Starting Monday 1st April. Join me for the challenge!!

  • Hope everyone is pushing hard, looks like it. I decided to get a little more organized. I am going to do CrossFit on the conditioning days Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on do the BFL strength training the other days. I did switch it up for this second challenge for upper body to use barbell instead of dumbell  for the major lifts. Even though I didn't hit my tens I needed to have a base to grow on






    No superset with Flys because I have a level 2 intercostal strain in the right pec ribs

    The weight was light so I will go up 5lbs each next time I do flat bench.

  • Great cardio today


    1 Round for time

    2 min AirDyne Buy-In (Cal. Count)

    800m Run

    500m Row

    400m Run

    250m Row

    50 Double Unders

    Going to do some rolling with the GI later tonight to add a little, more like a lot of cardio  later

  • I also had a great cardio day!

    10min on the treadmill, followed by 10min on the stepper, and 5min on the x-trainer. Sweet!!

  • Cleet - you're a powerhouse!!  I'm getting worn out just reading your list!

    Yesterday I felt like I was getting into the swing of lifting weights and now that I'm comfortable with what I'm doing I can start pressing harder.

    Forgot to eat - got busy, so not sure how I'm supposed to handle that???  Anybody know?  Do I double up, or just move on?

  • Upper Body this morning. Up went the weights! Really noticed an increase in strength. Feeling really good!!

    I know what you mean Macie about the eating. I struggle in this department as well. It all comes down to the preparation before I guess. Plan in advance meals, and even have leftovers ready to pop into the microwave for a quick reheat. Or have an apple and some cheese sticks near you to down. I sit with my diary open next to me whilst I work, so I know what times I must eat something, although this doesn't always work. Missing the odd meal here and there won't have much of an effect over the long term. Just be consistent with your other meals and you'll be fine. I wouldn't double up your meals. Just move on.

  • Thanks Tim - That's exactly what I did, moved on.  You are right, being intentional and prepared is sooooo key.  My days are never the same, I truly miss having a desk job and regular routine.  I have plenty of good food around, but yesterday I had so much to do I ran out the door and started running errands - completely forgot about eating until I had already missed a meal and it was about time for the next one.  I was tempted to keep going and skip the next one too, cause I didn't want to take the time - but prevailed.  Told myself it was too important to not do - so stopped at the store and picked up some grilled chicken and whole grain tortillas.  And how much time did that take anyway??!  Five minutes to stay healthy, because I know good and well if I had skipped another meal it would have been the end of an otherwise healthy day.  I would have come home starving and ready to eat whatever I could get my hands on.  I was a little extra hungry last night, but did as you advised and no double upping.  Had some oatmeal and a serving of cottage cheese - both filling and for some reason I seem to sleep well after having this kind of a snack

    I wonder where everyone went?  Do you think they all dropped out this early in the game?  Was looking forward to hearing more of how people were doing - hopefully they were able to stick with it and just a little busy this week.  I'm guessing today is your cardio day - so let me know how you did.  Everyone else too!!  I miss you!!  

    Have a great day - I'm off to do an upper body workout.  Rainy and cool here today, so very tempting to start a fire in the fireplace and relax with a good book  - but not going to do it!  I'm working out as planned!

  • I'd Love To Join This Thread. I Started On The 8Th And Wow, I'm Sore! Thanks For The Tip That The Soreness Will Ease Over Time. (Please Pardon The Excessive Capitalization... It SeemsTo Be A Bug With The Android Interface)

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    Life is an Adventure-Race it!

  • ok so it works... Ok so day 10 ... This is my 3rd time doing BFL.   The first round was in 2000 and I had great results.  I have been dealing with some injuries and have not been able to train for any of the triathlons I usually do..... So I knew BFL was a good thing for me.... By reading the posts, it appears the food allowed has changed alot.  I have been using the old food list and not straying.  I have dropped 8 pound so far and just feel GREAT !!!!  

    Life is an Adventure-Race it!

  • Lower Body done did heavy squats for the major lift feel good

  • Did my cardio now time to fuel the body. Wow so many people have quit. That is to bad

  • Merlin - 8 lbs in 10 days!  Wow.  I have not weighed myself, but sure does feel like my body is changing.

    Cleet - got my cardio done too!  Lower body workout tomorrow....

  • Lower Body this morning. Upped my weights and hit a couple of 10's. Still being careful not to over push it there.

    Yesterday did an express 30min power walk into the city, so opted not to do my cardio at the gym. Tomorrow though I will be on the treadmill ready to hit the magical 20min flat-out.

    In regards to people dropping out off here, that is pretty usual. It happened on my first forum during Challenge 1. Of those who started then, only about 3 of us actually finished the 12 weeks, with the most people dropping out by week 4. It's easy to say "I can do it", but actually doing it is another story. You have to really want to change, and will do anything to make it happen. Keep up the good work everybody. I find this forum really helps keeping me motivated, knowing that others around the world are doing the same thing.

    Have fun everybody, and I'm glad we still have a committed, albeit smaller group.

  • Coming up on another free day - not sure what I will do with it.  Last time I almost hated getting out of the structure of it - and it wasn't until Monday when I realized how much better I felt when I was back to good eating!  I'm thinking about keeping it fairly healthy - only more of it and maybe some foods that are not on my list.  What do you guys do for your free day?

    Well, I guess we'll know for sure as time goes on - but I feel as though I am committed to this.  For me it is about changing my life, not doing a 12 week program.  Yes, at the beginning I thought I was going to go get my pictures taken and win this thing, but later thought - even if I don't win, I win.  And this can't be about winning a contest, it has to be about becoming the best I can be - so I can do what I'm called to do.

    Yesterday was my first truly hard day - I found myself driving in my car and thinking, "oh, I'm just going to go get something else to eat and start up again later this week."  I realized - this has been my habit for the past 3 years!  Life becomes stressful - I eat, I lay around, I say "I'll do it tomorrow."  So - today is tomorrow and I'm doing it!!

    I'm glad you all are in it with me - whatever the size of our group, and remain hopeful the rest are back soon.  I too think about you when I'm nearing the end of a workout and I want to stop and take a shower, be done with it.  It helps me make it to the end, so thanks!!!

  • Cleet-  Consider leaving your weight where it is for 1st & 2nd set.  Increase for 3-4 (that's the sweet spot for muscle growth), then let your 5th set be adjusted to how you feel.  Whatever you need to be spent after 12 reps.  Love your intensity.  Hope you're getting the calories to support it!

    Sorry for missing a few days of check-in guys.  I'm still rocking.  Definitely getting stronger.  Love the diet, feel great!

    I promise better participation post- April 15.