I'm starting tomorrow!! (3-27-13)

  • Hi everyone!

    I wanted to quickly introduce myself and join the community! I have been stalking so many threads and wanted to tell everyone how inspirational just reading them has been.  I am starting tomorrow with my husband.  I felt so strong and powerful last year before I got married, but since my nuptials, I have gained 45+ lbs and am now larger than I have ever been in my life.  My husband thinks I'm beautiful, but I just feel like I've let him down and I know my lowered confidence has definitely changed the way I carry myself and socialize with friends.  I am sick of feeling embarrassed in my clothes and also sick of spending so much money having to buy larger sizes as the seasons change because I don't fit into any of my previous clothes.  I am so ready to make the change and feel that this challenge may be my golden ticket.

    I do have one question: when planning my workout, do I pick any of the 4 exercises in each muscle category listed in the BFL book?  Is there any specific method to rotate through them or just stick with ones I come to like or stay with one exercise and master the form/weights?


  • Hi b_b -

    I found some really good workout-specifics related info which should help y'all with your questions at:


    HTH, and Good Effort* with your Challenge!

    *(not luck! ;) )

  • Wow - thank you so so much!! I loved all the information at that link!

    Day 1 workout: DONE!

  • Welcome BB! You are in the right place, sister. I can't even tell you how great this site has been. I'm only on week four, but I feel great and have started to notice small things in my body changing. Hang in there!! Feel free to hop on over to the Cottage Cheese Club thread anytime you need anything friend - any of the threads on here are great, I just happen to be a huge fan of that one ;) http://bodyforlife.com/community/boards/bfl/f/13/t/6722.aspx

    CapnKRR, thanks so so SO much for sharing that site = awe-to-the-some!!!

  • Glad you liked it, b_b and EShorty! I think it gives some _really_ good BfL info, stuff that you just don't see anywhere else with regards to workouts, nutrition, "tweaking", and strategy of past Champions.

    I'm well into the afternoon of Day 3 now and am JONESING for some big solid chunk o' hot greasy food...

    ...but then I recall that "Calories Burned" meter on the exercise bike at the gym, and how it mocks me so. 20 minutes, 160 or so calories - that's a hotdog, or a bun, but not *both*, and certainly not some chips and a soda and maybe a sweet afterwards...

    I remember several months ago, when I knew this was coming, that I would be like "Ah, screw it, I'll have the cheese biscuit combo for breakfast - I'll just be working it off with some execise when I start BfL again...". Little did I realize that that one meal would take me probably 3-4 days worth of exercise to overcome. Zoiks!

    12 weeks seems like a long time, right now. I keep telling myself to think of the good things to come... :)

    Hope y'all are having a better afternoon of it than I am right now! :D