• Hi! I started yesterday and thought I'd jump in this group! It's my first time doing the BFL thing, and I look forward to learning from the seasoned veterans :-)

  • Hi! I am planning to give the BFL a 2nd try and will be joining either today or tomorrow. . . so I'll hang with everyone here. I was off to a great start in my first challenge (January 13) but a slip/fall on ice in February was a great setback.  I tore my right long bicep (turned black & blue) and an MRI showed other rotator tendon damage and bone degeneration in my right shoulder from years and years of overdoing it in various physical activities (I'll be 61 in June). The upper head of my humerous was also jammed upward into the socket so my entire shoulder is somewhat misaligned. I stopped all upper body weight training but have continued with aerobics and some leg work.

    With an ortho evaluation concluding with the possibility of a reverse joint implant (NO WAY THANK YOU!!!), I've been making good progress through PT and my home exercises.  So, I decided to enter the challenge again focusing on what is working. I don't expect spectacular upper body results as in the past (going from using 45 lb dumbells to 1 lb dumbells in the curl) but I can focus more on my abs and legs.

    So count me in. . . TMinus 60. . . and counting. -paul

  • 3 times a week, 20 minutes cardio is all I do.  I'm a firm believer in that you lose as much, if not more on weight days than on cardio days, and if you do too much cardio, you may be losing muscle rather than fat, which would give you a "runner's body" rather than what I want.  Plus, I am not a big fan of cardio (find it BORING), so unless I know it's going to benefit me, I'm not going to do more than the 20 minute high-intensity. :)

  • Completed an awesome 20 minute cardio this morning to get my day started.  Nothing like having to take a luke warm shower in the morning, because you're so hot from your workout that you need the cooler water to cool down your body.  Ate like a champ yesterday.  Great first day of the challenge, which is what I needed, coming off my birthday weekend, where I ate entirely too much cake!!!  LOL

  • Good Morning everyone... OMG i did my 20 minute cardio this morning.. not what i was expecting for only 20 minutes but it was brutal but good..lol.. mind you i am 244lbs size 18pants so i am a pretty big girl after all these stupid surgeries and learning how to walk again and the stupid strokes.. But guess what for my 10 today i actually did a little jog.. THOUGHT I WAS DYING but i did it.. I believe it is thanks to you guys that i am doing this.. Just in this little time you have given me so much to look forward to and a great group of people for support.. Oh i am also a soda junky and havent had soda in 2 days.. so i have junky headaches(withdrawls) but i will beat it also.. Hope everyone else has a great workout today and look forward to seeing you all on here..

    Happy Belated birthday MJelly.. little cake was ok but you worked it off this morning i bet...lol

  • welcome arleylange.. love to have you in our little group.. there a great support group here and i am learning alot as well..

  • welcome Tminus60.. love to have you in our support group.. looks like we all come from different challenges in our lives but yet BFL turns us all into a little family of great people and excellent support.. look forward to hearing how your challenge is going.. Keep up the great work..

  • I did Cycling class yesterday instead of HIIT, and it was great, my instructor made us hit 90% atleast four times during 45mins class. And I was sweating bad by the end of first 5 mins, and I felt great at the end of the class. Thanks Chad and Stacy for your replies. My first day went by very good. Today planning to do on weights. Good luck everybody.

  • The good thing about classes like that sireesha, are that everyone has pretty much caught on to HIIT training, and will have you do it.  From everything I've read, you don't really endanger muscle loss until you approach the 60 minute mark of cardio workouts, so I see nothing wrong with a 45 minute class.  Sounds like you had a great workout.  

    Stacy, a little bit of cake was 4 rather large pieces in a matter of 2 days (something my body is not used to at all, since I just finished a 12 week challenge).  I knew I was starting the new challenge on Monday though, so I went for it...heck, it's only your birthday one day  a year, and can't let the cake go to waste!  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), my son's 2nd birthday is this Sunday...more Cake!!!  Oh well, it's a free day treat to look forward to.  I've never really deprived myself from free days.  I'm a firm believer in that your body needs a shock of bad food, in order to make gains forward.  It also tastes good, and doesn't take everything away from you completely. :)

  • lol MJelly.. I definitely understand about the free days.. I am a soda junky badly and i was having withdrawls from it so this sunday i am having a rootbeer float..lol.. I have alot of celebrations going on this month and next from sons prom to his 18th birthday then 2 weeks later he graduates high school.. Ugg all the temptations..lol but good thing is i can plan all the parties for sundays so i can enjoy also.. lol.. Hope you had a great day..

    To everyone else hope your day is going well and that your making your HIT on your workouts.. Check in later..

  • Glad I dont have any birthdays until June 1st. I am not like you guys who can stop at one piece of cake, I will just eat all of it.

    I had my second HIIT today. i started my program with HIIT, instead of weight training, I attended cardio strength training class today, where we are on bike for 15 mins, and treadmill for 15 and bike again for 15min. My instructor even makes us to go for 110%. ofcourse, I did till 100%, lol! I am already looking forward for my free day. But mine is going to be on saturday instead of sunday. Good luck guys. Thanks for your reply, MJelly, I would make sure, I am not going over 60mins in any of the group classes. anyway, my classes are always for 45 mins. :-)

  • It was a tough to get out of bed this morning, due to 4 1/2 hours of sleep (had to work rather late last night).  However, I yanked myself out of bed, and got a rolling, so I could get in my workout.  Completed LBWO and it actually felt great.  Helped wake me up a little more.  Now I don't have to worry about the workout tonight, as there are too many variables involved in working out at night (aka...my kids).  Now I'm just eating for life for the rest of the day!  Hope everyone has a great Day 3!

  • MJelly..I know what you mean on the 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Got in late from my sons baseball game and then got up at 4 to go get the LBWO in. It felt good, legs will be sore the next few days. Was a good workout though. Hope everyone is doing good!!

  • Checking in , so good to see everyone doing so great!  I'm following the BFL program from the book more than by the website.   I started Monday with hiit on the treadmill.  So today was also hiit.  I start at 6, if I wait until after work, life is too hectic and I'd never get to it.   I can't believe how much better I already feel!  Pretty amazing,  and I'm proud of myself and all of you for such a great start!  Is anyone planning on posting pictures or weight/measurements?  Will there be weekly weigh ins?  Just curious about what to expect.  Hope everyone is having a great day!   Also, we have 3 birthdays between work and home this week , so i can relate!  I definitely will be very cautious :). - kim

  • I do weekly weigh ins, and will probably report my weight loss for the week.  Not sure about the pics yet.  Never satisfied with the pics, even when they're showing good gains.  I may do it though.  I'll take pictures at the end of Week 4, Week 8, and the end of the Challenge.  We'll see how I feel when I get to that point.  My first goal is to get under 200.  Hoping to inch a little bit closer to that goal on my weigh-in day (Sunday morning).