Starting Monday 1st April. Join me for the challenge!!

  • Did an intense cardio yesterday. And today was nothing but squats. My legs are still shaking. I did 10 sets of ass to grass squats. 6 sets of 4 heavy and 4 sets of 8 light, then did 4 sets 10 each of single leg pistol squats. I have jello legs now!

  • Middle of week four and I've lost 8 pds so far.  I have to admit I started to skip working out in the mornings because I'm exhausted from the 4 kids and work.  But working out at night sucks too so I'm gonna get off the woulda shoulda train and just get back to mornings.  Any advise from anyone on a better ab workout.  I have what they call the twin sag.  After the third pregnancy which was twins I was like a 5foot 2in ball, at 200 pds.  My boys went to full term and both 7pds each.  Yeah crazy right.  Well the point is they are two now and I don't want to keep looking 3months pregnant.  Any advise to flatten. Thanks Gia

  • My conditioning for today


    800m run



    MB V-Ups (15/10)

    Rowing (Cal.)


    800m run

  • Been a looooonnnnnnggggggg week - not doing the program as I would like to so just keeping it as healthy as possible and working in some exercise along the way.  Will get back on track, not giving up!!  Working on getting my pictures uploaded, so only about a week behind on that!!

    Have a great weekend everyone - can you believe we are heading for week 5 already!!

    twinsplustwo - when you find out the answer on your ab workouts - let me know!!  I have a Roman Chair, that works great for me but would love to know some other moves....

  • I will definately keep u posted, and dont worry i didnt upload photos yet but they are sitting on my camera quietly heckling me.  Long weeeeek too we can do it though.  Twinsplustwo aka Gia

  • Hi everybody

    Week 5 is almost here! Wow!!

    I have also had a bit of tough week. Going away for a few days with no gym nearby was hard and mixed me up a bit. Keeping to the 6 meals a day was almost impossible, but I have been steadily getting back on track. Will head to the gym this morning for a cardio session. Next week I'm away again but then I have 3 weeks of no trips, so can concentrate on really nailing it.

    The weather is also improving, although in the morning the temps still hover just above freezing when I go to the gym. I feel so much more motivated when it is warm and sunny!!

  • Did a nice long run outside

  • Week 5 has begun!!

    Congrats for making it this far!! Back on track with a brilliant upper body workout this morning. Healthy eating planned for the whole day. Away for next couple of days, so see you back here on Thursday morning.

    Almost at the half way point.

  • Crazy that week 5 is here.  I seem to be muddling a long a bit.  Nothing spectacular, but I'm sticking to the plan.  My scale weight this morning was only +2lbs from the end of C1, though I've been in the +3-4 range the last week or two.  Would love to see +1lb/week, but I'm losing confidence that that's a reasonable goal.  

    I switched to a pre-workout NOS Blast by Body Fortress (find it at Walmart or Vitamin Shoppe).  Anyone else using a pre-workout?  I've used the EAS Phosphorce in the past, but it's loaded with sugar (34g), so I cut it out.

    Also, switched to EAS Recovery Protein, I replaced my normal post-workout whey + EAS Muscle Armor + Apple.  I'm not sure how confident I am in this choice.  It's easy, but it has 17g of sugar.  I think I'd rather get the carbs from a whole source (the apple).  

    Any experience with these or thoughts?

  • Hey all - I'm still hanging in there as well....yep, muddling along this past week- but better than nothing!  Sounds like we all have a few good weeks ahead of us - and a good thing too.

    jrmcnaircpt - I can't speak very well to putting on weight, trying to go the other direction - however, I like using the Myoplex Original Strawberry mix - add 1 cup apple juice, 1 cup frozen strawberries and 1 cup yogurt.  That should give you quite a few calories, but not sure how the sugar adds up.

  • Very sore from my workout today

  • Good morning folks.

    Workout:  UBWO Pull Muscles, this morning at 6:30 (late start but probably 8.5/10)


    1- EAS whey (3 scoops), 1c. OJ, NOS Blast (day 2 of this pre-workout, no complaints yet)

    2- EAS Recovery Protein (early results still pending)

    3- PB banana sammich (NOM, NOM, NOM)

    4- Gotta get some Oatmeal (need the carbs)

    5- 8oz steelhead trout, 1 med. baked sweet tator

    6- 8oz grilled chicken, wheat sandwich thin

    7- repeat meal 6 + 1oz raw almonds

    8- 6oz top round stir fried with veggies, 1c. brown rice

    Am I really eating 8 times today???  3066 total calories; 37% carb, 41% protein, 22% fat.

    What are the chances that I cross-posted with Gina... AGAIN?

  • Where is everyone????  This post had fallen to the 3rd page.  Tune in folks!

    LBWO-  Had an AWESOME workout this morning, as in "I think I may be sick."  I'm fairly certain my workout partner won't be back for a leg day... when he can walk again.  MURDERED my squats @ 385lbs (Next stop 405!!!).  This is what bragging looks like (I'm sure it's unbecoming).


    1- EAS Whey (3 scoops), 1c. OJ, NOS Blast (pre-workout)

    2- EAS Recovery Protein (post-workout)

    3- Oatmeal, Banana (carb me up)

    4- 6oz top round, stir fry veggies, need a carb- maybe a wheat wrap

    5- 8oz grilled chicken, wheat wrap

    6- Shepard's Pie:  6oz ground sirloin, 1c. mashed potatoes (olive oil/skim), 1/4c. carrots

    7- Chicken fajitas (8oz chicken breast, peppers, onions, wheat wrap)

    8- Casein Protein Shake

    Lot's a wraps today ---> evidence of poor planning.  286/341/54 (C/P/F) @ 2994 calories

  • For cardio today I am going to get on the mats and grapple.

    Jrmcnaircpt is your squat a 1rmax or is that x6?

  • I'm still going strong!  I am past the halfway point! (I started mid march).  I did some progress pics yesterday, and was a little bummed I didn't see more change.  BUT, as I was comparing pics, I dug up my before pics of my first challenge-holy cow!!!  I look waaaaay better now than I did then!  Proof that BFL is a life journey, not a 3 month one.