  

    Anyway, I'm living proof, as are so many other people on this forum, that the Body For Life program truly does work, when you follow the diet, follow the workouts, use supplements, and don't cheat.  Oh, and I shall also say I've taken full advantage of my free days for the most part, with some of them being probably way more than what I should've eaten, but I knew it was a free day, and I knew I was going back on the program the next day.  Finish out Week12 strong everyone!!!


  • Completed my last weight workout of the challenge this morning with a solid LBWO.  Always bitter sweet when you finish that last workout.  Tomorrow morning will be the final workout of the challenge.  I will hit it as hard as I can, knowing I have 20 minutes of workout left in the entire challenge.  I've had 4 solid meals today, though I was just at Costco, and my son wanted a sample of their sweet Italian sausage they were handing out, and I darn near put it in my mouth!  Not sure what that's about!  Haven't really cheated or even struggled with diet throughout this challenge, and I nearly put a piece of sausage in my mouth on the 2nd to last day!!  I stopped myself in time, and asked myself what I was thinking.  LOL  In my defense, I've been known to be a sausage junkie in my past life. :)  Anyway, I hope everyone is finishing strong!  Not sure how pictures will turn out on Sunday, but I'll post before and after pictures sometime on Sunday.  It's been a solid challenge for me.  Excited to see the final pictures.  Not to my ultimate goal yet, but I know I've made some solid gains this challenge, so I have no complaints.  I've done my best, put in the time and effort, and followed the diet to the best of my ability.  The results are just about in, and I know I'll be happy with them. :)


  • Greetings Mike, stacypine and everyone still here.  Just finished my  Company Wellness re-evaluation yesterday but darn it , looks like I missed getting that BMI bonus by about .86 of a percentage, still my doctor was very impressed with my progress and lowered cholesterol levels and within range results this time around, only real flag is that my overall cholesterol level was one point below the normal (124 instead of 125) oh, well, better luck on this one next time, And I gained more muscle since my last weigh in so , my overall weight only  dropped about one or two pounds since Jan 31st but my BMI dropped over 1 point and body fat is also down since October last official wellness check by over 2 points. Hope the after picture shows this as well this week. Did my last UBWO today and it was indeed a bittersweet moment and to thank the gym I put ALL of the missplaced weight plates (even those not being used on the machines) and dumbells BACK in their correct spots on the rack, no tripping over dumbells and weight plates in there this morning.  Congrats to all of you who were able to finish up this time around and best wishes to those who are going to try again , we hope , sometime in the future.  I have arranged the spray tan for this week, for the upcoming photo as well. I wish a great 4th of July to all of you and please let us know how ya doin.   Keep moving forward!!!

  • Finished my last cardio this morning in top form!  Hit new peaks.  Must have been the motivation of knowing it was the last 20 minutes.  That tells me I had more inside of me than I even thought I did.  Amazing what adrenaline can do to a person.  Now it's just eating for the day.  Taking my "After" pictures tomorrow morning.  A wonderful feeling to come to an end of another challenge!


  • Greetings to anyone who may still be reading this thread and competed with us this past Challenge, I just submitted my Official BFL Challenge packet with essays and photos just now and wow , what a relief it is to have finished in time and a little early this year.  I look forward to doing another BFL Challenge with this group again sometime and I will try to post my photos here or at least in my profile for y'all who are curious to see.  My doctor was amazed with my progress during my last check up on 28 June and told me to keep  moving forward (in so many words) so ......I will and hopefully with all of you wonderful forum members as well. Stick with the program everyone.....it really does work!!!!

  • Just a foot note, Couldn't change the profile yet BUT did change the avatar to the After newer C4 photo, sorry working on this one, not sure how to do it yet.

  • Checked out the photos Bill.  Great job!!!!  Glad you were able to make so many gains!  This program is so wonderful and everyone needs to do it to maintain good health!  Glad to hear and see that you had a great Challenge!  See you around the board!!!


  • Thanks Mike and everyone,  Just figured out how to put at least three of my newest photos on my profile from the current C4 BFL CHallenge we just finished for this year. Can't get rid of last years (any suggestions???how do you delete them?? I only could find insert not delete options) and cant load the newest Before front photo until I do this, not loading right now, probably out of file space there. Hope everyone can see the newest three though and I do welcome your insights on the results. Thanks all and Keep MOving FOrward!!!