• is it just me or are there any other women that are finding when that infamous "time of the month" gets near i start packing up like a squirrel! i had a protein bar and was STILL hungry....had an apple and yeah...apples don;t fill me up at all. finally i had two pieces of Ezekiel Sprouted grain toast with almond butter that shut me the hell up. LOL. how do the rest of you cope with that hunger binge right before "nature" starts?

  • I find that a diet soda helps to curb my taste for tempting foods. Also, I am sure you have heard time and time again that drinking water before & after meals helps to relieve appetite.

    Here is some incentive to drink water!

    Drinking ice cold water can burn a couple extra calories because your body works a little bit to equalize the temperature.

    If you drink a lot of water regularly, it gets your kidneys working. When your kidneys are steadily workin,your liver is freed up to help your body burn fat. Otherwise, your kidneys get lazy and your liver picks up the slack, therefore buring through less fat. Correct me if I am wrong, but I read this the other day and it has really helped me want to drink that boring old water!

  • Congratulations on joining the Challenge! I swear by Myoplex Lite Smoothies. I use the vanilla and add frozen fruit. It is only about 260 calories with the fruit plus you get 20 g protein and loads of vitamins and minerals. Totally satisfies my cravings. Don't forget the water though - it is extremely important.  Small, frequent meals are the key. Good luck with the Challenge. You CAN do it.

    Carolyn Aragon

    Body-for-LIFE Champion 2012, Women 46+

  • Greetings,  I was thinking a salad with some small fruit items might help as well as additional water in between meals and as always Keep you eyes on the bigger (or lesser in the case of weight loss) prize up ahead. IF it is at night perhaps cottage cheese with some small fruit (grapes or pineapple etc) and the casein protein will help as well.