• Good Luck to you Stacy! I hope you have stuck with it since 4/8. I did the Challenge 2 years ago and had incredible success. Unfortunately I fell "off the wagon" and have gained everything back and lost all of my great muscule definition. I hope you are sticking with it, it is the best program I have ever tried.

  • Happy Monday everyone!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I ended Week 3 with a 2 pound loss (total of 5 overall thus far) and a 1/2 inch loss around the stomach and 1/2 inch loss around the waist, so I was pretty happy.  Had a fulfilling free day yesterday and today, it's back to business!  Began the morning with a great LBWO.  Two meals into the day thus far and doing well!!!  Journaled last night that I want a great week this week, as I'll be taking 4 week pictures next Sunday.  So, it's all business for me this week.  Hope to hear from everyone soon!

  • Good morning everybody!!

    Sorry to hear about loosing another loved ones Stacy. Its wonderful how you are still keeping up with food and exercise even during this time. We are already in fourth week. Is that right?? Days are rolling by pretty quickly.

    MJelly, good to hear that you are ready for picture. I saw some weight loss last week tuesday, and I weighed again yesterday after free day, and its more than what I started with. Last tuesday, I was sooooo happy, as it showed 5lbs less. I guess I didnt loose all 5lbs of fat. I will try to keep up my eating and workouts clean. Lets see what happens by June 30th.

  • Got in a great cardio this morning to begin my day.  Yesterday went well, though I was fighting some cravings last night (my 2 year old was eating a brownie, and he held out a piece implying, "Have a bite Dad!")  I smiled and told him Daddy couldn't have any of that and walked away.  But it sure did look great!  Not great enough to eat though!!!!  Fight your temptations and stay clean!!!!

  • Hi everyone hope everyone is having a great day.. I had a kickass LBWO yesterday and unfortunately my cardio won't get done until this evening but i will get it.. I ate completely clean yesterday and looking forward to another good day.. hope you all have a great day and can't wait to see updates on Sunday for some pics(maybe) and some measurements.. Shine ON!!!

  • Mjelly... i understand my 17yr old was going thru the house looking for snacks and he was like what no icecream, no chips no candie, no nothing but fruit and fat free pudding.. i told him if its there i will eat it and that it wouldnt help me.. He says i understand so goes to the store then takes his snack to his room eats it and then goes to the dumpster and throws out the trash..lol he says he didnt want me smelling the bags..hahahaha... love the family!!!

  • Greetings Everyone,  Love that story stacyprine.   How considerate of your 17 years old to think of NOT tempting you with those forbidden items and destroying the evidence to boot. WOW, and I just had to pass on baby shower cake (chocolate with several layers of frosting) yesterday at work and pretend NOT to see it there in front of me (I had the fruit , veggies and eggs there instead yesterday but did get some of the leftover pizza today as a bonus > Today is my Free day by the way and the pizza was with cheese only not fully loaded.   I hope all are staying on the path to success this week, wow it;s weel number four already and I will be starting with my LBWO tommorrow after my Freeday today. ALready have the BFL Journal worksheet made up and ready to go.   Remember everyone the scale is not the only measurement of improvement, how are those old clothes fittin ya lately??/  Well got to go for now and get ready for tommorrow afternoon (this week). Way to go all and Keep MOving Forward.

  • We need more posts people!  Are thread is falling onto Page 2 everyday!  :)  Had a great UBWO this morning.  Always love UBWO (absolutely hate leg days), so that had my attitude going great to begin with.  One of my broad goals is to get into good enough shape to actively play with my kids (6 year old and 2 year old) on a daily basis.  Last night, their cousin was over visiting, and all three of them decided they wanted a wagon ride.  Add them all together, and they probably weigh about 110 pounds or so (guessing on the nieces weight).  I pulled them in the wagon up the hill and ran down the hill, pulling the wagon, with the 3 of them screaming in joy.  Then we did that 4 more times.  It was a pretty fun moment, and got a good little workout in as well.  After that, I ran the dog around the yard for about 5 minutes.  So, I'm definitely feeling the increased amount of energy and I'm no longer fatigued like I would've been back at the beginning of the year.  I started BFL on January 7th of this year.  Since then, I've lost 33 pounds.  This program works folks!!!!  And it makes you feel great too!!!!  Keep at it!!!!  Happy Wednesday!!!!

  • Good Morning everyone.. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.. half way to our 4 week end.. I was so excited to see if i made any improvements i actually did some measuring this morning.. Oh yeah also will be doing my cardio and my UBWO.. didn't get to do my cardio yesterday so double time today..lol..

    So I started this Challenge on April 8th 2013 not knowing how or if this was going to do anything for me.. Cuz like everyone else i have tried so many things and either it has failed or i had failed at it.. For me BFL is and was my last hope.. What i didnt realize is it really is all me and alot of support from here, so thank you each and everyone of you that keep me posted on how your doing and giving me strength to move on in my bad times..

