Starting Monday 1st April. Join me for the challenge!!

  • My conditioning for today

    Handstand Scaling Practice

    Scale One – Kicking up to the wall and performing a controlled negative w/ full range of motion

    Scale Two – Kicking up to the wall and performing a controlled negative w/ limited range of motion (multiple AbMats stacked)

    Scale Three – Kicking up to the wall and holding the top for a moment, then kicking down

    Scale Four – Pushups


    10 min AMRAP

    12 Front Squats (95/65)

    12 Handstand Pushups

    12 V-Ups

  • Bummer you got hurt....I know how frustrating it can be.  I ran a mile today and the foot was happy.  I plan on taking it slow-totally against my nature- BFL has really helped me to keep busy and not sit around feeling sorry for myself and that just would have lead to too much drinking and eating....

    Life is an Adventure-Race it!

  • Yesterday I did my 30-30 heart rate recovery test - scored an average of 12 out of 5 rounds.  I love my new Elliptical....!!!!  :)

  • Good afternoon everyone.  Looks like traffic has slowed down a little, just Cleet and Macie since Monday (myself included).

    I'm still going strong.  This week has been tough on the diet a bit, but still having great workouts.  Trying to focus on the long-term and not get frustrated that I'm not suddenly ripped 2 weeks into C2.  

    I'm getting a lot stronger though, which for me makes the workouts a lot of fun.  Ready for the strength to translate into more size!

    Keep going.

  • To nice of a day out so I did a nice long run.

  • Upper Body workout this morning. Hardest I have ever pushed. Had to mix things up a bit with my exercises though as we only have 2 benches at the gym, and one guy hogged one to himself for over an hour, and did biceps constantly for that period and checking his phone after each set. He couldn't speak English so couldn't understand rotating users. He just sat there. Anyway, rant over. Anyone else have 'interesting' experiences at the gym?

    Took a 'free' day yesterday. Woke up with a bit of a sore ankle, plus exhausted (setting up a new company), so put my cardio on hold. Had some hot cross buns for breakfast and some sweet things, but made a lovely spag bog last night. Mmmm!! Leftovers today. :)

    I'm pretty happy how I'm starting to look and I'm back to where I was after Challenge 1. For a before and after photo of C1 just check my profile. Typical BFL belly out, sad photo, then the suck the tummy in, flex-it baby photo!! Plus my head looks a bit weird in the after shot. Must be the light. Haha!!

    Sorry for being a bit tardy this week. I'll get my act together again. Have to at least keep this thread on Page 1 of this forum!!

    Have a good Friday everybody.

  • Morning Tim.  I HATE THAT GUY in the gym.  

    Great C1 pics.  

  • Yes! jrmcnaircpt - Staying focused on the long term - just yesterday I was thinking to myself I wish I was there already!  It's a lifestyle change, staying focused on that.    

    Tim - what is spag bog?  Frustrating with the guy at the gym, seems as though common courtesy would be universal no matter what your language!  I'm afraid to post my before pictures, but since you did it I will too.  Been procrastinating on that one.  But really looking forward to the after shots, especially if I get the same results as you!

    Had a great LBW last night, tomorrow is free day....

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!  Can you believe we are closing in on another week down already....going by fast...

  • Sorry. It must be a regional thing. Spag Bog is Spaghetti Bolognese.  

  • Ugghgh!  Has anyone ever had the dreaded "free day hangover"?  I just experienced it for the first time.  My wife took me out to dinner for my birthday-restaurant of my choice.  I chose a Brazilian Churrascaria (all you can eat meats of various types...). And all I could eat I did!  I figured, free day-birthday go nuts!!!  Big mistake.  All the next day I felt horrible!  I felt like a big, greasy blob.  Interestingly enough, I have been to these types of restaurants before and didn't notice the next day.  My theory is now that I'm eating the BFL way, I usually feel great.  I'm not numb to my old eating habits anymore.  Lesson learned!

  • I know that food hangover well.... I have gotten to where I have a free meal and not the entire day or I just go over board.  I have been stuck this week ... time to change up the meals.  I did get a 2 mile run in and my foot felt good -so happy about that.  Hope everyone has a good week and hits their 10"s !!

    Life is an Adventure-Race it!

  • Welcome to Week 4!!!

    Did a slight change this morning. Was meant to do just Lower Body, but I'm away until Thursday working, and no gym nearby, so did a Full Upper Body and reduced Lower Body, with some abs thrown in for good measure. Weights went up again, which felt great!!! Certainly noticing extra strength even more now, plus getting more defined. Can't wait to see the changes over the next few weeks happening even more.

    Good luck everybody and keep up the good work!!

  • Surfslacker-- yes, the "free day hangover" is a well-documented phenomenon... no pleasant, but many have been in exactly those shoes.  The good news, it makes over-indulging a lot less appealing on future cheat days!

    Here's my check-in for the weekend/monday:  

    We had a GREAT weekend, with 0 work!  Saturday I worked on a Habitat house, grabbed a couple beers at the marina with some friends, then spent the evening at a charity function with Motorcycles, BBQ and Beer.  How's that for a free day?

    Sunday, yard work, beach time (water no beer), great UBWO (pull) and 2 mile run with the wifey.


    LBWO- check!


    1- EAS Whey, 1c. mixed fruit (frozen), 1c. skim milk, ON Amino Energy (pre-workout smoothie)

    2- EAS Advantage shake, 1 apple

    3- Oatmeal, 2 tbsp peanut butter

    4- Jambalaya (chicken, chicken sausage, rice, peppers)--- remind me to share the recipe if you like jamabalaya)

    5- more Jambalaya, 1oz raw almonds

    6- Beer can chicken (8oz white meat), baked potato, 1/2c. black beans

    7- Casein protein, 1c. skim milk

  • Had a great UBW I am closer to hitting my 1 rep max of 315 lbs on the bench. Now I have to figure out my squat and dead lift .

  • Hey all....

    Yep - I've had the food hangover before, not fun!

    Past few days have been off, but maintaining activity and healthy foods....getting back to my regular routine today with a cardio workout, upper body tomorrow....