• Good LBWO to end the week in weights!!  One more day and we're onto Week 5.

  • Happy Sunday everyone!!!  Free day for me, so letting the body rest.  Weighed in this morning.  Didn't think I had that great of a week, but I ended up losing 2 pounds and a half inch on my waist and stomach.  Took 4 week pictures and can definitely see some improvements.  Still have a ways to go yet.  4 week stats.  Lost 7 pounds, inch and a half on both stomach and waist.  Body fat down 4% to 18% (home measurement...definitely not professional, but it gives me a good idea how I'm doing).  Going to celebrate today with a free day before I get back to work tomorrow!!!  As I've said before, this program works so keep at it!!!! - Mike

  • Good morning everyone!  Welcome to Week 5!  Had a great UBWO this morning to begin the week.  Feeling soreness in the biceps and shoulders at the moment.  Chest usually takes 12 to 24 hours before I feel any soreness.  My body is just weird like that.  Had a restful day off yesterday, but I was ready to go this morning.  It was nice to live rule free yesterday, but it just didn't feel right, and I've seen too much progress to go back now!!!  

  • Good Morning everyone.. sorry i haven't posted in a couple of days been pretty sick.. But i am BACK!!!! did ya'll miss me..lol.. Woot Woot your right MJelly we are at week 5 holy cow.... I had a free day on Saturday so i worked out on Sunday and starting again this morning.. Congrats on the weight loss and inches Mike.. Your doing awesome.. i can definitely see some changes, gotta buy a few new clothes, can't go to work with my skirt around my ankles...lol.(embarrassing)

    Have a great Monday everyone nomatter where you are in your Journey push push push..  xoxo

  • Great job MJelly, really good to hear your progress. I was just 3.6lbs down, dont know about measurements. I lost my tape when we moved houses. I have to get one, to measure my self. Atleast I feel good. On my free day, I ate too much, as though its the only one day I can eat in my whole life. I felt pretty bad physically by the end of the day. I am back on track now. I am just following my routine, and hope will have great results at the end.

    Good to hear that you lost lot of inches Stacy. I hope somebody can tell me by looking at me if I lost anything or not.

  • Good morning everyone!!!  Another great day in the world of BFL!!!!  Cranked out an ab workout this morning, followed by a great 20 minute cardio.  Sweat was flowing off me.  When I first woke up, I was still pretty tired, and I darn near fell asleep again on the couch.  However, I made my butt get up and get into the gym to do my work.  

    Came to work this morning, and this week is Teacher Appreciation Week, so administration had bought Hardee's sausage biscuits for everyone.  I went and got mine and took a great big bite out of it!  Just kidding...I actually gave mine to my assistant, and I enjoyed a wonderful Myoplex shake.  

    Stacy, glad to hear you're feeling better!  Yes, I did miss you!!!!  

    Sireesha, I probably ate too much on my free day, but hey, it's there for a reason.  I believe it reminds your body about the bad food, and actually helps your body make stronger gains.  Just get back on the horse and ride off into the sunset! ;)

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!!

  • Greetings everyone,  Sorry I am a bit behind the rest of you, but I am enjoying my Free Day today but not too excess. For example when I got a Mcdonalds meal this morning , I tried the new Egg white version on the whole grain muffin with white cheddar cheese and lean ham, not to bad actually and 50 cals less then the original one featured in the Book.. Eat this Not That published each year.   ANd for snack I had a banana(medium) and Post Cinnamon Hazelnut bran cereal, EAS Betagen and CLA with vitamins.  For Lunch,  A tuna salad , low cal mayo and lettuce on 10 grain Arnold Bread with cottage cheese and fruit with of course....water and lots of water today as well. Hope everyone is doing well this week. I did manage to up my lifitng weights by 5lbs this week so progress is being made and I finished most nearly on time each session.  Stacy,  I hope you are doing better and I am sorrowed to hear about your loss. Perhaps you should dedicate this challenge to yourself and your loved one as well . I am sure they will be proud of your accomplishement and determination in this matter.   MJelly, I understand about the food temptations at the office.  I usually look for healthy alternatives and convice myself that the bad food just doesn't exist there in front of me (imagine it gone or not there). It seems to work for me then.   Best of weeks everyone, keep us posted on your progress and trials and tribulations this week Number 5 coming up for me and already a reality for y'all.   Keep Moving FOrward!!!

  • Leg day for me. Workout went well...not too much soreness yet.  Must be time to move up on weight for squats.  Eating has went well so far, though a little off schedule.  Meals 3 & 4 were both Myoplex, due to working through lunch in training.  Ready to eat real food, but still have an hour before that.  Hope everyone is having a great day.  Halfway through Week 5 for me.

  • Good morning everyone, I got busy both at work and home. Finally got some time to post my progress. I am doing good with workouts, I am making sure, I am getting my workouts in the morning. So far everything is going well with workouts, sometimes loosing here and there with food, but not going for bad choice. I am waiting for week 8-9, so that I can see my progress, my scale is not moving, but I am not giving up.

    Theres a walking club in our community and joined it recently. And its female/mom club too, as we all have two kids, and everybody is trying to loose the baby weight from second kid. I felt relief, as I am not the only one thats not loosing weight. They are complaining the same thing, no matter what they do, they dont see change on scale. Hopefully mine would change soon.

    Have a nice day!

  • Happy Thursday everyone!  Hope everyone is doing well.

    Hamstrings are definitely feeling the deadlifts from yesterday.  I've had to stretch them multiple times this morning.  Got a good ab workout and cardio in this morning to begin the day.  Love the feeling after working out first thing in the morning.  Wakes me up, and gets it out of the day right away!!!  Meals are going good.  Haven't had to fight any major cravings this week so far, and we're almost to free day, so I'm happy with how things are going.  

    Just keep at it Sireesha.  Eventually, the weight will have no where to go except away!!!  

    - Mike

  • I'm done with weights for Week 5!  Yay!  Just one more cardio for me, and Week 5 will be in the books.

    UBWO this morning.  Went very well.  You know you've had a good workout when you go to drink your post-workout drink and your arms are shaking when you're trying to lift the glass to your mouth.  Luckily, I didn't spill the drink all down my front!  Still feeling the burn in the arms, and it's been a few hours now since I finished working out.  Pretty happy with how Week 5 has went.  Pretty excited to see results on Sunday!  

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!

  • Week 5 workout complete!  Wife has to work this morning, so I was forced to workout at normal time.  Glad I'm done with it.  Now I just have to eat clean for the day!  Hope everyone has a great day!  Stay with it folks!  We're only a week away from halfway point!!

  • Greetings, Mjelly is correct the half way point is only one week away, no time to slack up now gang!!! Keep Moving Forward everyone!!!

  • Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!  Started Week 6 with a great LBWO!  Ate entirely too many unauthorized foods yesterday on Mother's Day, so I needed a good start to the week, and I felt I got it.  Raised my weight on squats and lunges, so I'm sure I will feel that tomorrow (and Wednesday).  That's okay though!  Reminds me that I'm alive!!!!  I was ready to get back on schedule after yesterday.  Hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother's Day weekend.  Now it's time to get back to business!

  • Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!  Hope you're all having a great day!  Started my day off with an awesome cardio!  I can feel myself getting stronger every workout!  My high portion of cardios are getting faster and faster, and my energy level is soaring.  Eating has been going well thus far this week.  Enjoying a turkey burger and brown rice as I write this.  Haven't heard from some of you for a few days.  Hope you're still with us!!!  Don't fall to temptation.  Shove it aside and reclaim your life!!!  Week 6 is here, and we've taken charge of our lives!!!