Starting Monday 1st April. Join me for the challenge!!

  • Cleet- that's my final set of 6 reps.  And it's Smith Machine squats because my gym sucks and doesn't have much for olympic lifting.

    I'd love to spend some time on the mat.  Great workout, but it's been about 15 years since I was a high school wrestler (a light weight).

  • surfslacker- I remember being bummed by my week 8 pictures, but I saw big changes the last 4 weeks.  The first 4 weeks of this challenge have been a real slow go for me.  I'm getting in great workouts, and my diet has been on plan (3,000 calories).  I'm getting stronger, but gaining muscle is incredibly hard.  I want to gain 12lbs from where I was at the end of C1, I'm betting it'll take the rest of the year to get there (I'm +2 or 3 right now).  Like you said, it's a life journey.

    The biggest victory is: I've been going strong since Jan 1 and now I fully expect to be going strong December 31.

  • Really been struggling this past week. Going away for work definitely has a negative effect on my motivation. So I have decided to take a different approach to things. My ultimate aim for C2 was to form a good base for triathlons rather than get all muscled, which is where I'm heading. The weather is also improving (slightly) so time to add more specific training. My gym here in Manchester is the huge Aquatic Centre, so I look down from where I'm doing my workouts over the stadium seating to the pools below. So I can easily be taking advantage of it. We also have Olympic and professional triathlon athletes who train in my gym and in the pool and I've been getting itchy feet to start mixing things up.

    So I have revised my schedule for the next few weeks:

    Monday:  Upper Body workout + Abs

    Tuesday: 10min run to/from gym + Swim

    Wednesday: Lower Body Workout + Abs

    Thursday: 10min run to/from gym + Swim

    Friday: Upper Body workout + Abs

    Saturday: Long run

    Sunday: Swim

    For my nutrition I will be switching away from Myoplex, primarily due to cost, and getting EAS Whey Protein instead. Less carbs, but I normally stick a banana and some berries in anyway when I blend. Also with the revised plan I don't need all the extra protein Myoplex gives.

    Meal 1: Whey + Banana and/or Berries

    Meal 2: Wheat-Bix + Skim milk (totally got over eating eggs), and an apple

    Meal 3: Salad roll with tuna or chicken

    Meal 4: Whey + Banana and/or Berries

    Meal 5: A healthy low-fat dinner

    Meal 6: Fat-free yoghurt + cottage cheese

    Naturally lots of water also.

    With a new schedule it will be fun over the next few weeks watching my distances increase. Assuming all goes well, for my birthday in mid July I will buy a bike to start that side of things. Probably a mountain bike, as I quite like the look of XTERRA, plus our roads are in a shocking state and over crowded.

    Talk to you soon.

  • Hips Don’t Lie! Haha, I mean it. When you gain weight but lose 1/2 inch in the hips, thats the truth that makes you want to dance! My body is being reshaped! Last week I felt discouraged when I weighed in and had gained a little over a half pound. I was surprised because I looked and felt like I had lost weight. So I got out the tape measure. I was so excited to see that I had lost a half inch just about everywhere except my calves. So if your scale gets you down – go measure because your hips don’t lie! This past week was CAH-RAZEY so I didn’t even weigh in. I barely made it to the gym and my diet was okay but not great. I had one child going to NYC for 10 days and 1 coming home from college and a party planned for tonight so lots of shopping and driving and painting and trying to get some of this unending remodeling done on this old house we bought. I was SUPER sore this week from painting all the trim in our hallway (5 doorways off the hall!) and so my lower body is definitely not working all the muscles it could be! Wow was I sore from up and down a ladder and sitting/kneeling/squatting on the floor painting! Anyway, summer coming up fast and I am so looking forward to summer food! Its easier to eat well I think in the summer. So, will try to check in on Friday evenings. Would have last night except my sister and nephew stopped by to see my son home from college so we spent the evening laughing and enjoying each others company.


  • Congrats Sally!! Wonderful news!!

    Beautiful morning this morning so had a nice jog to the gym, followed by an intense UBWO. Pool tomorrow for my cardio. Checked out some mountain bikes just then to keep me inspired for when I complete the challenge. Something to look forward to.

  • Tim--- good luck to you man.  I dabbled in the Triathlon world along with distance running for a couple of years, it was fun to say I had done it, but I didn't enjoy the training the way most people do.  Setting new goals and enjoying new things is what life-long fitness is all about!

    Sally- congrats!  funny how many times we all says it, but how are it is for it to sink in.  Forget about the scale!!!

    Keep it up guys.

  • Congrats Sally!!

    Now that its nice out I am really motivated. Did a lot of Jiu Jitsu this weekend. Switched and did my UBWO today. Going for a light run tonight.

  • Congratulations to all for making it this far and sticking with it!  I see a lot of people getting discouraged of not losing the weight they want.  Keep at it!  Your body is making the necessary changes and is adjusting to everything.  Real loss starts to happen around the 8th, 9th week, and remember it's a 12 week program.

    So keep at it everyone!  I had a great LBWO today and it's amazing how last Wednesday, I couldn't put up the weights I had and today it was easy and I need to up the weights.  Rest and Recovery.

    Keep up the diets everyone!

  • Leg day today

  • Great UBWO today;

    Got to the gym and got it in.  I felt stronger and hit some good 10's

    Morning breakfast I had lean steak/Shrimp, some pasta, and green beans/lima beans and a sprinkle of corn for color.

    Basically I make this in two servings and the other serving I bring for lunch.

    I will drink my smoothie right before I leave for work

    Marqui D.  Day 38/84

  • AWESOME Leg Day today, and I still took the stairs after lunch!

  • Hey all - glad to see everyone so motivated and sticking with it!!

    Tim - how is your new workout plan going for you?

    Sally - yes, oh yes!  Good for you and glad you thought to use a tape measure instead of becoming discouraged.

    As for me - I can feel the changes happening, everything simply feels tighter!!  And we are just about past the half way point!!  

  • How are my fellow April Fools doing?  I've decided that's what our start group would be named-hope yall don't mind....  I'm hanging in-mainly because all of you help keep me motivated!  I am decently happy with my progress, but I am anxiously waiting for that 8-9 week transformation to kick in!  I am getting stronger, and not gaining weight, so I am pretty happy.  Jrmcnaircpt, you are very inspiring--hitting C2 hard right after your awesome C1 results-way to go bro.  Keep it up everybody!

  • Glad to see everybody going so well.

    It's been a good week. At the gym, keeping to my schedule, but unable to do the pool due to swimming championships being held, with the lanes blocked off. This week should be fine though.

    Had a great cardio workout yesterday. 20min on treadmill and 20min on the bike, followed by an intense ab workout. This morning I will head back there for a Lower Leg workout as the pool is still closed.

    I really enjoy going to the gym!!

  • Good morning everyone.  Thanks for the comps Surfslacker.  Truthfully for me, it's only getting easier.  Really, after week 11-12 of C1... I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything to be hitting the gym and eating right.  I'm loving it.  Week 7 for this group.  Keep it up everyone!

    solid pull muscle workout this morning.  I've increased my calories 500 since I didn't gain any weight during the first 6 weeks (maybe +2lbs).  Still hoping to put on about 10lbs during C2 and hopefully another during C3, before cutting 10lbs of fat in C4.