    So my measurements when i started where really scary.. I am 5'4 and started at 249.5 lbs


    chest measurement:  53 inches(ouch)

    waist:                       51.5 inches(dbl ouch)

    hips:                        53 inches(need i say more)

    arm:                        R(13) L(14) im a lefty..lol

    legs:                        R thigh 25.5  L thigh 25.5

    calves                      R 17(surgery/donated bone and therapy) L 18.5

    Today 05/01/2013           244.4 lbs

    chest measurement:        52 inches

    waist:                             47 3/4 inches

    hips:                              50 1/2 inches

    arm:                        R(14) L(15) not sure why i gained here

    legs:                        R thigh 25 L thigh 25

    calves:                     R 18    L 18.25

    so overall i am doing pretty good not sure why i gained in my arms and thighs but i am proud of my progress and i feel so much better.. i feel kinda out of sorts now if i don't go to the gym..

    MJelly i loved playing with my kids but now they are older i love and enjoy playing with my my grandson.. he is only 8 months old but soon he will be up and running and i too want to be in the best shape i can be to enjoy the time with him. I am not only doing it for him but for myself to, and i just realized that being in the shape i was i lost so much of life and what it had to offer.. I have more energy now to get up and do things and not feel so damn tired or warn out or embarrassed of because how i looked.. Keep up the great work and i will be right here to support you and everyone i can possibly support because i believe this really is a second chance at life for me and anyone who gives it a chance.. Have a great day..

  • Its nice to hear from everybody. And good inspiring stories. I am doing my workout good. I am doing my upper and lower body at gym now a days. It feels better rather than doing at home. I am going for a walk after my meal for last three days. Weather is pretty good here in Ohio. As per eating its going okay. I am not eating unauthorized food. But sometimes I eat 1.5 times the carb that I am supposed to eat. Other than that its good.

    MJelly, its great how you resisted brownie. I always have stack of brownie bites, whenever my kids leave a piece of it, I would just put in trash (my belly), but now, its going into trash can. Not tempting for chips or sweets.

    I hope I could workout in the mornings, but I couldnt find time in the morning. I am attending cardio classes this week for Cardio. Did cycling on monday, will do step today and another cycling on friday.

    Stacy, I hope I took my measurments too, but I didnt. As per clothes, I didnt see a big difference. I will take my measurements this week, and compare it with the end results.

  • Stacy, you're shrinking!!!!!!  Don't panic!  It's okay!  :)  I bet you're feeling great with the results you're seeing in just under 4 weeks.  Thank you for your kind words of support!  I don't think I can say it enough, that I love the BFL program, and when I'm following it, I feel like nothing can stop me.  What baffles me is why I quit.  I followed the program for nearly 3 years back in 2000 to 2003.  Fell off the wagon for about 5 years, did the program again, fell off, then again in 2010 for about 9 months, then fell off until now.  Everytime I fall off, I know I don't feel nearly as good as when I'm following the program, so I don't know why I quit following it.  The program changes your entire life.  So, now it's not only my goal to transform my body to what I used to have, but to continue on with the program for the remainder of my life, as it is so powerful mentally, as well as physically.  I'm really trying to get my wife into the program.  She's not really out of shape...I just want her to feel the best she can, and experience the feelings that I feel.  I heard her talking to her sister about the program last night, and I think she's about ready to try it.  I told her I wanted her to do it, so I could share everything I'm enjoying with her.  Heck, she already eats most of what I eat...might as well do the easy part and just workout too! :) - Mike

  • Good morning everyone!  Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!!  Successful cardio this morning.  I've noticed I'm getting faster and faster on my steps in the morning during my cardio workout.  Feels great!!!  Upper body is SORE today.  Chest, triceps and shoulders are the worst.  Guess the workout yesterday was a success!!!  It's a good feeling to be sore like this! :)  Hope to start hearing from more of you about how things are going for you!  Almost at the end of Week 4 already!!!  This challenge is flying by!

  • Good Morning everyone... MJelly having a great Thursday.. Thank you for asking.. doing my cardio tonight and probably my upper.. these last few days have been so hectic that my workouts have kinda got pushed around a little bit, but i am still doing them just not the way i started but i will be back on track Monday i PROMISE...lol  I always seem to be sore with my UBWO, but rarely with my LWBO.. but i need to push more for my legs and stuff i think because they are stronger then my upper.. I can't believe its almost the end of week 4 either..uggg.. I didnt have a problem with measurements but definitely have a problem with pics.. uggg...... can i take pics of someone else and post it...lol..haha guess that won't work.. uggg time for the camera in 3 days.. Say Cheese.. xoxo

  • Stacy, that is some great numbers so far. Awesome job, keep it up.

    Mike, I would love to get my wife doing this program too. It works.

    Hope everyone keeps doing great. I am making some progress.


  • Hey everyone!! Good to hear you are all sore. For some reason, I get soreness in Lower body but not upper body. even if its upper body I get only in chest. Anyways, yesterday is my cardio, but couldnt do it. i did my LBWO this morning, so planning to do Cardio in the evening. Yes, we are almost at the end of fourth week. Thats going pretty quick.

    Have a nice day!