• Morning everyone... hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.. Now that i know my brother-inlaw and sister-inlaw are ok.. They were at the boston marathon brother in law ran and sister in law was his cheering coach.. Its been a very challenging few days but i am making it to the gym and got a very good Cardio workout today and i did a small ab workout with it.. Extra work done on the mid section will definitely not hurt me.. Still having a hard time posting pictures up but i am getting there.. I started this challenge on April 8 at 247 lbs 5'4 size 18/20 pants.. my waist was 50inches uggg needless to say.. i did do a measurement today because i know the scale won't really tell me much right now.. I am at a 48inch waist..i hope that is good.. not to sure about the measuring and the amount per week but for me that is a great start.. I feel stronger each day and healthier but i know its going to take a life time but for me each day is exceptional for just getting up and breathing and being able to get to the gym... Anyone have any great breakfast recipes thats my battle trying to eat in the morning but i need something yummy and tasty but good for me... xoxo have a great workout everyone and talk later...

  • Thanks for the input on the LBWO Imbuildingmybodyforlife and MJelly!  I will try those leg curls.  Although I am not the world's most coordinated person to begin with so maybe I'll start with some (really) light weights just to practice the motion in case I end up dropping them on myself!    Putting the dumbbells on my shoulders seems very obvious (duh!) and can't believe I didn't think of that so will try that as well on Friday.

    Stacyprine, you've had a rough few days!  Glad to hear your family is okay.  That was just such a horrendous act.  Unbelievable.  And you're still sticking with it and improving despite all your hurdles.  I think a 2" decrease in waist is great progress - not even 2 weeks yet. Good for you!

    And MJelly's down 2 pants sizes.  Wow.  So impressed with everyone's improvement.  The hard work is already paying off.  For myself, I lost 6 pounds the first week, gained 3 after my free day and down again 2 this morning.  So basically down 5 pounds overall.  I haven't done any measurements yet.  Even though I know it's just water weight, still nice to see that number on the scale moving (I've always weighed myself daily).  Gonna do measurements and pictures at the end of week 2.  Yikes.  

    Have a great Tuesday everyone.

  • Solid workout this morning.  Shoulders, triceps and biceps were burning when I finished.  Chest and back wasn't bad either!  Been doing well on the eating front, and here we are, Wednesday of Week 2 already!  Time flies when we're having fun!!!  Hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am!

  • Good Morning/afternoon everyone.. hope everyone is doing well.. Had a great UBWO i pushed myself and i am proud that i have not given up yet.. Struggle still with some of the food but i am hanging in there.. I really have a hard time eating 5 meals a day to where i use to only eat maybe 2 all day long.. ugg but i am getting there slowly.

    Mjelly i can't believe we are already at week 2 and half way thru already.. Go Team..lol... I am having fun.. more fun then i thought.. Hope your day goes well and see you tomorrow on here..

  • Good UBWO here as well.  Usually don't feel the burn (or rather, ache) in the chest until the day after but my triceps are hurting.  Even having trouble picking up the phone at work!  Can't believe halfway through week 2.  I'm having some issues with food today and am ravenously hungry for some reason but managed to keep my "extra" snacks (stuff outside of what I had planned on the BFL diet) to a few slices of dried apple and a piece of beef jerky.  Hang in there everyone!  =)

  • Greetings BFL Team members,   Great to hear everyone is doing so well on Week 2. My free day was yesterday so I started with the LBWO today for week 2 and it went rather well. I did have to drop back about 15lbs from the end of my last challenge to adjust to free weights versus machines (last half a year of that) for the squats but all other exercises were done at the current weight levels to point. I did have some fun with the slant board but once I found out how the release worked all was fine but this did cost me about a 5 or 6 minute delay in my overall time this morning early am. I tried a new 30protein gram supplement no lactose  9grams of carbs with only 6 grams of sugar made by a Shamrock company but although it tasted ok, didn't like the lack of extra vitamins and too much sodium so will only use it as a fillin when I am out of EAS early in the morning.(rarely).  How is everyone doing with their eating clean this week?  How about water intake as well?  Well got to get some rest for HIT tommorrow and the lifecycle 20 minutes with a few detail exercises and a short swim. Best of wishes to all and Keep Moving Forward!!

  • Hope everyone is doing good. My workouts are going great!! My eating not so. Not a very good day yesterday eating at all. I do find I need more food on workout days. Got to feed those muscles. Well not gonna worry aobut 1 day keep pressing on.


  • Had a solid cardio workout this morning.  Felt good and woke me up.  I've really noticed my energy level being higher in the last week or so.  

