• GM everybody, good to hear everybody is doing great. I am doing my weights and cardio and almost eating clean. For my last free day, I didnt eat as much as I did a week before. So I felt good.

    For some reason, since last week, I feel tired all the time. I read somewhere in the forum that getting tired during week 5 and 6 is common. I am trying to drink as much water as I can whenever I feel tired. I usually end up drinking 80-110oz a day.  Hopefully, I can see a big difference on my scale once we pass week 8. Enjoy your day.

  • Good Morning Everyone!  Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!  Started the day with a fabulous UBWO.  Full upper body is feeling it today.  It went really smooth, and as planned, so I can't really complain about anything with today's workout.  Walked into the teacher lounge to find a large sheet cake.  I looked at it but kept walking.  Where I know I would enjoy a piece, it's not killing me to say "No" to these things anymore.  The other day, a co-worker offered me lemonade.  I informed her that all I drink on Monday through Saturday is water, but thanked her for the kind gesture.  Living in the south, you run into plenty of hospitable people.  However, you just have to be strong and tell them no, which can be hard at times, but it's gotten to be much easier.

    Glad to hear things are going good for you Sireesha.

    Take care everyone!


  • Greetings everyone,  Wow, Great willpower and resolve MJelly and I can relate to the food friendliness and encouragement of southern hospitality, still they seem to respect my resolve to complete the challenge correctly and understand when it isn't in my plans or on a Free day. Way to go.  Best wishes for everyone this week, I will be doing my first LBWO as soonas I get to the gym tonight, despite breaking in some new work shoes today on a tough floor, I'll manage I'm sure. Drinking water is important to all and please, everyone drink and stay hydrated during this challenge and hot summer to  come.  Also be sure to get enough rest to maximize your results from the tough training now. Keep in touch all and Keep Moving Forward thru Week 6 and onward!!!

  • Another wonderful day in the world of BFL!!!  Had another great cardio this morning to start my day.  I'm flying pretty high right now, because I'm feeling so wonderful about how things are going for me in this challenge.  I'm finding it pretty easy to get into the gym every morning, and not too hard to eat as planned.  However, my wife did make spaghetti last night, and gave me way too many noodles.  I cut some out, but I still ended up eating too much.  Oh well, what's done is done.  I told her I'm glad it was Wednesday night and not Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, as I try to go no carb with those meals before the weigh in on Sunday morning.  WPBill is absolutely correct on the importance of water.  I think it is under emphasized more than anything else in this program.  Drink up that good stuff.  Flush your system and allow your body to grow!!!!  Stay with it people...we're cruising right through Week 6!


  • Finished out the weights for the week with a nice LBWO this morning.  So motivated that I didn't even mind having to lift legs today, which I normally hate.  Hoping for a good week.  One more workout and Week 6 is in the books for me!!!  Keep at it everyone!!!

  • Greetings Team,  Getting ready to go for my UBWO this week 6 and hope all of you are doing well. I had to work an extra day this week due to Star Wars Weekends at the Studio so I am getting a late start today on that but still I am determined to go forth and complete today to my utmost. Eating was a little sketchy today but I am back on track as of lunch today and taking sups to help out as well.  Hydrate, and don't forget to get your rest this week as the energy level may be a little tough this week as we approach the hump part of the challenge. Hang in there and give it your all Keep Moving Forward and revisit your inital goals this week and evaluate your efforts so far.

  • Mike, I was trolling here for motivation this morning to get out and run. I just have to comment. You are awesome. You have so much enthusiasm! I want that! I am going to run now. Thank you. Val

  • Week 6 workouts finished!!!  Wife had to work again, so I was up at 5am to get my workout in before the kids woke up!  Had an excellent cardio to start my day off!!!  Just finished make eggs and corn beef hash...for the kids!!!  I'll be enjoying a Myoplex here in about 30 minutes for my 2nd meal of the day!!!

    Thanks Val for your kind words!

    Halfway point people!!!!  Who's still with me?


  • Halfway point of the challenge for me!!!  Enjoying a day off from exercising.  Eating pretty well so far on my free day.  So far, U'm down exactly 10 pounds.  I've lost 2 inches on the belly and one inch on the waistline.  Focusing the next 2 weeks on mywweek 8 pictures.  Want more gains and losses!  Continuing to hit this challenge head on!!!  

  • Mike, excellent progress!! That has got to feel good! Are you going to post your before and afters? I really get alot of motivation from seeing what others have accomplished.


  • Wow, Way to go MJelly on the 10lb lost, not sure I have lost that much yet but I do know of about 4lbs or fat (with some serious muscle gain as well) and my BMI is dropping as well as body fat percentage (according to the Omron check). Clothes fit a lot better as well, especially the swimsuit and my energy levels are way up too.  Hope everyone is doing well on this new week,  Post and let us know how ya doin?  Should start to pick up speed on all front this coming week and stay focused on your form as well as weights at the gym or home. Hydrate too and please take a moment to pray and consider helping thru the Red cross all our fellow BFL's in Oklahoma this week.  Keep Moving Forward all!!

  • Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  A stressful few days here at work, so I don't have much time to post, but wanted to get on real quick to give an update.  Got a great UBWO in yesterday morning, ate clean all day yesterday.  This morning, I did my cardio workout.  Had trouble staying focused, but was able to finish it.  Not my best workout, which I'm sure is due to work, but I'll hopefully make up for it on Thursday and Saturday cardio days.  

    I'm sure I'll post my before and after pictures at the end of the challenge.  I use Week 4 and 8 pictures to motivate me more, and to keep charging.  Life will get easier for me after this week, when I'm done with school for the summer.  Then I can truly focus on the challenge and family for the final 5 weeks.

    Glad to hear you're making gains Bill.  I'm spending this challenge focusing on fat loss.  I'll decide which direction I want to go with the next challenge, once this one comes to an end.  I know I'll focus on muscle gain more, but not sure if it will be the next challenge or in 2 challenges.

    Testing my will power to resist tonight by going to my niece's birthday party.  I'm sure there will be cake!

    Stay strong everyone!  We're over halfway there!!!!  Let us know how you're doing!


  • Well, it's been a crazy week here with it being my last week of school.  I was able to keep trudging and get in every workout as planned, and I've ate clean all week.  With that being said, it doesn't feel like I've had a good week.  Guess I'll have to wait until Sunday to find out the truth.  Now that school's over for the summer, I can put all focus on the remainder of the challenge and my family.  Haven't heard from anyone other than Bill for a while.  Hope you're all still with us.  Week 7 is coming to a close for most of us.  Can't believe we're almost on Day 50!!!  Seems like we just started!!  Keep charging!!!

  • Started Week 8 this morning with an awesome LBWO!!!  Upping it on weight now and still maintaining good form.  Legs are feeling it right now!!!  Free day was good.  Had to start taking Predisone for poison ivy and a side effect of that is water retention.  Only lost 1/2 pound last week, but I'll trudge through this and keep on going!  Results are what they are.  I know I'll eventually get there.  Just have to keep marching!  One pound away from the 40 pound weight loss since I began my journeyon January 7th.  Hoping to conquer that pound this week!!!


  • Happy Memorial Day to everyone!!!!  Got to make this short because my gym closes early today and I want to get this last HIT Cardio day for week 7 but definately looking forward to Week 8 all.   Hang in there , big changes are coming ahead for all who perservere!!!