Starting Monday 1st April. Join me for the challenge!!

  • Tim, I would love to join you.

    I have had great success with Body for LIFE. My first challenge taking me down 100 lbs. from my heaviest.

    Mike Harris, BFL Champion, was a very dear friend of mine--such an inspiration, and oh how I could use his words of wisdom today as I start a much needed challenge! He is sorely missed. I had the pleasure of doing a workshop with him to encourage others to live this incredible lifestyle, and am now in a place where I must heed my own BFL advice.

    Epilepsy had handed me a great blow this last year---but I'm ready to take charge, and here's the thing, though, I know the quest is a hard one (I'd like to build muscle and lose 30 lbs.,) but there is no doubt in my mind about the program, and my ability to do it. I may not be where I want to be, but the BFL mindset has not left me---it truly is for life.

    So-let's do this! So happy to join your team. The next 12 weeks are going to be amazing---and ladies--it really is true. Hang in there, something really will "kick in" around week 8, I promise!


    ~To be great is not to be higher than another, but to lift another higher. 

  • Add me in!  I haven't done a real challenge BFL style since 2011.  Lets go!

  • Hey Tim and all!  I signed up for the challenge but am starting April 8th (1 week after most of you).  I hope that I can share in this experience with you all.  I am certainly up for encouraging others and getting some encouragement as well. I look forward to experiencing a better fit life with all of you!


  • I would like to join the April 1 start date group as well.  I will be 50 in two weeks and I'm ready to ditch the unhealthy lifestyle.    I have prepared my grocery list and cleaned out the pantry, freezer, and refrigerator.  I'm looking for a group to work together on a common goal.  I have set a 20 lb. weight loss goal and I'm ready to begin.

  • Count me in.... I completed the challenge back in 2000 and had great results.... such a long time ago........ I am in need of a little tune -up.

    Life is an Adventure-Race it!

  • Hey everyone. My name is Jason. I am a Marine Corps vet and former cage fighter. I recently found myself at the heaviest weight and mosy unhealthy living style ive ever been followimg a little ptsd and depression. I would like to be in the contest, but im starting my workout program tomorrow April 1st. Will this disqualify me from the contest? Alsi was wondering what everyone is taking for supplements. I purchased my own, not eas products. Im taking whey, glutamine, creatine, test supplements  and alot of natural vitamins. I can't wait to start the process to becoming a new me.

  • Hey I am Sally and I am from NW Indiana (just outside of Chicago) and I just turned 48.  My goal is to be 20 lbs lighter and actually feel comfortable in a bathing suit again.  I want to be in shape to do some traveling and hiking with my husband of 23 years in this second phase of our life together and to be strong and confident.  

    I am still in a little shock after a terrible tragedy that happened last week but I know if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and let God work it all out that I will get through this.  Its made me more determined than ever to live life to the fullest since its the only one I have and don't want to live with regrets!

    I have all my meals planned, my Success Journal in hand and my new gym membership.  I look forward to drinking lots of water with you all!  

    @Jason - I think you have to purchase at least one EAS product to enter the contest. They sell single Myoplex protein bars (like the Mint Chocolate ones) at Walgreens and Walmarts around my area.

    "It took more than a day to put it on, it will take more than a day to take it off. Move."


  • Hi I am Bobby Murphy and I too will be starting today, basically getting my feet wet and everything lined up with official start date of 4/8/13. I am in Canton, GA and lead a very busy lifestyle, (easy to make excuses) So I will for sure need motivation. Have a great day.

  • TassieTim - you're on! what's happening? have you passed over the Easter eggs? that was my first challenge. Took the photos today - if that's not motivation, not sure what is!!

  • Had a great start yesterday, but woke up a little sore today!  Yesterday being my first day I came to realize this is so much more than a physical challenge, it's a mental one.  I had so many reasons running through my mind of why I wouldn't be able to start as planned.  Laying in bed, thinking it through - contemplating procrastinating - it hit me.  I need to be mentally strong!  This is more than the excitement of having my pictures taken, getting my workout equipment and plans in order, thinking about and purchasing the foods I will eat.  It's a mindset that goes beyond dreaming about getting firm and fitting back into my clothes.  It's a mindset of - Yes!  I can do this.  I CAN start today and I WILL start today.  I'm no longer going to sit around thinking about what I'm going to do - I'm going to DO IT!  So I did it!  And I hope everyone else who is starting today is able to do the same - stop hitting the snooze button, roll out from under the warm blankets and get moving!  You'll be glad you did - I know I am.  Day one - check!

    I'm so looking forward to hear of how everyone elses first day went!!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm glad to have found all of you who are also starting today. I'm in! I've done these before but only joined a group one time. I think having each other makes it more fun and much easier to stay on track. The accounability and camaraderie is great! I''ll post again later. I hope my sister will be joining us as well.

  • Hi everyone - I started 1 week ago, so I am a week ahead, but I am really inspired by all your stories and all your motivation! This is my first challenge, so whenever I hit a time when I really want something unhealthy to snack on (like now), I try to come online and read the stories for inspiration.  If it's ok, I'd like to follow along with your group too, especially sice this is my first challenge and there seem to be a good amount of veterans on here.

    I'm from NYC. I got married just over a year ago and after my wedding I rapidly gained 40+ lbs and am now at my highest weight. I am ready to feel energetic and fit again.

    My one concern right now is the portion size. I'm doing ti with my husband and it does not seem right for us both to be eating the same amount of food.  Any advice on how large a portion of carbs/protein should be for a man vs a woman (both looking to lose fat)?

  • Ok day one, I have my workout later then some grappling after. Here is the workout for later


    A Carla Rumazza Birthday Request – Deadlifts

    Deadlift – 3 sets of 2 challenging reps

    Working sets must be touch-and-go reps


    5 Rounds for time

    12 Thrusters (115/75)

    12 Pullups

  • Tim, it should be a holiday here in the state too... Opening day of baseball season!  Alas, it isn't.

    Great Upper Body Push workout this morning (Chest, Delts, Triceps)

    Here are my meals:

    1- Whey shake (60g), ON Amino Energy, 10oz Orange Juice (pre-workout)

    2- EAS Advantage shake, 1 plum (post workout), EAS Muscle Armor

    3- Oatmeal, 2 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter

    4- 2 Chick-fil-a Chargrilled sandwiches, Fruit Cup, Unsweet Tea

    5- 6oz Deli Turkey, Wheat Sandwich Thin, 1oz Raw Almonds

    6- 6oz Shrimp, 2oz Whole Wheat Pasta, Thai Peanut Sauce (easy on this stuff, it's got sugar)

    7- Casein Protein Shake, 1c. Skim Milk

  • Today's Plan:

    Breakfast:  Myoplex Shake and apple

    Snack:  Zone Bar

    Lunch:  tuna/jalepenos on a low carb wrap

    Snack:  Hummus and carrots

    Dinner:  Spinach and arugula salad, lemon and seasalt, buffalo brat

    Water, water, water.

    Workout:  30/30 cardio-workout muse  

    Squats, bike trainer, jumping jacks, kettle bell swings, box step ups

    *A note about water--my first week of a challenge, I always break out on my face--just your body's way of getting rid of all the junk! (I hate this part of the challenge!) :~O

    ~To be great is not to be higher than another, but to lift another higher.