    Eating has been good for me.  I did have a carb with my dinner the last few nights, which I usually don't do, so we'll see if that effects the scale any on Sunday.  Other than that, I've followed the Eating for Life very well, and luckily, haven't had to fight any major cravings in the past week and a half.  I was battling cravings a 2 and 3 weeks ago, but apparently, all the birthday cake I digested the past two Sunday's have taken away the cravings.  Did a quick waist and stomach measurement this morning.  Waist is the same and stomach is down a half inch.  Official measurement and weigh-in comes on Sunday morning.  Not that it matters.  I'm okay with having a week where I don't lose any weight.  Granted, I do want to lose weight, but I understand that the body works in different ways, and as long as I'm working out and eating right, I'm doing what I have to do to build a better body for myself.  I got a shipment of Myoplex and Betagen in yesterday, so I'm good for a few weeks on supplements.  My wife also told me this morning that I need to retire the jeans I'm wearing today, as, in her words, they're "way too big for you."  They're comfortable now, but I guess I have to start digging out the smaller jeans.  

    Hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday!  Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

  • GM everyone! I didnt post for last couple of days, but when I come back, I see all of your results, thats pretty good. I myself last 4 lbs since first weigh in on first day, I dont think its all fat, it maybe water weight, but that makes me feel good. I am working from home for last three days, and not getting as much steps as I used to get when I go for work. Which is around 8K everyday. But I am doing my weights and cardio. Feeling good. Sometimes I feel hungry, but trying to get over with it.

    Good luck everybody. continue on your journey, hope we will all loose some tens of pounds of fat by the end of journey. :-)

  • Good Morning everyone or Good Afternoon.. hope everyone is having a great day and a wonderful workout.. Just wanted everyone to know that will all the support from this group and making it to all my workouts, being out of work for almost a year recovering from my medical issues.. I landed a job today the interview went great and he hired me on the spot.. I feel so much better and more confident that i can do anything. I wanted to thank all of you for your everyday confidence,support and encouragement.. My Cardio will be this evening since my interview was today.. I bet i will hit my 10 tonight.. Shine on everyone and be awesome..

    My eating is as clean as i want it to be but i am definitely making leaps and bounds and striding for the best, i will get it down perfectly but for now i am doing awesome and i can't wait to see the end of my 2 week.. Almost done with week 2... WOOT WOOT..

  • stacyprine congratulations!  that's awesome.  new job!  woo hoo!!!  i bet you'll hit your 10 tonight too, and tomorrow and the next day and the next!  =)

    glad everyone seems to be doing well on the exercising.  i've always been good about working out (have been doing it 5-6 days a week for years now) but the eating was always my weakness.  i'm trying to do better and cravings are much better today than they were yesterday, thank goodness.  i have a friend coming to visit and stay for the next week and a half so I'll have many challenges coming my way.

  • Congrats Stacy!!! thats wonderful. U should celebrate it, I am pretty sure you are celebrating by hitting 10's on your workout. If i were you, I would have hit my favorite restaruant cheesecake factory, but glad you are staying on track. I am pretty sure you would get great results end of week 2.

    Hey S96766, you sound like me,  I am same as you, I exercise 5 days a week for last 3 years but very weak when it comes to food. But I am doing my best starting this program. Whenever i want to eat something, I am putting it on my free day eating list, but if I eat even one meal very good, then I am not craving that much for the rest of the day. And you are right, its hard when you have a friend at home. I am glad there is nothing coming up for next few months atleast.

    I am working weights at home with free weights, but for some reason, I am not sore as I am last week. I dont know if its because I am always used to working out for last few years. Any ideas??

  • Solid LBWO this morning.  Worked until midnight last night, so I didn't get to bed until 1am.  5am came very early, but I still managed to make it into the weight room.  Felt good to have it out of the way, and only one more day of workouts for Week 2!  

    Congratulations Stacy on landing the job!  Good things are happening for you already, and we're only at the close of Week 2!  I've always found it amazing how confident you become when doing this program, and it shines through in all areas of your life.  

    Sireesha, the first week of weights is always the toughest, and it's when you should feel the most soreness.  Right now, I usually feel a little tightness in the muscles the following day, but it's not nearly as bad as when you first begin the program.  If you're not feeling any soreness, then it's probably an indication that you either need to increase the weight, or change up the exercises, as your body has adjusted to them.  

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!  Get that workout in and eat clean!!! :)

  • Finished out the week with a good cardio workout this morning.  Slept in until 7:30am, so workout was a little later than normal, but we got it in before breakfast.  Felt good to get some sleep.  Definitely the part of the challenge I need to focus on the most, to allow the body to change.  

    I've got 3 meals in the books so far today, with 3 to go.  Then Week 2 will be in the books!  The daughter had a birthday part earlier this morning.  I was invited to some cake and ice cream.  While the kids were eating that though, I snuck out to the car to enjoy a Myoplex.  

    Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

  • Probably ate too much on my free day yesterday, but oh well, no reason to dwell on it.  Started today with a great UBWO!  Chest and arms were awesome workouts.  Can't believe we're already beginning Week 3!!!