Yay! I started today!

  • After multiple attempts at other programs with out the results I was hoping for, I thought back to what I have done before when I lost weight and wondered why I didnt just start there. Lifting weights and cardio work for me and I like the you can make it as hard or easy as you need. So, today started and surprised myself with how well my UBWO went! What a great way to start!

    Have a great day everyone!

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  • Awesome.  Congrats on getting started.  There is a 2012 champion on the forum that is also a Marine wife, hopefully she'll check in with this thread.  Good luck!  Sounds like you're off to a great start.

  • Congrats on making the decision to start! I am also starting today. I have done this program before, 10 years ago, with great success.  Good luck on your journey!

  • Congrats and welcome! You've taken the first step!

    I'm one month into the program and I will tell you the first two to three weeks are the hardest. by the end of week three you will have the diet and workouts in sync with your body and mind. If you need any help in making tasty healthy foods that fill you up, let me know!


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    Like you, I am starting today AND I had successfully accomplished this 10 years ago---resulting in a beautiful child and some liestyle changes---and now I am back to empowering my life once again!

    I am a veteran so I tend to structure myself by establishing long-term goals like determining my workouts for the first 30 days and then note that it's time for a rotation to new exercises.


    I work from home with an adjustable bench, power blocks, stairs, speed walk and rowing machine. I work out in the evenings because it helps me sleep better due to my PTSD.


    I created a positive no-brainer ritual: I drink protein shakes as my first and last meal of the day. I carry a 2 liter bottle of water with me so that I can sip on it wherever I go.


    I have my enlisted my former plastic surgeon employers to post my before and after photos on their website: drdeankane.com so that progress will always be noted on a public forum.

    My daughter is the weekly photographer.

    My spouse makes these incredible Middle Eastern salads for me and helps me with the forced reps during weight training.

    Free Day:

    I wrote a list of all my cravings during the week and then try to buy and consume everyting on the list on my free day. When I did this ten years ago, my dog gained a few pounds because I just couldn't possibly consume that much junk food. I really, really tried though!!!

    Previous BFL end result that can be duplicated for this BFL regime:

    I dropped from a size 14 to 6/8 in twelve weeks. Eventually I ended up as a size 4 because it was a real lifestyle change until I got pregnant. I also went from walking into the gym with a cane to walking out carrying the cane with a laugh---my osteoarthritic ankle improved with every single workout.

  • Baber4life- your results from your last BFL challenge sound similar to mine. Size 14 to a 6 for me. I was 30 when I last did this & it was lifestyle change for me also. Kept pretty fit over the years, but I am currently 8 weeks post partum at age 42. I have some muscle to gain & pregnancy pounds to lose.  Good luck on your journey this time around, I look forward to hearing about your results!

  • Hi there! Congrats to you on getting started :-). I am starting today as well. I did this program before and had great results. Unfortunately due to a string of unpleasant personal events in my life I fell back to my old bad-eating habits and wasn't hitting the gym as regularly and then not at all. Now I have put that all behind me and am looking forward to getting back on track. Glad there's a group of us starting the same day. Definitely helps with motivation and sticking with it when there are others there for support,. Best of luck. Have a happy and healthy day :-)

  • Congratulations on making that big and brave step to accept the BFL CHallenge.  I wish you the best and be sure to hang in there when the going gets tough. Ask for advice and support from this forum when you need it and Keep MOving Forward!!

  • I'm also starting today.  I love this program.  I lost 100lbs on it before then got hurt in a snowboarding accident in 09 and stopped working out.  Now I've got 37lbs to go to get back where I was.  Glad you did you kicked butt on your UBWO!

  • Wow, all of you have had great results!  I have started and stopped countless times over the past 7 years.  This time I am def. in it for the long haul!  Congrats on the baby boy Newmom!!!  Wow, he must have been a surprise and a blessing to your family :)  You guys sound like a good group to stick with for support.  


  • I am in on the same day. :) Good luck to all!


  • So how is everyone doing? Got my HIIT in this morning. It went great! I did better than expected and am close to my goal of 2mi in 20min! I got 1.8 today. Thats pretty exciting! The diet has been good but could be better. Id say Im sticking to it 85%. Hope all is well with you guys!

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  • This is sooooo cool that there are a bunch of us starting on the same day who have also succeeded in BFL in the past. FANTASTIC!!!

    It might be the adrenaline rush from having committed to the program on a public forum but I am so pumped to have discovered all you on this site! We have succeeded before and we know what we need to do to succeed and maintain our success AGAIN!!!

    My big challenge is trying to drink all the water and not live in the restroom! I woke up somewhere in the middle of the night thirsty and thought I was a little crazy after drinking so much water yesterday. Perhaps it's the increased protein causing this thirst. I don't know but it is funny to note such an oxymoron.

    How's the second day going for everybody else?!

  • Had a great day yesterday, did my UBWO & nutrition was spot on. Today has not been as good, up with baby an extra long time through the night has left me drained. Going to get my cardio in when hubby gets home, slipped a bit on the eating...but not terribly. @LivingLifeBetter, our baby boy was a huge surprise, but such a sweet one!

    Hope everyone has a great day 2!

  • Congratulations and good luck! I am 4 weeks in and for the first time in a long time I see a waistline! You made a great choice, stay strong!

    You have the power to change your life!