Yay! I started today!

  • Hi everyone! I started today, so I am one day behind the crew, but I am absolutely loving reading how everyone is doing and will continue to check in and keep you posted on my journey. I have never done this program before, so it is a huge motivator to hear the success you've all had with it in the past.

    Since getting married a year ago I have gained 45+ pounds and am at my all time high for weight and low for self-confidence. Actually taking my before pics last night was very shocking as I realized how long I have avoided looking at my body.  I am really excited to make this change and I am doing it with my husband, so it's exciting for both of us.

    My first UBWO today went well, but I didn't seem to hit a 10 intensity, so I will be adjusting my weights. Do you suggest sticking with the same exercises for the next UBWO and tweaking the weights or do you switch up the exercises?

    Have a great day!

  • bikini_bound, this is a GREAT bunch of people to get to know! Keep focusing on TODAY and your natural weight and you'll get there as newmom42 can probably attest to also! It was great to know that she had similar results as I did about ten yearS ago so,...we're here for you!!!! Y

    So far, I started out kind of light on the weights and I am so glad that I did because I can feel the stiff muscles. I took the photos of myself yesterday and was shocked how I looked from behind----and my husband must be wearing tinted glasses because he keeps telling me that I look awesome already and I know that there is A LOT of room for improvement. I am just glad that he is so supportive because when I finish this round there will be A LOT of people amazed! 

    I started walking the stair laps. Sunday, just to time a lap, I could only complete 9 laps. Yesterday I did 20 so with this momentum, I just know before too long that I am going to be increasing the incremental rates on par.

    If anyone is interested in knowing what's really happening physiologically as we're increasing our muscle mass, please let me know and I'll explain it, the momentary weight gain, etc. It's kind of a cool process.

    One question, where does Nutella sit in the scheme of things? It's made of hazelnut but I'm not sure about the sugar content.

    Have a great day!!!

  • My biggest challeng has been to drink enough water. I added some oroibus tea to my water (purchased from Teavana) and it's doing the trick. There's no caffeine and no sugar in it.

    Any other suggestions for increasing water intake would be appreciated.


  • So I have made it through week 1! I am a bot worried I have been having too large of portions for my meals and today I just having a super down day, but I completed my HIIT cardio and am trying to keep positive and optimistic as I read past champion's stories to hear that they struggled a bit in the beginning as well.

    Keep it up everyone!

  • Congrats to all !!!! I'm actually a little concerned that I was making my portions a little too strict but eventually we'll get it figured out.. Great idea on reading the stories of champions too :) I'm still struggling with the water some but I'm confident that somehow we'll get it streamlined.

    Does anyone have a sudden upsurge of energy yet? I do---but I'm not sure if it's just the adrenaline rush from finally committing to the challenge or not.,

  • So I've been MIA for a little bit...here's my update, i have fallen off the wagon a bit but i am not quitting! I will not quit! Good job to those who have stayed on track. You all are motivation for me to keep going. Have a great week everyone!!

  • keep it up Semperfiwife, and welcome back!

  • Does anyone find that they are tweaking things in this challenge? If so, what?

    I have decided that along with a monthly rotation of specific exercises that I am also adjusting what foods I eat. For instance, this month I am consuming A LOT of cottage cheese and citrus but next month I'm taking out the dairy. Then the following month I'll rotate out the citrus. The reason why I am doing this is to figure out if I am sensitive to any of these food groups (some articles say that citrus exacerbates osteoarthritis) and further tweak what's working for me in particular. Also, I am incorporating A LOT of foods which increase serotonin which helps with increasing calmness and induces sleep.

    I have PTSD so I also noted that caffeine (goodbye Starbucks) increases cortisol which increases anxiety, insomnia and INCREASES weight gain because the body is in a fight or flight response so it's holding onto the food in preparation rather than being relaxed and releasing it all. I'm switching to teas more and more.

    I've also noted that while most people would prefer to work out in the morning, that with my sleep challenges, it's best that I work out in the evening. Back when I was in the army, we'd run for long stints and as I broke from final formation to go shower, I'd be caught yawning. Crazy, but true. I think the key here is to consistently maintain positive rituals.

  • Hello all! I wanted to report that after about 2 weeks, I am 1.5" smaller in my waist and 1.25" smaller in my hips!

    Keep up all the hard work :)

  • Starting today too! Good luck. I did this aboutt 5 years ago and was very successful.  Just hoping I have the same level of discipline this time.