• HI everybody, I hope you are enjoying your free day today. I had mine yesterday. My husband likes to eat out on Saturdays so I am taking Saturday as free day. Today I have to get my LBWO in. For this week, I already cooked veggies, and brownrice. I think I am going to eat same thing everyday, that way I dont have to worry about cooking different food everytime. I dont know how its going wtih you, but for me, I have to cook for my kids and husband and all that smell makes me tempting, but I am goign to resist. I think I will do lot better than last week regarding food.

  • Welcome to the group S96766.I cant battle the will when it comes to chcoloate or anything that has sweet in it. Lol!

  • Greetings sireesha,  I think you best option to combat those urges would be to include something in your meals that is somewhat sweet or enticing, BUT on the approved list (grapes, melons, bananas for examples) that will perhaps quell the urge to splurge so to speak. I have found that this helps and keep it in mind when you go shopping as well (maybe apples or oranges perhaps). You are right though, smells become very tempting when you are on a special program and they always seem to occur more often than they normally do as well (trying working at the WDW DHS studios where I work and we always have great smelling  food aromas coming out of every restaurant near my shop). Hope this helps out.  Keep Moving Forward everyone and how has your first week gone.  Mine will actually end tommorrow because my chosen free day each week is Tuesday not Sunday. (a long explanation but due mainly to some of the classes at the gym on certain day and the lack of the pool for after workout ICE therapy .  

  • Hi WPBill, I love banannas, I think I can add half a banana to my meal for sweet. Yesterday went good for me. I have to go and hit gym today. I know its not easy when you come out of gym and smell food from restaurants. But you are overpowering those temptations, thats great.

    Does anybody know if we can eat a 6" subway sandwich as meal??. Like 9 wheat grain bread with chicken breast and some cheese and veggies and only mustard sauce on it? Or is 6" sub too big for a portion size?

  • Good Monday morning forum.  Glad to see all of you posting so much - I'll try to be better.  Speaking of BANANAS - I was craving something yucky yesterday, and instead had 1/2 banana and 1/2 of small container of choc. milk (low fat!!) - best craving fighter ever!

    I did not do too well over the weekend, but thanks to all of you, did 20 minutes cardio this a.m. on the treadmill and already looking forward to tomorrows UBWO!!  Thanks, folks.

    Also, a nice "easy" carb for meal prep is canned wild rice (not sure if it's available everywhere - I believe the brand name is "CANOE" - I live in MN (wouldn't recommend THAT - 3+ inches of snow last night . . . more to come on Wednesday)!

    Have a super day ya' all!!


  • Welcome to Week 2 everyone!  I only lost a pound and a half last week, but since I started my new challenge right after finishing my last one, I didn't expect a giant number, so I'm happy with what I lost.  I aim for 2 pounds a week, and that was pretty close.  I also lost a half inch on the waistline.  Of course, after weighing in yesterday, my son's birthday overtook the day, and needless to say, I probably gained back my weight loss in the amount of calories and types of calories I consumed yesterday.  Oh well, it was free day, and it is what it is.  

    Started back on plan this morning with a tremendous LBWO.  Remember in the BFL book when Bill Phillips talks about pulling your mental strength in to find your inner strength?  That was me this morning.  After doing squats, I went to lunges, and I got a few sets into those, and I just wanted to quit because of the pain.  However, I talked myself through the workout, telling myself that in a half hour, it would all be over and I'd be happy with myself.  Workout ended up being awesome.  I had sweat everywhere.  By far the best leg workout that I've done since getting back into the program back in January.  One of my goals this challenge is not to sell myself short in the gym, and give up to early...do as much as I possibly can with weights.  I definitely accomplished that goal this morning, and I'm guessing  my legs will be screaming at me tomorrow.

    Sireesha, I'll eat 6 inch subs when I'm in a tight bind, and don't have any other means of food.  I don't try to eat them too often, as it is quite a bit of bread.  Look at the healthy ones that they list at the store.  I don't use cheese, as that's extra calories and extra fat.  I usually have a the 6 inch on wheat, chicken teriyaki with veggies...no sweet onion sauce though.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Good Morning everyone.. Hope everyone had a great first week.. I have to be honest my first week was really rough.. the last 2 days i was not able to do anything for there was 2 deaths in our family and it has been a chaotic mess. I feel like i have just messed up my whole challenge.. For the seasoned vets of this, is it to late or can i continue from today and move forward.. sorry for the question but i am kinda lost with this right now and not much drive but i need to do it and i need all the support i can use..

