• Way to go MJelly and Chad, working out when you have kids at home is not easy. And esp, waking up at 4AM. Whenever I wake up, my son can feel it in his sleep, he will be right behind cyring mommyyyyy. And he will be like, dont go to gym mommy stay with me. He is 3yr old. Anyway, I still sneaked out house today at 5:15.

    MJelly, I will also take weigh-ins everyweek, and will send the report out, and see if everybody is getting same kind of results.

  • Well, I'm lucky enough to have a home gym, so I don't have to leave the house, but my son is pretty much the same way if my wife leaves the bed.  We talked about doing the Challenge together, but we weren't sure how we would both be able to workout together, without him being involved.  I'm not a big fan of him being around the free weights, so obviously, I don't want him in there when I'm working out.  

  • GM everybody, Its already 4th day of week1, I did my LWB workout today. Its good. Yesterday I went to library and got BFL for women book. I read the book for exercise part, and it says to do 30min cardio with HIIT, I think this includes warmup. And they even gave stregth training exercises list and with pictures how to do. I like the book, as I was wondering, which exercies should I follow, and it also says to do two exercies for each musle group. Which I started to do it from today.

    Let me know how its going with you.

  • Hi everyone!  Had a great cardio this morning to get my day started.  Since then, the legs have appeared to tighten up pretty good from yesterday's LBWO.  Well, I know something worked in the workout! :)  The end of week 1 appears to be in sight!  Hope everyone is doing great and not in too much pain! :)

  • Hey all... hope everyone is having a great day.. i had a rough day yesterday and i was not able to get in my workout... so i did a double workout this morning only because i feel like i was cheating myself out of workout.. so i did my cardio and got my HIT... then did my LBWO.. ugg i am so sore but i feel great and my nutrition is on track today..

    I started using the Lean 15 shake and the lean 15 nutrition bars, has anyone used these yet and what is your opinion on them.. also i have really strong calves and i don't feel like i am getting any kind of a workout with them when i do seated calf raises and the angled calf raises.. any suggestions.. thanks everyone and i hope all your workouts were great for you and that your still on track.. and woot woot we are at day 4 of our journey and still going strong.. Keep up the great work everyone...

  • Stacy.... I like doing calf raises on the leg press machine. Just keep handles locked in poistion. It gives a good burn...

  • Greetings stacyprine,,,  I do like the EAS Lean 15 bars, shakes (RTD Advantage) and the Powder.  My favorite in the RTD's are the french vanilla, strawberr cream, and cafe mocha type.  The bars I use as a boost just before a workout (1/2 hours before or so).  I have heard that calves can be worked everyday but don't always advice that, however I do supplemental workout with my calves on my cardio days.  I understand you concern about the seated calf raises but do think they help because they hit the calves at a different angle and involve a different type of stretch so a lot of the folks at the gym do both standing and seated for variety and that reason.  Hope this helps ya,   Keep MOving FOrward!!

  • Hi everyone!  Hope you're having a great Friday!  Started the day off with an awesome UBWO.  Last weight day of the week!  Made some awesome Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches yesterday from Bill Phillips's "Eating For Life" book.  Highly suggest obtaining it, if you don't have it.  Some great recipes in there.  

    Stacy, I struggle with calves too, especially since I use a home gym, and don't have everything a regular gym would have.  I tend to do more reps than the suggested reps, and hold the last few of a set to a 3 count.  I usually do about 16 reps on each set for calves.  I also isolate each calf, and use a step, so not only do I have the weight of a dumbbell, but my bodyweight is all on one calf.  The step allows me to go deep, and push up further.  

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Hey guys! Good to hear you are sore. Me too. My legs are killing me. But happy to know they are from workouts. I did spinning this morning. I am always good with workout, but not too good about nutrition. I am eating fine, but had half cup of white rice last night. Bad for me. And today, my friends are coming over for dinner and I have to resist from temptation. Hope I can. Have a nice day all, and good weekend too.

  • well WPBill.. didnt think i would say this but you are right.. OH MY GOODNESS my legs ar killing me.. I did not think i would get anything out of that workout because the weight was so light but i am barely walking today without my legs feeling like jello and that they were used for jumping on by 20 kids..lol.. Wow..

    Did my UBWO today and i know tomorrow i won't even be able to hold my precious grandson who is only 7 mnths old.. But Gmaw will find the way...lol.. Hope everyone is having a great evening and that there workouts today were as successful as they could be for you..

  • Hi sireesha.. i hate brown rice but in order for me to transfer over to it  i am kinda mixing brown and white together each time is a little less white and more brown but not quite there yet..lol.. i am not perfect with the nutrition yet but i figure by the end of week 2 i should be alot better with it.. I take my first week as trial and error.. Atleast i think so.. Hope your having a great day and wonderful weekend.

  • I know everyone started on this thread earlier this week but I also started my first go at BFL on 4/8/13 and would love to join in on this with you all if possible.  (I also see a lot of familiar user names from a couple of the other threads I posted on).  I also love that we have some seasoned veterans here to help out us newbies.  =)

    stacyprine, I use the Lean 15 shakes and bars.  I love chocolate so it's kind of my way of sneaking that in.  I usually have a shake for my second meal and a bar for my fourth.  Regarding brown rice - I'm originally from Hawaii (where we eat rice with everything) and am Japanese to boot.  I absolutely hated brown rice growing up.  But if you like Japanese-type rice the best brown rice I've found is called Sukoyaka Genmai.  It's a little pricier but cooks up just like white rice.  If not for the color, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  It's fabulous and is now the only rice I have at home.

    I was wondering how the ones that have done this before handled their free days.  It seems eating ANYTHING would just undo a lot of the work done during the week.  I was aiming more for maybe a single cheat meal (with dessert of course) and maybe making it just 3 meals that day?

  • My usual free day consists of following the program for my first 3 meals, and having the rest as a free day.  I've found that by starting my body off on a normal day, I don't overdo the free part, as I'm not as hungry.  However, I fully believe in the free day.  I believe it stops you from cheating during the week.  I also think it helps your body grow, in the direction you want, by giving it a shock of unauthorized foods for a day.  I still try to drink my normal amount of water, but maybe enjoy a soda too.  I think it's a good reward for the end of a hard, disciplined week.  I haven't seen it act negatively for me.  I see about the same outcome if I eat free half a day compared to eating one or no free meal.

  • Happy Saturday everyone!  Got a good cardio in this morning.  Now it's just eating for the day and Week 1 will be in the books.  Hope everyone has a great workout to end their week!  Focus on the now and the future will come!  Take care everyone!

  • Thanks for the advice MJelly. I think I'm going to try doing that as well.  Maybe just a Myoplex shake for breakfast and egg-white omelette mid-morning before FINALLY digging in to that piece of apple pie my husband brought home for me on Friday that has been staring at me every time I open the fridge. Talk about a battle of wills. It was from my favorite shop a ways from our home that he just happened to pass that day. I know he thought he was being thoughtful but his thoughtfulness almost did me in!

    Happy Sunday everyone.  Week 1 done. We made it!