Over 50 club

  • Hello all!  I am 50 years old and I need to get healthy!  I signed up for the challenge in the past and failed to truly even begin. I really need to do this!  I would welcome any one. We need to support each other!

  • Congratulations on starting the Challenge! I am 51 years old. I started the Challenge in 2000 but did not finish. When I started again in 2012 I was determined to succeed. I kept food journals, exercise journals and photo journals.  I followed the weight training plan on this site (bodyforlife.com/.../weight-training). I did weight training 3 times per week and aerobic exercise at least 3 times per week. In the beginning, my aerobic exercise was just walking, then I added walking up stairs and eventually graduated to biking and jumping rope. I did all my cardio on an empty stomach- first thing in the morning. I made schedules and planned my daily meals. Sometimes I did not follow my plan to the letter but I tried to exercise and eat what I had planned.  If I really deviated from my plan, I made up for it the next day. You also have a free day which is great - something else to look forward to (besides being stronger and healthier). I drank (and still drink) a Myoplex Lite shake almost daily. I swear by them! So Tammy - just start! - then focus on what you are going to do each day and before you know it you'll reach your goals. I was not healthy before the Challenge and now I get compliments all the time about what great shape I am in. You can do it!

    Carolyn Aragon

    Body-for-LIFE Champion 2012, Women 46+

  • Hi Tammie,  I turn 50 this July and I have tried this many times and gave up between weeks 4 & 6 because I didn't get the "quick fix" results I wanted...  I was just trying to live in my old habits and they have caught up to me!  Now I am going at this from a whole new perspective :)  I'll be here with you!  I'll send you a friend request.  We can do this!!!



  • Hi all, I started today April 7.  It's my first time and I really want this.  I've let my weight creep up and felt like giving up until I picked up Body for Life last week.  Now I believe it's possible to look and feel better than ever.  I'm with you too.  

  • Hi guys I started today, I was feeling a little lazy but after reading the forums I am back on track. I am 51 and have always been active but since my knee and shoulder surguries over the last few years I have learn how to be the master at making excuses about working out. Eating wise I do pretty good most of the time but the weight has continued to rise and I am sick of it. I look in the mirror and I think I have got to do better. I have a teenage son who thinks all my time belongs to him!! I don't mind all his activites, I just decided I want to make a priorities for myself as well.

    So I am ready for this challenge, best of luck to you all.

  • Hi this is my first time, what is the purpose for drinking the Myoplex shake daily?

  • I'm in the club! I am 52 and my wife and I started a new challenge yesterday (Apr 15).  We did the challenge a couple of times in 99/00 with great results. Time to do it again!