  • You can definitely overcome this Stacy.  This is what they call the unstoppable, and you can't stop it from happening.  Everyone has to overcome their own personal obstacles.  You have a very difficult one to deal with.  I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your loved ones.  I'll pray for you and your family.  I've been through what you're going through, and it's not easy.  It's possible you'll miss a few more workouts or not eat as you would normally eat.  But it's no reason to stop the challenge.  One of the big things in BFL is perserverence.  You need to find a way to perservere.  If you do a workout, it may not be your best workout, but you still did a workout.  Take care of yourself.

    bmarks, I'm originally from ND and I defintiely do NOT miss the April snow storms.  Not to rub it in, but we're supposed to hit 75 here in Georgia today. :)

  • stacy..... Hang in there, keep going, you have a dream to acheive. Stopping just makes it that much harder to acheive that dream. I am sorry for you loss and will pray for you and your family.

    MJelly.... I'm on the East coast with you in Va. I have enjoyed our weather lately. A pound and a half the first week after just finishing a challenge is pretty good. I lost 4 this past week but didn't eat to good the weekend. I did maintain with the weight though so I was happy with that.

    I got in a great LBWO this morning and legs are already a little sore. But I love to lift wiehgts so its all good. Keep working hard team we can do this 1 week down 11 to go.


  • Sorry to hear about your losses stacyprine.  I'm no vet but I'd be betting 2 days out of 12 weeks won't completely mess up the challenge for you.  We're all here for you if/when you do decide to keep going.

    MJelly & chadw1275 - good job on the LBWO!  I struggle with lunges as well.  Probably my most hated exercise.  My problem is that my arms usually get tired from holding on to the weights (I use dumbbells as I work out at home and that's what I have) before my legs give out to that extent.  Any suggestions?

    Banana and chocolate milk sounds like a great idea.  I too have a huge chocolate/sugar problem.  But honestly, the first 3 days were awful and the rest...not so bad at all!  I had half a funnel cake at a street fair on my free day AND some Baskin Robbins but trying not to beat myself up too much over it.  I did feel awful after the funnel cake and vow never to do it again.  But that's what free days are for right?  Live and learn and move on!  Good job everyone getting through Week 1...and here's to Week 2!  I'm actually looking forward to some clean eating and the structure of the program after the free day.  =)

  • Hey Stacy, sorry to hear about your losses. We are here to support you until the end of this BFL, stay strong, we are in this together.

    Good to hear everybody is sore, I did LBWO yesterday, and my legs were sore when I did it. They are doing fine today. Need to do my HIIT today. I printed out the BFL journal from website today, need to start filling it out. My aim for this week is eating good. I used to have sugar in cofee, now I got splenda. And my goal is not to eat white rice and sugar this week. Hope will keep it.

  • Oh wow!!! i never really realized what a great support team i have on here..Thank each and everyone of you for the thoughts and comments.. They mean more to me then you realize.. I am having a hard time but i did go to the gym today and did my LBWO..it was actually a great workout.. i put all my sadness and frustration into which created more in me..lol.. I even know had a friend go with me who is severly in need of a life change and it was wonderful that i was able to help her out as well.. Hope everyone is having a wonderful workout today and a great evening.. Again thank you all, i truelly needed all your advice and your support.. Challenge on!! loves...

  • You can put a barbbell over your shoulders or place the dumbbells on your shoulders and do squats, lunches or whatever.  Not much support on the other thread, I may just stay in this one primarily.

  • Lunges!! Lol

  • You may just want to do lunges without weight or a very low amount of weight, until your upper body catches up to your lower body in strength.  You won't get the same results on your legs, but it will still work them.  If you do lunges without weights, you'll still feel a burn.  Weight just adds to the burn.  Squats work a different muscle than lunges.  Lunges work primarily your hamstrings and butt, while squats will work quads, or front thighs.  Another exercise that works for hamstrings are leg curls.  It's a little awkward to learn, but once you get it, it's pretty effective.  You can do leg curls.  Lay on your belly,, with the dumbbell between your feet.  Grip the dumbbell with your feet and curl the dumbbell to basically make a 90 degree angle with your legs, hold for a one count and bring legs back down.  I don't let the dumbbell hit the floor on these, as it often takes the dumbbell off balance and your feet lose grip of it, so then you have to spend time trying to get it back set up.  

    Had a good Aerobic workout this morning to get my morning started.  Worked up a nice sweat, though I don't think it was heavy as yesterday's sweat during leg workout.  As expected, my legs are feeling pretty rough today.  It was nice to loosen them up during cardio this morning, but now they're starting to tighten up again.  Been standing up to do quite a few stretches today, to try to loosen the muscles up.  Also drinking a lot of water to prevent cramping.  

    When I started my challenge in January, I was wearing a very tight 38 pants.  I've since moved down to 36's.  Today, my co-workers told me that they think the family moved out of my pants.  Guess I may have to start looking at 34's. :)  Hope everyone has a great day!!!!