I have better results because I do this...

  • Whether you are on day one or half way through your challenge, it is never too late to start a success journal!!! I made a video to show you how I made my workbook and why its so important. Sorry the video isn't cooler. I shot it myself and just wanted to get it out there for you guys. I'm not one of those fancy video makers.

    http://youtu.be/A861YprLhIg      <----copy and paste into your browser to see the video on youtube

    Body-for-Life is so much more than clean eating and exercising every day. The weightlifting techniques were designed in a specific way for a reason. The 60 seconds you wait between reps is magical. I call it 'the magic minute'. Your body will produce chemicals or something science-y and you become capable of lifting heavier in the next set. Thats what makes it unique, its part of what makes it Body-for-Life instead of plain old working out.

    If you are not keeping track of this, how do you know what to do next time or see your true progress? Or if you feel really good or kind of bad, wouldn't it be nice to take a look at what you have been eating and find a trend?

    On the days after my lower body workout, I have missed cardio the next day because I was really too sore. So I made it up on Sunday. Its important to know which day that was and have the worksheet to remind me. I always bring my worksheet to the gym on a clipboard and write down everything as I am doing it. Its a good way to pass the time during the minute rests. I brought an exercise guide the first couple weeks too, so I could make sure I did everything with proper form. Sometimes a machine is broken or someone is using the free weights, so its good to have back up exercises handy when you don't know very many.

  • wow....Katy.....all i can say is Well Done...I am currently on week 5...and my scale hasent bugded one bit yet!

  • I haven't stepped on a scale yet. I asked my neighbor if I could borrow theirs because I am so curious to see if my actual weight number is any different but she hasn't got back to me yet. If its pretty much the same, I think it'd be a good example of how the scale is not a great measure of progress. Don't let a high number make you feel low!

    What did you think of the video? Are you keeping the notebook? I am convinced that this I the reason I am successful. I make every weight lifting workout a little more challenging than the last. And I strive to hit greater intensity in my cardio. I ran on the treadmill for the 1st time today (I did eliptical for wks1-4) and my body made me feel naturally high. It was awesome!

    I have also noticed a low level of stressful feelings about whether I am doing it good enough. I imagine that trying to organize everything in the mind could cause an increase in cortisol, and cortisol hinders weight loss.

    There are so many reasons to do it! They wouldn't have taken all the time to make those worsheets available if they weren't important :-D

  • Keep up the good work LiL Kaity.

  • Thank you!

    I went to walmart and stepped on a scale. I have lost 5lbs and it is day 30. Obviously I am thinner. I am telling you guys that the scale don't mean a damn thing! I am SO much stronger and leaner, I have built major muscle and lost fat.

    The only reason people think that losing x amount of pounds is important is because every weight loss marketing ploy advertises about how many pounds you can lose by using their stupid product. Usually it is just something that restricts calories and nutrition so what you lose on the scale is mostly muscle and your metabolism goes out of whack. Free your mind of that detrimental belief, that pounds lost has anything to do with healthy success!!

    Good products help you gain muscle and supplement nutrition. I have never seen a "lose a million pounds in 2 seconds" advertising claim on the myoplex shakes and nutrition bars that I use. Its worth the weight, and the wait, to do this the right and healthy way!! You will look better. And feel better.

  • yes of course...the points you make are valid.  Suppose I was hoping to see the results others have seem tohave found.  But as you said I will wait and weight...and cardio lol........have a great day all